The Mozart Cafe – It’s all about Ambiance

A post on the FED’s Facebook page asking about Mozart Cafe, got all the right kind of responses. It seemed different people had different dishes they liked there and everyone seemed to have liked the ambiance and service of the place. So one Friday evening, I along with couple of others FEDs, Gurpreet Singh Tikku and Ajit Siigh, decided to check out the place. Making use of the pleasant prevailing weather, we decided to sit in outdoor seating area. The place looked really well done, and had a nice feel to it. 

We started with ordering our drinks, which consisted of very standard Long Island Iced Tea, a Virgin Mojito and an in house specialty called Zaza, which had fresh plums muddled  with passion fruit syrup, lemon, sugar syrup and topped with carbonated water.

Paneer Tikka and Malai Kebab with Walnut Sauce and Green Chutney
Long Islant Iced Tea
Beautiful Ambiance it was

In starters we had quite a lot of choices and we ended up sampling the following:

  • Paneer Tikka – As standard as it comes, however it was served with walnut sauce, which turned out to be highlight of the evening for me.
  • Malai Kebab – This turned out to be a great surprise as well. Based on Khoya and Paneer, they were unlike any other Veg. Kebabs that I have had.
  • Rock Shrimp Tempura
  • Crispy Fried Calamari
  • Chicken Tikka
  • Gilafi Seekh Kebab
  • Mustard Marinated River Sole
  • Achari Subz Platter – Consisted of Broccoli, Paneer, Pineapple, Potatoes and Button Mushroom. All marinated in achari style and  done in Tandoor.
  • Hot Basil Lamb
  • Vegetarian Mezze Platter – Though my experience with Mediterranean food is very limited, however this is one cuisine that I love and relish. The platter consisted of Felafel, Humus, Babagnoush, Pita bread etc.
Chicken Tikka went down quite well with Gurpreet and Ajit
Squids (Calamari) and Rock Shrimp Tempura
Achari vegetable platter. Broccoli were actually very well done, and offered the perfect ‘Bite’

Hot Basil Lamb
Veg. Mezze Platter

All the Tandoori snacks were served with a Walnut sauce, which turned into an instant hit amongst all three of us.  We were that it was developed by their chef and is made of walnuts, cream and yoghurt.  

And then started the main courses.

  • Prawn With Seasonal Veg.
  • Chicken Scallopine
  • Fettuccine Creamy Gorgonzola Sauce – Well made with 3 types of mushrooms and blue cheese in a cream based sauce.
  • Bhuna Chicken Khada Masala
  • Mutton Roganjosh
  • Paneer Khatta Pyaaz – This was a variation of Paneer Tikka Masala and unfortunately the only thing that I did not appreciate that evening. Everything was fine about it, till the actual Khatta Pyaz came into place. They were just too sour and had us making pucker faces every-time we chewed an onion. 
Chicken Scallopine
Chicken Scallopine
Lemon Cheese Cake
Crème brûlée

There is a specific section of drinks in the menu which has names like Blow Job and Quick F*ck, yup you read it right – Blow Job and Quick F*ck. As per the menu ‘Blow Job’ consisted of cream de banana, Bailey’s and Vanilla ice cream, a drink I decided to order with desserts, it came as a layered drink in shot glass. While I was lost in conversation I asked waiter what was it, and he said sir this is a Blow Job. I am sure you can imagine the look on our faces for at least couple of seconds that moment. For desserts besides the BJ, we also had Lemon Cheese Cake and Crème brûlée. 

Interior of the restaurant

Overall speaking the food is very good and the pain they take is quite evident. However Mozart Cafe is for much more than food, it is a place which I would visit for its stunning ambiance and feel. It is a place I would visit if I have to entertain somebody be it a date or a business associate.

My rating for Food – 3.5/5, however for the place overall 4/5.
The Mozart Cafe – LG-34, DLF South Point Mall,
Golf Course Road, DLF Phase 5,  Gurgaon – 12202
Contact : +91 9811006904, 0124 4069674  

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