Quick RAID on Tamil Nadu Bhawan

Few years back, when I used to talk to my friends from down south, they always had this pet grouch, that we Dilliwalas club people from all southern states under title of South Indians, and their cuisines as South Indian food. And we literally believe that they live on Dosa, Sambhar and Idly. But now I know that is far from truth, and that is only the first step. I am trying to understand the differences, which can be quite subtle for someone who is not familiar with the region and  at-least I have stopped clubbing them all together.

On the Facebook page of FED, were discussing some Bhawans and Canteens, and it got hard to control for me, and I called for a RAID on Canteen of Tamil Nadu Bhawan in Chanakya Puri. Now first things first, lot of people have asked me that why did I not go to Andhra Bhawan Canteen rather than TN Bhawan ? My answer, because I wanted to go to Tamil Nadu Bhawan, and people with finer taste and understanding would be able to tell you how the two are different. For now, following Wikipedia link can be helpful:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Indian_cuisine.

Since it was called a day before I was not expecting a big turn out, however 7 guys managed to show up on time, and 3 much later, I am sure latecomers enjoyed their food nevertheless. Now begins the best part about being in a foodie group, the sheer range and amount you can order :D. 7 Parotas, 2 Veg Kurmas, Chicken Chettinad, a Mini Uthapam Platter, a Family Dosa and an Egg Dosa, am I missing something ? oh yes, for sure, then there was Paneer Uthapam, more Parotas, another Uthapam whose name I do not remember, Suji Halwa, Kheer and Filter Coffee.

Family Dosa
Chicken Chettinad and Vegetable Kurma
Service was very prompt, rates were reasonable, and we liked almost everything. But again, our palette of South Indian food is not as refined as Varun Santosh, who is a FED and was with us on that Raid. He felt that Dosa had soda in excess and Sambhar, chutney were just average. I loved the Parotas with veg Kurma, while Harjeev Singh Chadha, as hardcore North Indian as a name could suggest, wiped out the plate of Chicken Chettinad sparkling clean. The most surprising order of the day was Paneer Uthapam, proving that we are Delhiites after all :P, but surprisingly, it was amongst the best Uthapams that evening.
Egg Dosa
Mini Uthapam Platter

Overall, the food and service was satisfactory, however the it was sheer fun of sharing and sampling food that made in fun, I would not say its the best place to get South Indian food in capital, however an interesting one for sure.

My Rating 3.5/5

PS : All pictures have been shot using my phone camera, so please pardon the quality.

Adding some more pictures from the RAID, courtesy fellow FED, Nikhil Garg.

Quite a ‘table’ full ..
Family Dosa, did you expect anything less ?
Gorgeous looking Mini Uthapam Platter
Suzi Halwa and Filter coffee to culminate the evening.
The Entire FED party..


Author: Shashank

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5 thoughts on “Quick RAID on Tamil Nadu Bhawan”

  1. I always like the biryai there. I along with my brother and a friend joined late and had a mixed kind of food. we ordered South Indian thali, Chettinadu Chicken and Chicken Biryani. I like the biryani there because its less spicy and oily. Its perfectly made – the rice, the smell, the chicken and the egg. And my all time favourite – Kesar Bhat ( Suji Halwa. Though I love it more at Sarvana Bhawan.

  2. the biryani is the best out there….chettinad chicken is good..they have raised their prices 3-4 months back but still totally value for money

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