Top 7 Destinations you can travel to Escape Delhi Pollution this Week

Our guide of Best 7 Destinations offering the MOST for a Food Enthusiasts of Delhi, perfect for a weekend visit or longer stay, these destinations have a lot to offer for your spiritual, mental, physical as well as gourmet well being.

Delhi government has called for 3 days off for schools and I think this is the best time to escape town to give your lungs a breath of fresh air.

Here are 7 places that we have shortlisted for you to visit from Delhi and of-course, we have ensured that we have food recommendations already covered for you.

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Restaurant Bills Explained – 2016 Version

Service Charge, Service Tax, Value Added Taxes – We bet they have got you all confused. Here is a layman’s guide for understanding & making sense of our Eating out bills.

Menu prices may seem very deceptive once you get the final bill in hand. Suddenly there is a barrage of taxes and charges staring in your face which you cannot make any sense of, however still are supposed to pay. Here is a guide that we have put together, which may help you in making any semblance of your eating out bills.

Difference between Tax and Charge

Charge is not fixed by anyone and outlets are free to write whatever percentage they deem fit on the menu. You can protest against it sure – if you do it before eating, it would be like haggling for the price of food and if you do it after eating it’s similar to you refusing to pay the bill if you are not satisfied with it. Service Charge is the most common charge applied in India and ranges from 5 – 15% of the total bill, 10% being the most common number in industry. Charge is something which is part of the revenue of the restaurant – what they do with it is their prerogative.

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10 Cheap and Best Air fryers you can buy online in India

Want to buy an Air Fryer, however do not want to spend BIG Bucks? Checkout the list we have curated for 10 of them you can easily buy.

Air Fryers are a must have gadget in modern kitchen. Internet is full of stories with people changing their lifestyles and using this little gadget in more ways than we can imagine.

So we went on internet and looked up what is the cheapest Air Fryer we can buy online in India – basically that would ship to every part of the country, well almost. However cheap should not mean bad. Here is a list of the ones that we found were not so expensive but would also get the job done.

The list is restricted to products available on Amazon India, just to make sure you can order one if you fancy one.

Cheap and Good Air Fryer with Freebies
  • Krutan Air Fryer – 2.5L

    Though a name that we have not heard, however a look at the reviews did not raise any alarm. The only picture on amazon gives feel of a solid and simple product. Looking up for Krutan on google tells us that they might be Banaglore based importers. Priced under Rs.3000 this is the cheapest one the list, and given its sold on Amazon, there is always the option to return if you don’t like.

Latest Price and More Details

Cheapest Air fryer available on amazon

Next up in our list are the BrightFlame twins. Listed at the same price, they both seem to have decent enough reviews from their buyers and seller seems to be fairly responsive.

Latest Prices and More Product Details

This is the 2.8L version which seems to sell more than 3.2L one.
  • Kenstar OF-KOS13BJ2-CFK 1350-Watt Oxy Fryer

    Next up on our list is probably the first pan-india recognizable brand. Though this one by no means seems to be a hot seller online, however Kenstar does have a strong offline presence and network. If you are looking for something for 5k types, then this can be a viable option.

Latest Price and Product Details

This is where things start to get serious. We have crossed the 5.5K mark with this American Micronic airfryer which for some reason says ‘imported’ in its product title on Amazon. Do research about the same and warranty if you decide to go on for this one. However the reviews seem to be all good with several satisfied customers and a responsive seller.

Latest Price and Product Details


Just around Rs.5.5k, this is where things get serious.
  • Concord PBT Air Fryer, 2.8 Litre

    Here is not so expensive air fryer from an unknown brand, however some strong supporting reviews. Available for under Rs.5.5K this one lists as Digital Touch Screen as its USP. A customer does mention about the high quality and premium finish of the Screen Panel.

Latest Prices and Product Details 

Digital Touch Screen on Air Fryer. We are in 2017 after all.
  • Kenstar Aster 1500-Watt Oxy Fryer

    Oxy Fryer is Kenstar’s way of referring to their Air fryers. This is where you move on from league of cheap air fryers and get into the league of serious products. This 3 liters device comes in Cherry Color, which is an interesting option if you are bored of Black and White options so far.

    Latest Prices and Product Details

    Kenstar’s 3 L, 1500 W Air-fryer, adding some color to our list.
  • Havells Prolife Digi 1230-Watt Air Fryer

    The second entry to the list with a Digital Touch Screen, this one marks the entry of Havells on this list. Priced around 9k, this is one of the first Air Fryers with a 4 Litre Capacity on the list. Or that is what the seller is answering other customers and those who are asking questions. And if it is actually 4L and this probably is the highest capacity Air Fryer on this list. Plus its Havells. Mind it.

