Visit to Lotan Kulchewala – a photolog

Me and Rohan Kaikini visited walled city this Sunday morning. Wanted to make a detailed post on it, however for now posting some pictures from the visit. The prime ‘target’ was Lotan Kulchewaala, and we were not disappointed at all. He has an unique style of making chhole which I have not seen anywhere else till now. Just a tip, if you like your food to hot (Chilly Hot), then ask him to keep in normal or else ask him to keep the spices low 😉

The version with normal Masala, extra Khatai and oodles of butter.
Crowd at Lotan Kulchewala at 8:30 AM.
This is supposed to be a very slow day for his business.
Deepak preparing the Chhole, adding ‘Masala’ and Khatai
And Deepak decides to play showman, doing tricks with ubiquitous potato.
Here you go..

The more mundane version, normal masala and khatai.
well, all I can say is slurrrrpppp.. !

Now after couple of plates of mouthwatering stuff, we wanted to have more, however going to area and not paying out respects at Shyam sweets would have been sacrilege, so we decided to bid adieu to Lotan and headed towards Shyam Sweets

Patrons enjoying goodies at Shyam sweets
Bedmi with Aloo Subzi, there are not many places that serve these.
And it does not get more ‘exotic’ than this, Halwa Nagouri, in a league of its own.

Directions : Shyam Sweets is right at Barshah bullah Chowk (Intersection of Chawri Bazaar and Shyam Sweets).

For Lotan – Go to Barsha Bullah Chowk and ask for Lotan, almost everyone would know about him. More precisely, he is in Chhatta Shah ji.

Timings : 7:30 AM to 10 AM

After that you can find him between 11 AM to 1 pm behind commercial school on Darya Ganj.

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Kathi Kebabs at Jain corner, Shivaji Stadium, CP

I don’t have faintest idea in the world what Kathi Kebabs are, for me the term kathi has generally been associated with rolls. However I have been told that they are gaining popularity and are now a regular feature in Ram Leela’s staged in Old  Delhi along with other traditional fare.
On Sunday I was in CP around 4:30 pm, looking for something light on my wallet and stomach. Subway came to mind, but it was too boring. Somehow landed at Jain Snacks / Jain Food Corner in Shivaji Stadium. You can always trust on their Kadi Chawal, rest of the stuff is run of the mill, however Kadi Chawal are the best you can find in town. However I noticed the new counters they have and now they have started to give tokens. And right above the cash counter, their was this ‘notice’ advertising Kathi Kebabs and 4 rumali rotis for Rs.60. I hesitated, looked at Kadi and said “Sometime later my love”.
Kathi Kebabs with Rumali Roti
The rumali roti they served were heated on a tawa I guess and in process of reheating became crispy, which does not go very well with the nature of that kind of bread. And the so called Kebab, was a mix of Paneer, soya nuggets/chunks and a gravy based on onion and tomato. The taste did not excite me, it was an indifferent feeling, I did not love what I was eating, however I did not mind as well. I was quite happy with the ‘health’ factor, that I was not eating something fried, and soy were good in nutrition.
I am not sure how ‘Soya Kathi Kebab’ is supposed to taste, as this was the first time I had it, however whether it was authentic or not, I would mind having it again, if only for seemingly decent nutritional value and quite agreeable taste.
And more on Jain snacks and their Kadi Chawal later.
My Rating – 3/5

FED Walk to Pardeep Corner for Chur Chur Naans

Its strange what food can do, and our first outing of FED on 9th April, proved its great pulling power. I was expecting a good number of people, with EOiD and Chef at large coming into the picture, however when you form a group of 30 people and walk through the streets of Paharganj, its a different feeling all together.
A week before the outing, in the evening hours, I was passing through Pahar Ganj and wanted to stop at Kashmiri sweet shop for Chur Chur naans, as it had been a while that I tasted really good ones. However as I was pulling my bike over, I saw that the outlet I wanted to go to was deserted and the one next door was doing roaring business. That is when I decided to change my loyalties and taste the next door stuff. And boy, what a decision it proved out to be.
Satisfied to the core, I rushed home and uploaded the pics on facebook. The response was simply phenomenal, it seemed like people have started drooling on their keyboards. And soon, it was decided that a visit should be organized to outlet and hence the FED outing was created.

The picture that ignited a thousand taste buds.
Talking about the Naans, off-late wherever I have tried them, I have not been satisfied. There have been good, bad and ugly, however excellent has been missing from the scene. But eating at Pardeep Corner in Pahar ganj, once I had the first morsel, I was hooked. They were the best Naans that I had ever eaten. The naans had the proper texture, Dal and Chhole felt just perfect. More often than not, tasteless Dal and/or chhole kills the eating experience, however here they were simply amazing. And how can I forget about the Missi rotis, they are the poor cousins or side kicks to the naan here, however I simply love them. They are unlike any other missi roti you might have had.
And I am quite glad that most of FEDs accompanying me shared my delight. Here is a video of the occasion, courtesy

To find the place, go to Desh Bandhu Gupta Road, from their find the entry to Multani Dhandha, and Pardeep is the second shop on your left (Next to Kashmiri Sweet Shop). 
Damages – Meal for 2 would be under Rs.150
My Rating : 4.5/5