Sunday Brunch @ K3 – JW Marriott, Aerocity Delhi

There is a reason why Sunday Brunch is generally the most expensive meal in almost all fancy hotels, its because its supposed to be the most elaborate and indulgent meal of the week, a meal that one spends im luxury, pampering their taste buds while enjoying the company of their loved ones. 
This weekend I accepted an invite from K3 in the newly opened JW Marriott in Aerocity, Delhi. The restaurant or theater seemingly derives its name from 3 kitchens it has to serve and focus on three cuisines : North Indian, Tuscan & Cantonese. The pricing of the brunch is in three categories, the difference basically being in drinks.
a. Food, Unlimited Soft Beverages & Fresh Juices  (Price – INR 2250++)
b. Food, Soft Beverages, Unlimited Premium Spirits and Sparkling Wine ( Price – INR 2750++)
c. Food + Champagne + Premium Spirits, soft beverages (Price – INR 3950 ++)

Raddish Cake Counter

Tikki Counter
The Panini Counter
Farsan selection

I would not comment on how exotic or wide the spread was, because at those prices and level, nothing less is expected. Its a 5 star hotel so one assumes that basics would be met, and the ones that really stand out are the ones with impeccable service and hospitality and unfortunately a lot was left to be desired by this new player in the Delhi brunch scene.

For a change I am still willing to discount the food keeping into account my lack of exposure in somethings and over-exposure in others. But we felt the Cantonese section was a complete disappointment only the raddish cake stood out for us. While on the Tuscan one Anti-pasti and salads seemed to be the saving grace, more on pizza and pasta in a bit. And its hard for a 5 star hotel to impress a Dilliwalla with their North Indian fare anyhow. That said, nothing was ‘bad; in what we ate, however if I have to rate purely on food, strictly average.

Duck Wrap, couple of types of Chicken, lamb and sauces from the Cantonese Section
A cheese sampling platter we made with cheeses, dried fruits, crackers, pickles etc. 
The Indian Kebabs
Dishes from the Tuscan section
Some of the desserts from a very elaborate selection.
Some breads
Pomfret, Mackrel and another type of fish, grilled.

The things that stood out were small little things, maybe not too important to some, maybe teething issues for the establishment, however when someone is paying the full price, one expects the full service. So new to the business does not cut it as an excuse. Here is a list of things that were screw ups for us..

  1. Mostly at buffets I complain that they are too eager to clear my plates, however here no one seemed to bother even when we left the table for fresh plates and food our previous plates were not cleared and every single time we had to call someone to clear the table. 
  2. Cutlery – I cannot recall how many times I had to ask for it. Every time plates were cleared fork/knife/spoon went with it, and no one cared to replace them unless we asked.
  3. Chef told us about the fresh seafood they fly in every Saturday from Kochi and offered me to try some prawns, which I eagerly accepted. 30 minutes later I realized that i wanted prawns and they never arrived.
  4. Food laid out in the buffets was just not hot enough. 
  5. Only two sauces for pasta and on ordering spicy with extra seasonings you are served a bland and even salt-less mix.
  6. An Italian chef came to ask how was the pasta, we complained, he took the pasta away and we thought it would come back fixed. It never did. But then we can attribute it to communication gap, as I am not sure how well versed was the chef with English.
  7. Did I see only 4 types of cheeses in cheese selection??
  8. Pizza was served as severely mangled 4 slices kept in a cris-cross on a plate. Cold. Ugly. No seasonings served with it. 
  9. Ordered for a Chana Tikki – Badly made Chhole – like done by a cheap halwai in some tasteless wedding. Served with an almost burnt Tikki.
  10. Ordered grilled kebabs from the barbeque counter, specifically said I do not want fish but would like to sample everything else. What came to my table – Two types of fish and one piece of something else.
  11. Jumbled Name Tags on the dishes – too small a thing to mention?  
Fresh Panini
Nalli Korma
Salted Caramel Gelato – Loved it.
Sarso ka Saag – ended up finishing it. Must have been nice.. πŸ™‚
Salad based on Snow Peas was nery niceand fresh.
Cantonese Raddish Cake that we loved the most.

