Nawab’s, Noida Sector-7 – Non-Vegetarian’s delight. By Pankaj Sain

I was reading FED’s take on this new place called NAWAB’S and as I respect the reviews of FED, got motivated to try the place out. Another reason for the motivation was that the review covered only Vegetarian food and made me wonder how good the Non Vegetarian food is. If the vegetarian was so good, then to do full justice to the place and my fellow passengers of the ‘FED-eral Express’, I had to review the non-vegetarian ASAP.
Just as I was thinking I happened to put my views on the FED page and instantly Shashank (a dedicated foodie that he is) offered to join me on my culinary journey of sorts. Then came the surprise element – Jen Sugermeyer, she is someone I was looking forward to meet and interact with. Her passion and her knowledge about food from the world over really amazed me.
We drove down to Nawab’s even though the journey was somewhat long but it passed so quick as the three of us started sharing our experiences with food.
As we reached and met the two guys who run the show Gaurav and Apurva (who hails from Lucknow). These guys were Techies and IT professionals whose passion was for food thus this venture. As we sat in the Office/Kitchen I was impressed with the systematic approach of the duo and could not help but appreciate the cleanliness and hygiene of the premises. These were precursors for a treat that we were in for. The aroma emanating from the kitchen was overwhelming and would make anyone’s mouth water (Won’t tell you about mine)!!
Jen got down to her work in the kitchen learning, watching and clicking her camera as if she was on a mission. Within a few minutes the food bombardment started!! Personally I am a light dinner person but last night I could not help but make it an exception (as if I had a choice!!).
We started with the best and I repeat THE BEST Paneer my mouth has ever come in contact with. It was so so so crisssspy – crunchy on the outside and sofffft on the inside. The flavors were totally in sync and balanced. This is a must order dish and I am sure would go down very well with both people who appreciate their drinks or are just looking for a delicious starter. 
We then dived right in to the deep end with Mutton Shammi Kebabs, Galauti Kebabs and Ulte Tawe ka Parantha. The Shammi kebabs were delicious with no overwhelming or dominating spice. The delicate balance enhanced the flavor of the meat as the spices supported it wonderfully. 
The Galauti kebabs were heavenly and perhaps one of the best I have had, next to only Tunday from Aminabad in Lucknow. Apurva explained that they use raw papaya to tenderize the meat. They just melted in my mouth as the spices soothed my pallet. The starters were a delightful treat both to my eyes and taste buds.
Then came the main course consisting of Chicken Kali Mirch, Chicken Lakhnavi Masala, Paneer Husseini and Kali Mirch Paneer (deservingly named FED Panner).
My first reaction: WOW, Second : YUM YUM YUM Visual delights!!
As my FED Parantha (Varqi Parantha) broke through the surface of the Kali Mirch Chicken and I had my first delectable bite I was seriously impressed. The pepper flavor was dominating yet not overwhelming.  The consistent gravy was cream based and tasted awesome. All in all a great dish. The FED parantha was awesome crispy and multi-layered with a subtle sweetness that accentuated the flavors of the dish.
The Chicken Lakhnavi Masala was such a treat. The flavors in the gravy came though brilliantly. One thing I must add that it seemed that they had taken care that the gravy was not too oily or too rich which made the dish a solid treat. The Chicken was fresh and cooked very well as the meat came off the bone easily. I highly recommend this dish for its delicate balance of flavors.
For vegetarians the FED Paneer and the Paneer Hussaini were as good as the non-vegetarian dishes. They were so good that for a moment I thought that if I ever (read it as never !!) turned  vegetarian this is what I shall eat. The only dish which disappointed me was the Veg Biryani. I think they need to work on it.
The wonderful company of Jen Sugermeyer and Shashank Aggarwal added to all the fun I was having. Great Company Great food-what else does a man need in life !!
I highly recommend this joint as I found the food to be great as the owners take a lot of pain to keep the standards high with their attention to detail. Even though it is a take away place and there is no space to sit and eat (Owners made special provisions for FEDs), however make sure you try their food once. My wife’s family hails from Lucknow and I have traveled and tasted some of the best Avadhi food Lucknow has to offer and to me, this is as close to Lucknow as you can get in Delhi/NCR. 
Their facebook page :

Nawab’s – Pocket – D, Plot number – 158, Sector – 7, Noida

Numbers where you can order : 9999615671, 9999615645
Written by Pankaj Sain
Edited by Shashank Aggarwal
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Author: Shashank

CFE – Cheap Food Enthusiast Entrepreneur by birth, hippie by heart he is here just because he loves to eat. This adventurous biker is constantly looking for new avenues to satisfy his insatiable hunger for food & life. Though he loves sugar dense food, there is nothing sugar coated about him- brutally honest with his words, he often ruffles feathers with his stark naked opinions about food, fancy restaurants & orthodox ideas.

6 thoughts on “Nawab’s, Noida Sector-7 – Non-Vegetarian’s delight. By Pankaj Sain”

  1. Pankaj Sir, I have just had my dinner and After reading this blog,feel like driving down to NOIDA from Rajouri Garden to have a lavish meal at Nawab's.

    Thanks for Sharing your Experience!!

  2. After I tried Galauti Kebabs with Ulte Tawe ke paranthe once, me and my team in office are kinda addicted to the awadhi food from Nawab's. And the owners really go out of the way to deliver the food to my office which is almost 15kms away from their outlet. Crispy Paneer is indeed the best variety of 'paneer pakoda' I ever had, anywhere.

  3. Thanks for your comments friends .I too am a fan of avdhi ccuisine as I am married to it !! @Gurpreet I drove from Vikas puri which is further than RJ.Try the place out !!


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