Maison des Desserts – A home away from home.

Last week we decided to try Maison des Desserts for breakfast (they open at 8:30 am) and liked it so much that we ended up going back within 3 days again. The food scene is Hauz Khas Village is quite dynamic, new places are mushrooming up fast and shutting down even faster! With the dearth of nice English breakfast places in Delhi  Maison des Desserts comes as a breath of fresh air, nestled in Hauz Khas Village you almost feel sitting in your home because of it warmness and simplicity and of-course the presence of the very gracious owner, Shirani. The place feels like a tiny English bistro though the food is tad bit overpriced but if you manage to grab the window table then its totally worth it! The menu is not very extensive and we ended up trying almost 75% items on the menu in these two visits! I tried most of the desserts and they were pretty decent just a little high on sugar! I’m here mentioning the things which were great and what was not so great!!

Chicken and Rocket leaves Baguette

The bread was extremely crispy and the crust was perfectly golden while the center was slightly chewy, just how you expect your perfect baguette to be! The aroma of brilliantly toasted baguette wasn’t over powering the semblance of mustardy rocket leaves!

Chicken and Rocket Leaves Baguette

With very little spices, succulent chicken tenders and peppery flavor of rocket leaves, this one was extremely flavorful!

Scrambled eggs

Its one of those dishes which anybody can make, easiest thing to cook on this planet yet only few can do so perfectly! We ate these on two visits, the first time around were light and fluffy, cooked well yet had the perfect curded-cheese texture with dollops of butter and thick cream,not too dry and not too runny though on the second visit they just looked not so appealing as the first time but tasted the same. The only disheartening part, these are served with run of the mill those typical industrial brown bread toasts! When I’m paying about Rs. 200 for these I most definitely expect freshly baked in house bread as an accompaniment!
Having said all that these were heavenly because of their simplicity!

Ham and Cheese Crepes

Oh these are my favorite! I have almost fallen in love with them! The crepes were so wonderfully done yet so moist and velvety and you could taste the sweetness of milk and the richness of the butter!! The filling of melted cheese and very tender ham just made these so very delicious!
Most definitely the highlight of the breakfast!

Red Velvet Cake

Seems like this is every Delhi’s foodie’s current love interest! And every baker in town is trying get this one right! This looked gorgeous with contrasting red cake and the pristine white butter cream! Even though it wasn’t made using the beetroot(traditionally the recipe requires) it tasted divine. Not too sweet and just about perfect!


These very disastrous, too soggy, chewy and not warm at all! They tasted really bad and we sent them back after the first bite itself! And these people offered us to replace it with another one but we were just too full and were not ready to risk after-taste of the all the good things we had before this!

Marble cake
This was the perfect blend of vanilla and chocolate flavors. I always like my thick slice of marble cake to be slightly warm which makes it little  soft and recreates the aroma of freshly baked cake! My most favorite dessert here is for sure this because it is not easy to get a classic cake right! This one looked great with fluidy swirls of black and white, smelled divine, the texture was rich and the most important tasted great!

Marble Cake : Perfect blend of vanilla and chocolate flavors

All and all MDD is lovely little place to have a leisurely breakfast with some delicious food! Somethings on the menu are little overpriced but in totality its a decent experience! I wish MDD decides do more savory crepes and some more types of cold coffees! They don’t have too many beverages on the menu! And I as per me,you can’t call yourself a breakfast place without having some freshly squeezed juices or smoothies!

P.S : If you decide to be seated on my favorite table(the window table) just watch your head as they have a small book shelve above it and I ended up getting hurt thrice 😛

Written by Anuradha Gupta