The way Pizza came on our table.
Tikki Chhole
Pasta that we did not like.
Having mentioned the things that I did not like, I would say there were certainly some positives. I did not like the indoor dining area, and anyhow I am an open air person. They have this small open air section where there are few live counters too. Offered a perfect location to dine on a pleasant day with aroma of food in the air and live jazz music setting the mood of the noon. 
Most of the cocktails that we tried were quite awesome, specially the smoked Apple and Pineapple martinis , the Whiskey Sour and one drink based on Cucumber. All cocktails served and suggested by the bar staff were refreshing and suited for the brunch. Arup from bar served us one of his concoction, in which he mixed some fresh fruits in whiskey and then flamed it so that the fruits get a bit caramelized making whiskey taste warm and refreshing.

Smoked Pineapple Martini being poured
A cucumber based drink I do not remember the name of.
Whiskey Sour
Special mention for Arup from bar, who looked after us very well, and here is special drink off the menu for us. 

The dessert section was lovely too, I do not remember tasting anything that was not good however Gajar ka halwa really stood out for me. So did the Tiramisu, Chocolate Ganache and the salted caramel gelato. 

Some might say that its too much nit-picking, but in my perspective if someone is paying that kind of rates, he is in complete right to nit-pick.

All in all, we can give them a lot of discount as its only their second week on the brunch and I am sure they would learn and streamline things very soon, but till they do, the experience is not justified by the amount of money at stake.

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Author: Shashank

CFE – Cheap Food Enthusiast Entrepreneur by birth, hippie by heart he is here just because he loves to eat. This adventurous biker is constantly looking for new avenues to satisfy his insatiable hunger for food & life. Though he loves sugar dense food, there is nothing sugar coated about him- brutally honest with his words, he often ruffles feathers with his stark naked opinions about food, fancy restaurants & orthodox ideas.

11 thoughts on “Sunday Brunch @ K3 – JW Marriott, Aerocity Delhi”

  1. hmmmmmm……… Loved What I read, loved How it was Written….. Did love the portions, but did not like Food look as a whole.

    Looks like Regular stuff barring a few like Dimsum or Tuscan Stuff.

    The Amount mentioned is Really a High price to pay for the laid out stuff. Yes, I know it's Five star property.

    Just thinking what ++ would add up to.. makes my heartbeat go in Minus.

    The Smoked Martini's look alag and I am sure they would taste well.

    The Farsaan Counter looks good… But I doubt I will have Farsaan zyada when I am paying, what I am here. (oops, too many I's in this sentence)

    In comparison.. I saw some pics/reviews of the brunch at Lodhi Hotel;-Aman or even at 5Senses at Hotel Pulllman.

    The Spread looked good and heard some kind words about the Brunch as a Whole

    1. Shashank…. Going by your description, it seems to be a good buffet if it's for a regular weekday at a price of 1150++ but for a Sunday brunch, it seems like a very very toned down and less options.

      I've experienced Sunday brunches which are so elaborate and well spread that guests end up gasping for their breath.

      The tikki description is a sure letdown.

    2. Its not just about putting together a sunday brunch , for best of hotels , sunday brunch isnt a profit making product. Its a novelty factor , where the hotel puts forward its best in terms of quality , quantity , variety ,, service , beverages and includes all the novelty items ……

      Thus , one has to be at the top of its game on sunday brunch, having worked on machan's sunday brunch for 4 years , when it won the best sunday brunch awards every year, i know , its not just an easy task , as you said , even if the food and beverage are top notch , but if my plates aren't cleared on time , if the cutlery is not replaced every time…. its not a good sunday brunch for me…. sunday brunch is all about pampering , showcasing , and yes , luring the top foodies , frequent visitors etc… On a sunday brunch hotel better be at their A game.
      I guess, JW marriot needs to get their act together, its a new hotel , thus they may be a little unoiled right now, but basd service , especially on a critic's table is definitely negligence.

    3. @Rajeev Sir – It was not about the spread and options, as I said you cannot judge that thing. 150 items or 200 items does not really make a difference.

  2. Refreshing to read a 'real' review unlike certain others who feel obligated to say only nice things. Bravo Shashank, and nicely covered all facets

  3. Very concise, very informative! This kind of information is what really helps people decide where to dine and where to not, what to eat and what to not. Excellent review πŸ™‚ I was SO looking forward to a Sunday Brunch at this place, but guess I'll only head here for their famed gelato for the time being.

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