Shunty Chicken Corner – Must try in Panipat

Being someone who loves mountains, I find myself riding or driving on National Highway 1 quite often. And being someone who has spent so much time of highways, Murthals and Havelis just do not cut it for me anymore. To know my stand on Murthal read this : 

Beyond Murthal – For Paranthas and more 

Last week was another such occasion when I started from Delhi at 6-7 pm and by the dinner time was expecting to reach Panipat. No surprises there, reached Panipat at around 9 pm, and thought it was a risk worth taking to venture into the city and not just by pass it by driving over the flyover. Had called a friend who lives in Panipat, however he was away for some training in Mysore, still very graciously he recommended couple of Dhabas where we can eat. Unfortunately we were not able to locate any of them, when suddenly I saw this cart on a corner and was immediately intrigued by what I saw.

A look at the cart

Its hard for me to explain what attracted my attention, however he recommended Butter Chicken and looking at others eating, I knew that quarter portion would be more than enough for 2 of us.  We waited for a good 30 minutes before he served us, the reason being that he takes his own sweet time in cooking and preparing stuff. Normally he used Nutralite, however on request you can get your food made in Amul Butter too.

Our meal
Closer look
Butter Chicken – the way it came.

In breads the simple tandoori roti looked divine and on eating, tasted divine too. Simple, basic, Tandoori roti, made of proper flour and not white maida type flour. We ordered paranthas too and he asked whether we wanted Laccha Parantha or Triangle Parantha, intrigued once again we ordered the triangle parantha and it turned out to be a super gluttonous treat. 

Triangle Parantha

The butter chicken itself was very well cooked, huge in portion and SUPER Yummy. It seems that prices have hit Panipat too and instead of onions were serve served cucumbers with our chicken, however the chutney with it was brilliant. Can just share that I am drooling right now?? ๐Ÿ˜›

Now since its a cart, there is no address and unfortunately there was no phone number too, however when you are going from Delhi, then you need to go under the Panipat flyowver and its somewhere on your left once you cross the Sanjay Chowk. By 9:30 pm he seemed to be running out of stuff, so I would assume its not really a late night thing.

Kheera and Chutney

All in all second impressive thing that we had in Panipat, first was Chhole Puri Subi that we had at Halwai Atta. Seems like the city has lot more to offer than we assumed or imagined.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Author: Shashank

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