Rajdhani’s Rasovara – A fine dine Thali place – by Mohaneesh Thapar

”Sir, Rasovara in Rajasthani is Royal Kitchen” replied the manager Palash upon being asked by me the meaning of the restaurant’s name. Saturday noon along with my friend, was invited to Rajdhani’s Rasovara restaurant. Located in the Landmark Mall of central Mumbai (Palladium, Lower Parel) the restaurant is a step above Rajdhani which is already quite famous in the nation for their pure veg Thali. 

The interiors of Rajdhani’s Rasovara
First and foremost, a lady welcomed us at the entrance with a traditional Indian thali of flowers and tika. Then, as we moved towards the seating, two-three table-managers escorted us to our desired place. After we got all seated and comfortable, one table-manager asked me what I’d like to have. As per the given info, was here to review their traditional thali & their special Upvaas thali. So, sans spending much time, the manager started giving hand signs to his staff & quickly came in the brass plates, bowls & spoons. My friend had the traditional Rasovara Thali and I had the Upvaas Thali, but we didn’t really follow the rules and had whatever we wanted to try. The hand-signs continued & a welcome drink Khas-Khas Sharbat arrived, after which we had starters.The Khas-Khas Sharbat was very refreshing and for starters Gulabi Dhokla, Kashmiri Dahi Bhalle, Moong Dal Kachori, Cutlet, Sev Roll with mithi chutney and tikhi chutney that too on a special-sort-of-oval plate with a leaf on it (again, that’s not how you get your starters at Rajdhani) was served. On my side, Upvaas Thali had Sabudana Vada & Singadeka Pakoda with white coconut chutney. Based on both of our liking, Moong Dal Kachori & Gulabi Dhokla were the best out of all the five starters. Kachori was crisp sorta flaky had a thin crust with a salty-sweet moong dal stuffing inside and Gulabi Dhokla was very soft and moist, divine. Sadly, the cutlet was rubbery & Sev Roll’s crust was quite thick leaving less-to-no-space for the filling. Kashmiri Dahi Bhalle were also a let down as the Bhalle were quite hard. On my side, Sabudana Vada & Singade ka Pakoda both be slightly crispy and quite soft – very good. 
Traditional Rasovara Thali
Moving on to the main course, Upvaas Thali had Rajgire ka thepla, Sabudana Khichdi, Rajgire ki kadhi, Rajgire ki puri, Paneer Tomato, Alu Sukha Bhaji, Sabudana Upwas Papad, Fruit Salad, Soma Rice & Tomato Char. Apart from Sabudana Khichdi, Sabudana Upwas Papad & Rajgire Thepla rest of the dishes were quite ok-ok. On my friends side, the fare extended from Dal Baati Churma to Gatte Ki Sabzi with Jowar Roti to Patra Sabzi, Aloo Sabzi, Paneer Sabzi and Mix Sabzi. Not to forget, khichdi, mithi kadhi, namkeen kadhi, teekhi daal, capsicum-corn salad, Mirchi cha thecha, Papad, Chura masala Papad and the regular roti (yes, I know Puri is missing). Besides the Rajasthani dishes, we also liked Paneer ki sabzi, aloo ki sabzi and Patra ki sabzi. My friend also liked the mithi kadhi,but I didn’t as it was too sweet for my taste. In the sweets, Shrikhand, Puran Poli and Basundi dominated the sweets line-up, accompanied with Malpua-Rabri, Lassi (served in a shot glass kind of glass) and a special type of halwa named Akhrod (walnut) Halwa. Akhrod Halwa, I was trying for the first time & it was quite delicious, infact it sorta neutralized my tasting senses which were under a heavy attack of all the sweet we had – wise move to try the halwa after having all the sweet dishes. To give an opinion about the sweet dishes, each and every sweet dish impressed us. Would say, the sweet dishes are the forte of Rasovara. Finally, Paan with mouth refreshner came in and with that we came to an end of a marathon meal which had it’s influence from Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra predominantly. The ratings are as follows : 
Upvas Special Thali
Ambiance – 4/5. Restaurants like Rasovara do have a very good ambiance. So, no probs with it. 
Service – 4/5. Again, restaurants with Thali being the specialty, have a very efficient staff. So, no complains in this department as well. 
Food – I’ll divide this section into two parts A) Upvaas Thali and B) Traditional Rasovara Thali 
A) Upvaas Thali – Despite the variety offered in this Thali, the food (apart from the sweet dishes and some dishes mentioned in the review above) was quite un-involving. Maybe they need to up the amount of salt & zeera in their dishes. 
B) Traditional Rasovara Thali – Most of the dishes in this section don’t disappoint you (apart from a few starters). The variety and the taste go hand in hand most of the time. Overall a very good experience – 4/5 

Text & Pictures by 
Mohaneesh Thapar

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