Anna’s Hotel – Little Kerala in heart of Delhi

Watching Anthony Bourdain’s adventures in Kerala the other day, I felt a serious desire to visit God’s own country once again and savor all the delicacies they have to offer. However since there is no justice in this world and I am not Anthony Bourdain, I cannot be in Kerala anytime soon – so I decided to satisfy my cravings by visiting some Malabari/Kerala style food joint in Delhi itself.
Like all other big metro cities of the world, Delhi has its own cultural pockets. In Delhi there are people living from all over India (and other countries too) and along with them they bring their food and culture as well. Anna’s hotel is a small eatery in INA market, catering to Keralites and/or food lovers like ourselves. There are 1 or 2 other eateries of similar nature in the vicinity, like the Kerala Hotel opposite Anna’s, where I have had veg. meal for Rs.50 and savored it quite a bit. 
Anna’s is literally a small place, with around 4-5 tables to accommodate 15-20 people. They have a kitchen upstairs from where they serve fish, beef, chicken, prawns and mutton. Kerala being one of the few places in Indian where beef is acceptable and widely consumed, you can actually enjoy various delicacies like Beef Biryani, Beef Roast, Beef fry etc here.
My knowledge is very limited about south Indian food, however I guess they serve all their meats (fish and chicken too) in set styles. The styles being – Ghee Roast, Masala, Fry, Sukkha, curry etc. All these styles have different gravies and spices, and would take some time for a North Indian to develop a finer sense of taste for them.
We had Beef fry, Malabari Fish Biryani, Prawns roast, Chicken Masala, Malabari Parottaa and Appam.

Malabari Fish Biryani – The way it is served

Malabari Fish Biryani – comes with 2 pieces of fish

Malabari Fish Biryani – A closer look
The Biryani was for Rs.200 and had two chunks of fried Surmai fish. Came with salad, pickle and papad on the side. As someone who likes spices, I really loved this biryani and if you appreciate pepper and then you would savor this one like anything. Prawns were for Rs.180, and probably was the only thing that left us wanting for more. Too little and not very tasty, but them we cannot blame them for not being able to serve prawns in Delhi, which is at-least a 1000 miles away from nearest ocean. The total bill was around Rs.580, so you can imagine how cheap was rest of the stuff.

Beef Fry, prawns and Parotta
Closer look at the prawns

Beef Fry
Beef was very well cooked, tender and succulent, as someone who is not a fan of red meats I was surprised that I really enjoyed it. Chicken Masala was very nice, thick gravy, with egg cooked in it, went like a charm with Appam. Oh! and the Malabari parotta was not thick at all, and was quite well made.

Chicken Masala
Appam – Hot and fresh

The day we were there, they were out of Mutton dishes and unfortunately they do not serve any desserts , I was really hoping to get hold of some payasam.  

All in all, a super value for money eating joint, which is a favorite among Keralites and other South Indian Communities in Delhi, however adds another star to the food scene of the capital city and gives gluttons like us another option to satisfy out craving for variety, and then some spice.

Anna’s Hotel
Shop No. 204, Ground Floor, Mohan Singh Market, INA, Delhi , 110023

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  1. we visited the place the other day in hope of good food – it was stinky, unclean tables and a few flies.. we moved out of the place in few minutes

  2. Kerala House can be visited at Jantar Mantar for good Mallu lunch/dinner thali…veg- 50/- only….economical and authentic kerala taste….

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