Cafe 27 – Bar & Kitchen – A Royal Blunder

I am not someone who talks about bad experiences, however there are times when things go overboard and some experiences really end up spoiling the mood and feel-good feeling you have about the world in general. And when that happens two times in the same evening at the same cafe? You got to be kidding me. Cafe 27 finally manages to get a blog post out of me after several months in hiding and probably my first rant ever.

You walk onto the bar, ask the bartender for a drink, the bartender gets busy making a cocktail, however 5 minutes later when he is done he hands them over to a bunch of Firangs standing there. You take it in zest and jolly good fellow you are, you stay clam and give him a quizzing look. He says he will fix you a drink now, however next two drinks go to another couple and you go like WTF! I generally attribute this to large crowds, however at that hour we were only 5-6 people on the bar. Probably fault of the uncool shirt I was wearing or I did not look paying type or partying type, I had no idea how he profiled me out and trust me, its VERY difficult to make me feel awkward and mistreated.

Not to be bogged down by one bad experience I got busy in talking to people and enjoying the music. Then I decided to do something that would prove fatal for mood for rest of the evening, I decided to order something.. :D. I ordered a Pan Hookah / Sheesha, waiter came upto me and asked me to pay in advance, which though I found awkward but not unusual, I promptly paid. And then came the hookah, which did not seem like pan flavored and was not working properly, however I again discounted the lax to the crowds and Saturday night. However the final jolt to my happiness came when the waiter came to our table and asked me if I was done with the hookah, when I asked him why, he said he had to take it away. When asked why, he said that its been here for close to an hour and this is it. I need to finish it off and they need the hookah to serve to other guests, they have a policy that they do not allow it for such a long time. Being someone who has been to numerous pubs/ bars/ cafes/ hookah joints in the city, I was STUNNED! This has never ever happened and I could not imagine someone doing that in the wildest of my dreams. I still have no idea in the world on how can any establishment in hospitality segment do that to a guest? and that too when you are charging Rs.500 for a hookah?

I asked him to show me the menu as I wanted to see where the time limit was mentioned, I was surprised when I was told that they have no hookah menu. Though I took a stand and asked the waiter to buzz off, still I was not able to use the hookah any further as I felt a certain disgust for it and soon moved out.

I usually check-in on Facebook or foursquare when I am at a place, and last night when I did that, a friend asked me to get out of there and the reviews were not good however I replied that I was there for Music and hanging out only and none of it mattered, however it seemed she was quite right. And oh! while I was there, I ran into another friend of mine with whom I discussed this incident and he pointed me to a guy in a vest and said he is the owner (a sikh guy in 20’s) however he said it was useless complaining as the management was money minded and no one is going to listen. 
Now this was Saturday night and on Sunday morning still feeling the
frustration I decided to share my agony with my friends on my personal Facebook wall, and lo and behold – a certain Mr. Shabad Mehta who seems
be owner or someone senior at the Cafe 27 chose to respond to my status
in a manner that did not go down well with my friends and acquaintances.
As a result Mr. Mehta opted to delete his post, however before he did,
atleast 10 people managed to read it and few of them called it a threat
as well. 
And Mr. Mehta thanks to your threat, this blog gets a post after several months, otherwise the incident would have died out with me not visiting your Cafe ever again and of-course advising my friends against it as well. 
PS : The general feedback that we are getting about this place is quite negative too, guess having a good location really does help.

Cafe 27 – Bar & Kitchen
26, Level II, Kailash Colony Market,
New Delhi

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