Chhole Bhature and Naan (Near Vikram Hotel)

And we come to it again, Chhole Bhature, which I am often heard saying is my favorite food in the world.  Whenever Chhole Bhature comes up, mention of Nagpal is inevitable, and while we are in Amar Colony / Lajpat Nagar, Sharma Ji also finds a mention in conversations. When recommendations became quite regular, it became hard for me to ignore it. So this Sunday morning we planned a Raid and landed up at Vikram hotel.

Chhole Bhature from Sharma ji !
frying the Bhaturas

Now what came as real surprise was that this was not a ‘shop’ but a push-cart. And for someone to make this kind of reputation operating from a push cart is quite a big deal. Now talking about food, honestly speaking I was quite taken aback by the first look of Chhole, they were not what I look forward to eating with Bhaturas. They were not dry, oily and dark. Bottom-line – not Bhature waale Chhole. Those Chhole were the ones we eat with Puri, Samosa, Rice, Break Pakora etc., but not with Bhature. They tasted exactly like the ones my mom makes at home, and that means a lot, as my mom knows her spices pretty well. The pickle of ginger, aamla and green chilly  was quite good.

Enjoying the Goodies

Ginger and Aamla achaar

 Out of 7-8 of us, and anyone who was having them for the first time, was not too excited about them. Not the typical taste we associate with Chhole Bhature. However if Non-greasy, home-like is your thing, then you would love Sharma Ji. As said earlier, making Chhole like my mom, is not an easy task.

Now our Sharma Ji is ‘parked’ right next to Sanjay and Vijay Naan waalas. I have tried Vijay before, and left a bit dry by Sharma Ji, we thought of giving Sanjay a shot for his Chur Chur Naans. We ordered Chur Chur variety of Soya Mutter, Paneer, Daal and mixed Naan. The Naans were not really crisp as I expect my Chur Chur naans to be be. However though not the best example of Chur Chur naans, they were still decent enough.

Chur Chur Naan
A part of our table πŸ˜‰

The morning got a closing with Chai from Moolchand Paranthe waala. Which often is an ignored entity compared to the more legendary Paranthas they serve.

Overall, I am not too fond on Sharma Ji as of now, because if I want to eat Chhole made like home, then I will eat at home itself. When I go out for Chhole Bhature, my idea is different than what Sharma ji serves, though I would not mind eating from him again.

Food Enthusiasts of Delhi
Being a resident of West Delhi, I am literally spoilt for choice, but you might end up loving them if you like simpler things in life, ;-).
Location – Look out for Push-Carts selling Naans and Chhole Bhature near  Hotel Vikram. (Nearest Metro Station – Moolchand)

Author: Shashank

CFE – Cheap Food Enthusiast Entrepreneur by birth, hippie by heart he is here just because he loves to eat. This adventurous biker is constantly looking for new avenues to satisfy his insatiable hunger for food & life. Though he loves sugar dense food, there is nothing sugar coated about him- brutally honest with his words, he often ruffles feathers with his stark naked opinions about food, fancy restaurants & orthodox ideas.

3 thoughts on “Chhole Bhature and Naan (Near Vikram Hotel)”

  1. Nothing great to write home about.

    Its sad to see or taste SITARAM hoing down in quality too. πŸ™

    ALSO, i guess both KAALE and PEELE chole are there for chole bhature, but the PINDI version is more prevalent and assosciated with bhature.

    nice Write up. πŸ˜€


  2. Hey,

    I have lived in Delhi my entire life and have never eaten choley ,which goes with bhatura, Dry. I am not sure what you mean? Usually, Choley puri which one eats for breakfast is kept dry otherwise, choley bhuture, the choley which goes with bhuture is always a bit watery. But we all have our own taste buds…

    1. Its the other way round. The Chhole you get with Puri are watery, while the bhature one was dry and whatever moisture you have, mostly is due to added oil/ghee.

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