When it comes to Teabags, packaging DOES matter | By Anuradha Gupta

I was a coffee addict and used to gulp 10 plus cups in a day and then i realized how bad it is for my health and gradually developed a liking for teas. Initially I had to force myself to develop a taste for all the fancy teas available in market but sooner than I expected I started falling in love with various teas..green teas, flower teas, Chinese oblong tea leaves, Tulsi teas and what not!

Now I have over 30 types of teas in my house and love all those. Some are organic and some are the usual! For the sake of convenience started stacking lots of tea bags in my desk drawers. Its just so easy, heat some water, dip a tea bag and I am having something really healthy! I also try to wash down a heavy fat laden meal with a cup of hot green tea.

Today morning while I was making my organic tulsi sweet lemon tea, it struck as lighting to me, the tea is organic but what is this white bag made of? I did some reading on the internet and realized that the some tea bags are made with plastic, such as nylon, thermoplastic, PVC or polypropylene. While these plastics have high melting points, the temperature at which the molecules in polymers begin to break down is always lower than the melting point, which could allow the bags to leach compounds of unknown health hazards into your tea when steeped in boiling water.

Paper tea bags are frequently treated with epichlorophydrin, which hydrolyzes to 3-MCPD when contact with water occurs. 3-MCPD is a carcinogen associated with food processing that has also been implicated in infertility and suppressed immune function. 

The majority of tea bags are made using paper that is produced from vegetable and wood fibers. Most of the time, this paper is bleached for aesthetic reasons. The unfortunate truth is that most tea bags are bleached and when bleached they may put you at a high risk of many health defects.

We really don’t know what tea bag is made of as there is information mentioned on the packaging material used in making teas bag but we can surely opt for the loose teas available and brew it using a stainless steel strainer. At least we wont be causing any harm to our bodies in the garb of the goodness of the drinking tea. Also when selecting tea of any kind, it should preferably be organic (to avoid pesticides) and grown in a pristine environment (tea is known to accumulate fluoride, heavy metals and other toxins from soil and water, so a clean growing environment is essential to producing a pure, high-quality tea).

So if you are an avid tea drinker and/or drink it for health reasons, make you sure you check what you are putting into your system. A bit of caution can avoid lot of harm to our bodies.

Written by Anuradha Gupta

Author: Shashank

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10 thoughts on “When it comes to Teabags, packaging DOES matter | By Anuradha Gupta”

  1. Sir I got a very cool stainless steel tea diffuser/stainer from Aap ki Pasand in daryaganj! Ya I thk borosil makes glass tea pot..I have seen it

  2. Hey Anuradha,

    Perfect description of what my current status is. Coffee and machine teas are making my body suffer, leave alone the taste.

    Currently on hot water with tea bags (will buy green/ flavor tea) without much flavor. Please suggest if you can suggest a economic tea jugaad for offic.

    PS: Ho sake ko include some options for milk rich tea; I am a die hard fan of white tea rather than black.

    @Sanjay ji, you are welcome too.

  3. Try the tea at T'POT cafe in Malviya Nagar……Whether its the black tean or the white tea or the green tea……they are amazing
    This cafe is in Malviya Nagar…..U can find it on zomato

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