Tandoori for Vegetarians

Good Tandoori food has always been hard to find on the street for vegetarians. The traditional dish being Paneer Tikka, maybe mushroom. Even though there are other options like veg seekh kebabs, stuffed aloo etc., however there hardly has been a place where you go exclusively for vegetarian tandoori stuff. Otherwise its generally ordered when your non vegetarian friend is having his kebabs or tandoori chicks.
Thanks to Jatin once again, for recommending Amtritsari Chaap corner in Karol Bagh area. Even though I had seen the joint earlier, and wanted to go there, but Jatin beat me to it. Anyhow. now have been there couple of times, the menu has 8-9 items on it, including Rumali roti. The USP of the place being, it specializes in Tandoori stuff and deals only in vegetarian food.
You can actually count what they have to offer, 3 types of Soy chaap (Stuffed, Masala and Malai), 2 paneer tikka (normal and malai), Mushroom tikka, Veg. Seekh Kebab (with or w/o roomali roti). All the dishes are Either Rs.60 or 70 for a full serving and half the rate for half serving. They serve them on paper plates, with kuchumber salad and chutney. There is no sitting arrangement, you just stand and hog :D.

When I was there first, it was like a trip to Appu Ghar for me,  wanted to try everything, so we ended up having Mushorooms, Paneer malai Tikka, Stuffed Chaaps and Masala Chaaps. And it was some spread. I have had stuffed chaap earlier as well, and this one was nothing extraordinary this is not to say it is not good, it was quit good, but not exceptional. Mushrooms, tasted like just that, Mushrooms ;). However I really loved the Malai Paneer Tikka and Masala Chaap. Paneer tikka was like the best I had (Till that date, watchout for next posts :D), Masala Chaaps were unlike anything I had eaten before. I was there again last night, however they only had Masala Chaap and Malai Chaap to offer, rest all was sold out. Well, I did not find malai Chaaps to be that good compared to Masala Chaaps, however still worth a try. .If you can see the pic, you can see the kind of spread we had, and paid around only Rs.200 for all that stuff.
The important thing to keep in mind, that these guys generally sell out by 10 pm. So you better be there early, or you gonna be disappointed.
Here are the details of the outlet :
Amritsari Chaap Corner
4973/2-3, Shiv Nagar, Ganga Mandir Marg, Karol Bagh ND-5.
Behind Khalsa College, Opposite Reebok Showrrom.
Ph: 65876171, 9250782785

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