Celebrating Onam at Kerala House, Delhi!

Being a part of a FED raid was on my To-Do list since some time now and this Saturday i finally got to be a part of one. The occasion was Onam. Since Kerala House in Delhi was organizing a special lunch feast on this occasion, it was chosen as the venue for the raid.

Kerala House Delhi location
For the uninitiated, Onam is a festival to celebrate the arrival of the very famous and popular demon king of Kerala – King Mahabali. Read more on the history of Onam. As is synonymous with most festivals of India, the USP of Onam is also food – or Sadhya as it is popularly called.

The FED group assembled at Kerala Bhavan around 1:30 PM and headed for the feast. After around 20 mins of waiting we finally got a place to sit. The meal was served on a Banana leaf and consisted of Aviyal, Thoran, Olan, pickles, papad, sambar, dal, rice, payasam, buttermilk and much more.

For those who are new to Kerala cusine, i have tried to decode what the various items mean (If you find any mistake please feel free to highlight it).


Onam Sadhya Dishes

With so many varieties on my plate, I was short of ideas on from where to start and where to end, what all to mix and what not to. Of the various combinations I tried, I loved the combination of beans and sambar with rice as well as aviyal, and adrak ka achaar with rice. The dessert – Semiya Payasam was also delicious.

In all the meal at Kerala House, Delhi was a cherishable experience – authentic, delicious and filling. It felt great to be a part of such a wonderful group and I certainly look forward to my future raids with the FED group 🙂


The FED group


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  1. Gone for onam sadhya at kerala house…with family…i spoiled my onam 2014 such a pathetic food no sambhar even in sadhya they served chole kulche wala chole…horrible..people fighting for der money..never thought kerala house people will do like that also after standing 3 hours in que pathetic experince i wish i could have daal chawal at my house dat day

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