Latest Prices and Product Details

The only 4L capacity on the list.
  • Philips Viva Collection HD9220 Air Fryer

    If we have to say one air-fryer that seems to be absolutely killing it then it has to be this one by ever so reliable Philips. Priced at a shade above 9k, this one is the BESTSELLING Air Fryer on Amazon with over a 1000 reviews and average rating of 4.3 .

    The agenda of this list was to find the cheaper options for those who are looking for Air fryers, that is why this one by Philips seem to be the most expensive, however this is the standard average kitchen model. Though not sure how much value it would offer over the cheaper alternatives, however this device with 2.2l capacity definitely is the safest investment on the entire list.

Latest Prices and More product details

Best Seller Air Fryer on Amazon in India

Though this should culminate the list in terms of products, however here is a very interesting Air Fryer we spotted during our research and apparently this is the 2.0 version of the product, which means they do have a cool looking and much cheaper 1.0 version as well. Do check it out.

Most Stylish Air fryer on our list

There are a few more options and unless you are really finicky about your research or looking for anything specific in particular you can very well ignore them as well.

Though Air Fryer comes with a certain promise but lets not forget there are severe limitation to the cooking style and despite all the marketing hype no they are not a substitute for all your deep frying needs. However as a gadget it does have a certain value and if you are consciously headed to a healthier lifestyle, this can be a worthy investment in your kitchen.

Thanks for reading, hope this post was helpful. Do let us know which one you ended by buying in the comments.

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10 Essential Baking Tools you can buy Online for Cake Recipes in February 2017

A list of 10 baking essentials if you are starting to bake or looking to enhance your toolkit. All listed tools can be bought online in India through Amazon.

Baking is a very specialized stream of culinary art and needs a very special set of tool to get the results and job done. Thanks to online shopping, now such tools can be bought almost anywhere in India.

Here we are listing some of the Best Selling essentials if you are starting to bake or looking to enhance your toolkit.

  • Baking & Cooking Parchment Paper 

    Starting the list with small but essential part. Use this highly glazed paper to avoid sticking, using less oil, easy cleaning and cutting cost. This one by Oddy is sold on Amazon for Rs.199 only.

    Besides baking this one would make your life easier in kitchen as well.
  • Measuring Cups and Spoons

You need to be sure about the amount of ingredients you put in your mix, and for that a set of measuring Cups & Spoons become essential part of the mix. This 8 piece Silicone Measuring Cup Spoon set by Bulfyss makes to our list because it collapsible, gives you lot of measuring flexibility and looks super cute too. Get it shipped to anywhere in India for Rs.365 by Amazon.

Easy to store, flexible measuring options
  • Hand Mixer

    When it comes to baking, a hand-mixer is a better investment if you are just getting into baking or if you are an experienced baker then this is a must have tool. You will need for all types of mixing. Two makes of hand mixers deserve a mention here – Philips for Rs. 1891 and if you are looking for something more professional or sexy then KitchenAid Hand Mixer for Rs. 4,490 has potential of being your best friend for a long time.

premium and professional hand blender by Kitchen Aid
Philip Hand-mixer from their Daily collection.
  • Oven Thermometer

    As good as your oven is, there would always be a major discrepancy in the temperature it shows and actual temperature inside. An easy solution are Oven Thermometers available at super cheap prices on Amazon. We look at several products, and this generic one is the Best Seller for a reason. Get it for Rs.275.

    Generic Oven Thermometer
  • Kitchen Scale

    Now this one is SUPER useful not only in baking but in so many other things. But you will definitely need one for baking to follow the recipe or standardize your own.  Besides that it is so useful in day-to-day cooking specially if you are particular about your diet, portions or food wastage in general. Though there are cheaper digital scales available, however we picked this one for our list just because it looks so cool, and of-course has good feedback and reviews. Get Health Sense Chef-Mate Digital Kitchen Scale for Rs.999.

This device is much smaller than what it appears to be in picture.
  • Cookie Cutters or Mould

Imagine the THOUSAND things  you can do with this set of 12 moulds or cutters. And not only in baking but to make mathis, barfis, brownies, eggs, Tikkis, Kebabs and so many other things. This 12 piece stainless steel last you a lifetime. Going for Rs. 187 on Amazon.

multipurpose Moulds and cutters made of steel
  • Cake Pans for Baking

You will find several versions of moulds and pans to give shape to your baking, however if you are a stickler for perfection, then go for these Pushpans sold on Amazon. You just make the cake in the pan and then push it from bottom, the cake comes out with the base. There are some basic round moulds also available, however go for these if you can afford them. Available in three sizes : 20 cm, 23 cm, and 26 cm.

