Punjab Grill – Winter Menu Tasting

Punjab Grill is an upmarket restaurant with backing of Jiggs and Zoravar Kalra, names unknown to street food lovers like me, however they do strike a major chord with food lovers in general. 

Besides that the restaurant itself it quite a known name and gets regular mentions in conversations about North Indian food in Delhi.  So when I got an invite from them to sample their winter menu, I kind of jumped on it as I had never been there before and was quite eager to try it. 

Though as a recent non-vegetarian, I would not talk much about food as most of it was based on meats, however what I realised that Punjab Grill is not about the modern ‘Punjabi’ food, its about food from erstwhile Punjab, a large part of which is now under Pakistan and some of it also has Kashmiri influence. Plus I have been told that they have a lot of firang patronage so don’t be surprised if you find some of the items a bit ‘bland’.
Kaali Gajar ki Kaanji – set the tone and expectations.
Shakarkandi Kamrakh ki Chaat
Chicken Malai Tikka
Chicken Methi Tikka
The Shakarkandi Kamrakh ki Chaat was a real delight, though far from what were are used to eating on streets, but still strikes the right chord.

Though not part of the winter menu, however the Mutton Champs were a sheer delight. I am sure carnivores with better taste bud and experience than me would savor it as well.

Champ Taazdaar 
Chukundar ke Kebab
Veg. Kurkuri
The vegetarian snacks served to us were quite a revelation. Chukundar Kebabs from their winter menu were an absolute delight. Shell made of beetroot, stuffed with hung curd and pine nuts. Though the menu did not say cheese, but I felt the consistency they had was not possible without come cheese going in the mix.

Veg. Kurkuri were produced from their regular menu, much to the delight of my vegetarian dining partner and I was not complaining either. Loved everything about them, infact so much, that we had another portion of those brought for us.
Sarson da Saag
Makkai Tawa Roti
Coming to the main courses – Sarson ka saag was an absolute delight, the effort behind it, came through in the taste. While the Makkai ki ‘Roti’ was not roti per se, felt more like a parantha. Was super thin and crisp, not the way I expect my roti to be, but then I am no Punjabi.. :P. Though I should not be talking about health and fat here, however it was just too oily for me to have another one. but did I want more – YES! it was delicious.
Next up were Vegetable and Kofta Biryanis. Again, I am still struggling to understand biryanis, so would not comment on them, however it was nice having a kofta in your biryani rather than regular chunks of meat.
Opening the Dum of the Biryani..
Serving with a smile
Despite the very regular and average Ras-Malai (btw.. can ras malai every be average ?? :P), the desserts did not disappoint us, all thanks to the Gurh Waale Chawal that they served. Infact they managed to warm up us pretty well on a chilly wintery night.
Gurh Waale Chawal
And then came the moment that were waiting for, the moment when we came face to face with their legendary Paan Shots. Before going there, made a post on our facebook page asking about Punjab Grill and the most recommended item was Paan-shots, which did not disappoint in the end and I can see why they are so popular.
Paan Shots
There is no summing up this post. We were invited there and did not pay for the food, so I am not talking about value for money or other related things. Plus since we were invited, I cannot rate the service as well.
Among everything that was served to us, there definitely are few things that I can see myself going back for.
Outlet Visited – Select City Walk, Saket, New Delhi
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