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Rohini is majorly a residential area. Well, at least at the time of its conception it was. Now, it is gradually putting on the very hefty shoes of commercialism. Boots, perhaps. Some star hotels, restaurants, smart, suave plazas, plethora of schools from governmental to ones with palatial attributes, scores of hospitals, an amusement park, and our very own, the old boy the Golden Jubilee Park (Swarn Jayanti Park) or the Japanese Park as it is fondly known.

Onion Rava Dosa
Among all these, there lies in a very humble such plaza, South Indian Corner, holding fort for more than a decade. In an area that has almost around fifty apartments, one needs to be good consistently when there is no absence of competition. Earlier known as Anand Sagar, South Indian Corner, delivers a very nice variety of food in terms of Cuisines and definitely most of them are above par. Around fifteen types of Dosas, six species of Uttapam and then the Idlys and their orangish big brothers the Vadas take the lead in the menu. A very minimalist Chinese menu, just the basic Chowmeins, Manchurians, Rolls and Momos follow the South Indian palette. Following them, very strongly, the very basic Indian vegetarian cuisine of Paneers and daals and other green edible veggies, around twenty of them. Accompanying them are Naans, Rotis and Paranthas. Surely, there are no exclusives per se. But at the same time, there is hardly any dish that you would regret ordering either. And that is very respectable. Isn’t it?

Veg Manchurian

 There is no dearth of authenticity in the taste of any of the cuisines. The South Indian gets the top slot, obviously though, then the Vegetarian cuisine, if you can ignore a little layer of oil supervising the dish below, and then the Chinese, if at all one has to rate. Though, one usually doesn’t like to rate the food if every other dish had tickled his taste-buds enough. The author has personally has dipped his fingers in almost every dish in the South Indian category, most in the Indian vegetarian and around half listed under Chinese, and for sure has almost never regretted impregnating himself temporarily with the food there. The quantity served is very much above the unsaid norms, overall. The economics of all above is not very injurious either. Food for four usually sums to three hundred and well, who dares to estimate the gourmands.

Onion Uttapam
One downside, as a hero erupts only when there existed a villain, of the place is the lack of ambience. It is a race to find a table. But people seem to not mind it. In afternoons, you would have to stand and eat. But people seem to not mind that either. It is one of the many observations that people go easy and forget all their egos for a good meal. They keep all their egos intact for the roads and the rages waiting there. And actually, that is quite a fun watching the Chowmein making a ride on an invisible roller coaster, or letting the aroma of tandoor fondle in the nostrils or watching the chefs swaying in the harmony going about their business, mutely. It is all that one romantic play in motion, all free after all.

South Indian Corner
26, DDA Market, Sec-13, Rohini
Timings: 11 am to 11 pm

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