We love this one, if looking for cheaper options do check non-designer and basic versions.
  • Spatulas and Brushes

    As experienced bakers would say, you cannot have enough Spatulas if you are serious about your baking. Avoid the cheap ones and invest in a good single piece set for long term needs. Here is a set of 3 for Rs. 770 we found on amazon for you.

Spatula, Brush and Scraper
  • Palette Knife for Icing and Decoration

Basic tool in arsenal of every cake makers, you must have atleast one of these if you are even slightly serious about your art. Its a simple knife which is slightly bent and is a standard design used by bakers all around. You can pick this one on Amazon for under Rs.200.

Bent knife for cake decoration


  • Icing Bag with Different Nozzles

To give icing the shape you want. Comes with a set of nozzles with different designs, if you get bored of the ones that already come with this set, you can buy other types of nozzles as well. This one is going for under Rs.300 on amazon.

Icing bag with nozzlers
  • Turntable to Ice and Decorate the cake.

    While doing intricate decorations either you need to move around the cake or make the cake move around you. Choice is yours. Get it? Never-mind. Checkout this revolving cake stand on amazon, hopefully would make your life easier.

Thanks for reading, hope this post was helpful. Do let us know which one you ended by buying in the comments.

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Top 10 Lunch Boxes available online for Office or School in February 2017

Lets find out which are top selling Lunch Boxes in India by Amazon as of February 2017. Choose one according to your personal needs or pick a piece for your family and loved ones.

This list in reverse chronological order. Starting from 10th Bestseller and ending at the Top most selling lunchbox.

10. Cello Max Fresh 2 container & Bag – For small appetites.

Two modest sized stainless steel leak-proof containers along with the bag. This one is available in two colors, though not sure why red one is so much more expensive than the blue one. You can get blue or red home delivered anywhere in India from Amazon for Rs. 398.

Image of lunch boxes, click to buy from Amazon.
2 steel boxes in a bag, Red and Blue Color options.
9. Cello Max Fresh –  3 steel boxes, 1 plastic box with Bag

This one has ladies going gaga about its looks. Available in a smaller version as well as in choice of red and blue color for both the versions. You can get blue or red home delivered anywhere in India from Amazon for Rs. 639.

Good looking with 4 containers in a bag.
8. Tupperware 4 container Executive Lunch Box.

Classic round design this one allows you to pack a full lunch in various combinations. Out of 4 boxes there are two of a size each giving you lot of flexibility. Pick this one for Rs. 704 on amazon.

Classic round design with capacity for full lunch
7. Cello Max Fresh with 4 Click Boxes & Bag

In case you are wondering how it is different from the 9th Best seller on this list, the containers in this one are made from Polypropylene compared to steel in earlier one. Plastic seems to be the preferred choice over steel here, as this one clearly sells more. Available for Rs. 515 on Amazon. But then maybe it sells more as it is slightly cheaper that its sibling in steel.

Available in Blue, Green and Brown
6. Signoraware 3 piece classic Lunch Box

The only entry in top 10 sellers for a brand which obviously aspires to be Tupperware. However this one has not made it to the 6th most selling lunchbox slot without any merit, as it definitely seems to be high quality and value for money product. Available for Rs.361 on Amazon.

Signoraware classic is the 6th Best selling lunchbox in India
5. Cello Max Fresh 4-Pieces Lunch Box Set

Cello Max Fresh is completely dominating this list till now and at number 5 is yet another 4 box lunch box by Cello, but this one sells the most. Compared to our no. 7 entry this one does not have click lock on the containers and you can BUY THIS slightly cheap at Rs. 499 on Amazon India.

Simple and classic 4 box lunch set.
4. Milton Double Decker Lunch Box

Milton makes an entry at no. 4 place with this absolutely value for money and high quality 3 container lunch box available for Rs. 248. Insider Tip : Hot pink is the most popular color in this one. Know more and Buy here.

High Quality product by trusted Milton
3. Milton ‘Legend’ Thermosteel 3 container Lunch Box

Very different from rest of the products on the list, this one if called a legend for a reason. Plain, simple and like a Legend. This one is the 3rd bestselling Lunch on this list. Pick one for Rs. 601 here.

Three container steel legend by Milton
2. Cello Max Fresh 4 Containers of Polypropylene

The 2nd hottest seller in India is yet another 4 piece set by Cello Max Fresh, and this seems to be the cheapest of them all. Though the plastic quality would be better in No. 5, however this one hits the No. 2 spot by sheer value for money pricing for Rs.343 by a reputable brand. Know more.

Most value for money product on the list.
  1. Tupperware 4 Piece Lunch Set and Bag

Drum-roll for the TOP selling Lunch Box in India. The only one in the list with a Tumbler to carry liquids in the set. There is a one square box and two smaller round containers which give you lot of options to pack your lunch. Buy this one for Rs. 698 online, find more about it here.

