The New Age Japanese breakfast at Baywatch, WelcomHotel Sheraton

An account by Anurakta Behera of the Japanese Breakfast she had at Baywatch, WelcomHotel Sheraton, New Delhi

The moment I heard Japanese Breakfast was
being served at Baywatch, the coffee shop of WelcomHotel Sheraton, a feeling of
excitement took over me. As someone who has studied bit of Japanese culture and
language, I was very much looking forward to try what Chef Nakamura had to
Though I was initially sceptical, I thought
it would be an amalgamation of raw sea food. But being the food enthusiast that
I am; I went ahead and tried it.
Bento, as presented to us.

The Bento (the Japanese breakfast box)
seemed to be a palette strewn with Yumminess. It was a Nihongo breakfast
Sheraton Style. It changed my perception about Japanese food forever.  And for those not aware about it, Japanese
food is way beyond Sushi. 
Now to the dishes: It was a fat free fresh
breakfast and the entire meal was for 750 grams only. I know, I couldn’t
believe it either.

  • Salted Salmon, which was
    marinated with salt a day prior. 
  • Shashimi style Fish cakes with Wasabi
    (Hand made).
  • Tofu with Spring onion and
  • Japanese egg omelette with
  • Rice with dried prawns. 
  • Miso soup with tofu. 
  • Sauteed Vegetables.

Salted Salmon
Shashimi style Fish cakes with Wasabi
Tofu with Spring onion and
With so many colourful and yummy varieties I was in a dilemma, where do I start first, and Shashank came to my rescue. He mentioned
that he was an eggetarian so I started my bento with the Japanese omelette. Of
the various dishes on my Bento, I loved the Salted
Salmon, the tofu with Spring onions and the Miso soup with tofu which is basically a fish
broth with tofu pieces. 
Japanese Egg Omelette with
The fish cakes were nice and were a delight for the palette.
They had dried fish leafs as well, if someone was interested in preparing
personal style sushi. Pickled prawns was a great palette cleanser and the rice
was traditional Japanese sticky rice with dried prawns with had a rock salt
flavour to it. 
Rice with dried Prawns
The palette cleansers
“I wanted to swim in the fish broth”, it was so perfectly cooked
without a tinge of fish stench in it. It was lightly spiced with a crisp edge
to it. The sautéed veggies were slightly simmered
to perfection; the asparagus did not lose its crunch even after being seethed
without salt.
Sauteed Vegetables
Well all I would say is, this is heaven for
all fish lovers and a tip for all you vegetarians out there; “BECOME A PISCITARIAN”. The breakfast is a labor of love, and is impeccably done and presented. All worth Rs.1500 (plus taxes) that they charge or it. 
Anurakta, hard at work.
One important point to remember, you will
have to place the order 24 hours in advance and have to specify a time when you
want it served.  
Written By – Anurakta Behera
Photographs – Shashank Aggarwal

Celebrating Onam at Kerala House, Delhi!

Being a part of a FED raid was on my To-Do list since some time now and this Saturday i finally got to be a part of one. The occasion was Onam. Since Kerala House in Delhi was organizing a special lunch feast on this occasion, it was chosen as the venue for the raid.

Kerala House Delhi location
For the uninitiated, Onam is a festival to celebrate the arrival of the very famous and popular demon king of Kerala – King Mahabali. Read more on the history of Onam. As is synonymous with most festivals of India, the USP of Onam is also food – or Sadhya as it is popularly called.

The FED group assembled at Kerala Bhavan around 1:30 PM and headed for the feast. After around 20 mins of waiting we finally got a place to sit. The meal was served on a Banana leaf and consisted of Aviyal, Thoran, Olan, pickles, papad, sambar, dal, rice, payasam, buttermilk and much more.

For those who are new to Kerala cusine, i have tried to decode what the various items mean (If you find any mistake please feel free to highlight it).


Onam Sadhya Dishes

With so many varieties on my plate, I was short of ideas on from where to start and where to end, what all to mix and what not to. Of the various combinations I tried, I loved the combination of beans and sambar with rice as well as aviyal, and adrak ka achaar with rice. The dessert – Semiya Payasam was also delicious.

In all the meal at Kerala House, Delhi was a cherishable experience – authentic, delicious and filling. It felt great to be a part of such a wonderful group and I certainly look forward to my future raids with the FED group 🙂


The FED group


Kulcha King’s Amritsari Kulcha – not for my platter

Amritsari Kulcha. A puzzle that can only be solved with my visit to Amritsar and eating atleast at 2-3 better known places. People who are in know of food, complain that Delhi does not have any place which comes even close to the stuff they serve in Amritsar.

However that does not stop the Food Enthusiasts from exploring whatever is available and one name that popped up few months back was Kulcha King, at Ring Road Market in Sarojini Nagar. I went there on an EOiD outing few months back, and at that time the decision seems unanimous, that regardless of the crowds he gets, we were not much fond of Kulcha King’s Kulchas.

 On one of the rainy days past week, I was riding by the area, and hunger pangs literally forced me to to pay another visit to this outlet. Though I remember not loving the place first time around, however I do not recall me hating it as well. So thought another shot would is well deserved.

Masala Kulcha

Its looks like lot of spice, but it does not do much to taste.
Chhole and Chutney waale Pyaz
Boondi Raita at Rs. 10 per serving

I had a Masala Kulcha to start with, normal Aloo Kulcha, with a mix of spices sprinkled on in, and then a Paneer Kulcha. On being asked, the owner didn’t seem to have an answer, but just kept repeating it was Garam Masala. It was served with chhole and finely chopped onions in imli chutney. However like the first time round, I found the chhole to be too bland for my taste. Kulchas were well made, however lack of flavor in Chhole did disappoint me a bit.

Paneer Kulcha

Paneer Kulcha was actually very well done.
The simple menu

As mentioned earlier, I am not sure how they serve it in Amritsar, but I surely hope this is not the way it is done, if it is, then I don’t think I would ever appreciate it.