Cafe Coffee Day – Is that Cheating?

Coming straight to the point, have had two bad experiences in last one week with two different outlets of  Cafe Coffee Day. 
* Was at Hudson lane outlet and ordered for a Darjeeling (Tea). The waiter asked me if I would like to add some Chocolate or Hazelnut syrup to it. I asked him are you sure you want to do any of that? He said yes sir you have an option. I was like WOW! Darjeeling and tea would never be same again if that happens. Curious to know what would happen, I asked him to put hazelnut syrup/sauce. Out came my tea in few minutes which has its usual color and aroma. On asking where was the hazelnut syrup the waiter said it was in the tea itself. There was no point in telling them that the tea tasted exactly the way it should and there was no add on. Ultimately had my money refunded, however wondered what would happen to the tea producers of Darjeeling if they knew this was happening to their beloved product.
Cafe Coffee Day Bill for Darjeeling tea.
Darejeeling Tea which is supposed to have Hazelnut Syrum.
* At the Rajinder Nagar outlet on Shanker Road ordered a Cafe Latte. 5 Minutes later server walks in with a coffee in hand, one look at it and I said it was Cappuccino. I asked him if it was cappuccino, he asked me what did I order, on telling him that I ordered a Latte he said it is Latte Sir. I decided to take his word and ignore the extraordinarily light color of my drink and attributed it to unknown factors. One sip of the drink and Voila! It WAS a Cappuccino. Ultimately got my drink replaced with server telling me that he just joined duty and he just served was given to him. I decided not to waste my time further and enjoy my coffee and work which I was there for. 
And surprisingly on asking for a feedback or complaint form, they said they have none and I should email my complaint. 
Besides these incidents I have personally experienced the order taking process of Cafe Coffee Day and Costa Coffee where when taking the order they would ask you if you want your drink with a particular type of sauce or would you like to have your frappe with ice-cream or something else. They never mention the words add-on or anything else. A very deliberate attempt by them to fleece unsuspecting customers to get add-ons added as customer ends up thinking that they are talking about a variant of the same drink.
I am sure in the end the technical information would be there and they would not be cheating or fleecing technically speaking, but is the point or the spirit or user experience is? What happened to fair business practices??
Being at the helm of things at Eatlo, I keep on hearing such attempts to fleece customers by these coffee shops. I guess its important to be on constant guard when ordering or interacting with staff of these coffee shop chains. 
Are they taking their customers for granted? Is the staff so poorly trained or is so hell bent on selling that they would sell Darjeeling Tea with hazelnut syrup to the customer in first place and then lie or be clueless about it? Or just tell the customer whatever gets the job done at the moment, like calling Cappuccino a Latte thinking that customer is stupid?  I am sure lot of you guys would have faced such experiences, so would request you to share them here in the comment, so that we all can know the ways we can be cheated by the staff of Cafe Coffee Day and likes.

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Author: Shashank

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15 thoughts on “Cafe Coffee Day – Is that Cheating?”

  1. This is nothing new from CCD, its a part of their business model. I had ordered 2 cafe latte. On receiving the bill, I see they added a peppermint chewing gum on their own . When I asked why they have done the needful without my consent the blatant reply was we are short of 5 bucks. My concern is that I could have been notified of the same before charged. On saying the same, the cashier took back the chewing gum and gave me my 5 bucks backs. Again , its not about 5 bucks, its about telling on what you are charging me for. Pls look into your bill always.

  2. I am avid lover of coffee at CCD. I drink many a times and have faced no such issues. All my orders are perfect with no such issues.
    Also, I have got change of even Re. 1.
    Maybe the problems are outlet specific. Usually I drink in CCDs at Metro Express outlets at New Delhi, Dhaula Kuan, CP

  3. I think its a very common fleecing game at many outlets like this. Recently in KFC at phoenix mall pune , 5 bucks were added to my bill quoting it as a donation for some NGO . The irony is when I asked him about the 5 bucks , he told that it compulsorily gets added & if I do not want it I should have informed before billing. When I asked him why he did not inform me before hand , he gave blank looks. Add to the dare devil stunt – these guys pose up another offer saying we can redeem 10 bucks if we eat for more than 150 bucks at KFC again within 7 days . I just see it as a cheap business model by clubbing some NGO . The last part of the scene was a rant where the manager had the courage to ask me , if you really want your money back I shall refund you back from my pocket if you do not want to donate for a noble cause . Now who would not lose patience over such an ordeal , Huh !

  4. Yeh kuchh nahi. CCD at Walmart Amritsar asked me to wait for my cappucino for 20 minutes. Reason, theres no water, milk not delivered yet and coffee machine was jammed

  5. We faced a problem at the CP CCD. Ordered coffee which never came even after 20 minutes of waiting. Since we were getting late for a movie we asked then to make our order takeaway which they refused since they had taken the order as "to be had at the premise". I failed to see the big deal. All they had to do was put the coffee in a paper cup. Had to leave the outlet without coffee and also lost Rs.300/- since we did not have the time to argue and fight with the staff. Their coffee and snacks anyway sucks. After Starbucks entry in Delhi I am not how do they plan to survive.

  6. i faced an issue at CCD, Dwarka where the cashier himself added choco indulgence. when i told him that i did not order this he asked me 5 times "mam, are you sure you did not order this??"
    dude your customer isnt a fool. finally they did refund my money but did not give me a new bill.

    another issue I faced was with costa coffee. They charged me for a large ice tea and gave me a small one. After ten minutes of conversation they refunded my money without any sorry or guilt on their face.

  7. This is a common thing now a days I think somewhere they are not even able to pay the salaries of their staff may be thats why they are push to do so ……

  8. Its getting quite common in the name of business practices…as we all don't usually check our bills…and ccd is the most notorious…jago grahak Jago

  9. Being a die-hard fan of coffee/tea and ccd..I've seen this practice at across almost outlets in New Delhi!!
    The metro waale outlest are eve worse..the quality is super-degraded!! Have had thrice at such outlets and given-up..they just are in a hurry to do the ordres
    As far as cheating, is concerned..okay you may feel cheated but then till the time they are asking you at the very first place that's business!! Isn't it??

  10. Well this happened with me as well just 3 days back. The same darkening tea episode. Lesson learnt : when at CCD, make sure that you order the default offering. No add-ons!

  11. The CCD at CP Metro refuses to serve a Frappe without chocolate sauce……they pre prepare the coffees

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