Top Selling Lunch Box in India

Thanks for reading, hope this post was helpful. Do let us know which one you ended by buying in the comments.

We hope you love the products we recommend! If you buy any of them through our links,  we earn affiliate commission from Amazon India, while you do not have to pay anything extra.  Thanks for your support. 

Winning Recipes using Mother Dairy Premium Milk

We recently conducted a week long recipe contest in association with Mother Dairy for our community members where in Amazon gift cards were up for grabs.

The members were encouraged to create innovative gluttonous dishes using milk while focusing on the #MalaiMarke aspect of it. The winners were selected on basic of popularity & uniqueness by our culinary jury.

3 winners of our recipe contest
3 winners of our recipe contest

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Best 30 Places to buy Traditional Sweets in Delhi this Diwali

We asked our community members about the most reliable, safe and delicious Mithai and Sweet options from Delhi and got some interesting responses. We have curated this list of 30 Mithaiwalas from Delhi – recommended by fellow Foodiye.

Diwali is not complete without truck loads of Mithai or sweets that are exchanged by families and businesses every year. Moderns times have seen the advent of chocolates & other international goodies making their own space in the gift zone, while companies like Frontier Biscuit Factory have always been popular with their range of Biscuits and Cookies that they sell from their 60 or so stores in town.

That said, the tradition Indian Mithai is always the backbone of festivities and I am sure even god herself would not know how many Tonnes of the same are bought, sold, gifted, exchanged and consumed during these days.

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Restaurant Review : The Pint Room, Vasant Vihar

The Pint Room is a nice cozy place with a varied selection of Beers along with delectable food on offer. We attended an exclusive evening hosted by the promoter of the chain – Mr. Pradeep Beer Gidwani – to learn more about beers.

The Pint Room is a nice cozy place surrounded by important looking embassies all around. Besides the embassies, equally important looking banks are scattered across the market this place is located in. The day I was invited, was a rainy one and as usual, Delhi got clogged. This proved to be a blessing in disguise as I could get up close and personal with the promoter of the chain- Mr. Pradeep Beer Gidwani. The others invited were all stuck in traffic so I spent time with one of the top authorities on the knowledge of beers and spirits in the country.

We started with him giving his own career snapshot over a few pints of Heineken. I asked him what he felt about the multitude of microbreweries in Gurugram, so he replied candidly that few of them were actually brewing beer. He says that this is a fad like many others that will come and go.

The others arrived eventually and by around 8 pm we started our beer tasting session. Mr. Gidwani introduced us to various types of beers and then we started with different kinds of beers. We started off with a bit of Foster’s and followed it up with Stella Artois. Mr. Gidwani feels that the latter must be entry point of beer drinking as the former or its prototypes such as Kingfisher are not good quality. He explained that Indian beers or even whiskies contain a lot of sugar molasses as India produces lots of sugarcane. This is much like American beers being dominated by corn by products and East Asian ones having lots of rice. And that is why European beers will always score over due to the balance between malt, hops, barley (usually not always) and water.

Along with these beers, we were served chicken wings cooked apparently with bhoot jolokia which is one of the hottest chili varieties of the world. The wings were well cooked with a dash of coriander on top. The bhoot jolokia was probably eased off as my tongue did not really burn as expected. We also had some meat tacos to go alongside. Next up, Mr. Gidwani served us some Australian craft beers. The first of these was brewed near an orange farm and thus had this distinct citrusy flavour. The next one was milder. Both these beers were smooth and flowed easily. The host also made us try an apple cider. Then we went on to discuss the differences between ales and lagers. We also discussed about the Pilsner variety.

During the beer sessions, we tried to keep the food to a minimum in order to feel the purity of the drinks. Now with the subtleties done, we were brought a meat bonanza pizza. More than the beers, I feel it is pizzas that The Pint Room does really well. A litmus test for evaluating pizzas is often whether they can be folded like any bread and that is what these pizzas were able to. The crust was thin yet crisp. The flavours of the different meats were quite easily distinguishable. This was a clear sign of flavoring not overwhelming the taste of the meat itself. We also ordered a prawn item with lemon and paprika. This item was a slight disappointment. The prawns seemed to be not fresh enough and the flavoring in this case overwhelmed the raw taste.

We ordered two more rounds of Hoegaarden to which The Pint Room added its own unique improvisation. A piece of lemon was added inside the glass on top of the drink. This added a new dimension to conventional Hoegaarden.

Mr. Gidwani was so hospitable that he felt almost disappointed at us having no capacity left to eat or drink anymore. So as a good night drink we had a Dunkel which is a dark German lager. Overall, a great evening spent. I personally learnt a lot about beers from our host, Pradeep Beer Gidwani, accompanied by good food and drink.