Rossa ASAP – Wood fired oven Pizzas for The Common Man

Rossa ASAP is located just on the edge of bustling Bungalow Road in Kamla Nagar. Next door to Subway and Cafe Coffee Day it is an easy place to ignore as another run of the mill outlet, however run of the mill it is not, not in the least bit. Its a small & cozy place with seating capacity of 15-20 pax, which would be more in sync with Hudson Lane cafes in that part of town, which generally have more identity and character than your usual food & beverage chains.
The first thing that struck me was the big dome like structure behind the cash counter. It does not take much of an eye to guess that its a Wood Fired Oven. Yes, as common as they are getting these days, they still remain a rare occurrence specially outside South of Delhi and posh restaurants in general.
I am not really a pizza lover anymore, however I still keep trying it at different places, as I don’t mind eating it either. Though my experience is limited, I can tell you that Rossa is making some of the best Pizzas in town and they are not limited to boring topping combos. But for me more importantly they seem to have the base right. Light, slightly crispy, perfect chewiness, melt in the mouth, the kind that does not overpower but allows the flavors of the toppings & cheese to bloom.
Piri-Piri Chicken with Chili Mayo Pizza
The first time we were there, we had Piri-Piri Chicken with Chilli Mayo pizza (Rs.310 + taxes for medium) – which was an absolute delight to say the least. The toppings are very subjective, but these were quite innovative for sure and went very well on the pizza. Yesterday we went there again looking for a quick and light bite hence I decided to keep it basic. A small Margherita pizza costs Rs.75 which with taxes works out to Rs.88. To get a decent sized wood-fired oven pizza in that cost is quite a deal, a SUPER deal I must say. This one came with Cheese topped with basil leaves I guess, however we decided to add BBQ chicken topping on it. And the result was another delightful Pizza for Rs.125 odd. Sweet I must say.
In the side dishes have tried their BBQ Chicken Sausages, in which you get 10 sausages done in BBQ sauce for Rs. 160 + taxes. And they were really tasty, loved them. Last night  a friend ordered their salad too, which seemed to be okay, albeit a smaller portion compared to Subway (comparison is inevitable) and somehow the veggies seemed less crunchy to me, which can very well be attributed to the warming of it, cannot be sure though.
Margherita Pizza topped with add-on BBQ Chicken
Had also tried couple of desserts – Banoffee Pie Pudding and slice of one of their Cakes which we got for a good discount post 9 pm, 50% off if I remember correct. And those two were the most atrociously sweet and badly made desserts I have had in a long time, I mean who eats that kind of sweet? Extremely, extraordinarily low quality bakery stuff, which can kill your palette for food. Stay away. And yeah, it came as a surprise to me too, how can someone make so good pizzas and so bad bakery at the same time.
The Salad we had
They have another outlet in South Delhi which can be termed a QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) like the one in Kamla Nagar. Besides these two they have a fine dining restaurant called Pizzeria Rossa in Hauz Khas Village, which I am curious to check out very soon.
Overall speaking, some of the best Pizzas I have had in my life and that too at rates that would match any of the modern fast food chains whose pizzas I find quite tasteless and boring now.
PS : Do check out the extra toppings on the menu, non-veg toppings for a small Pizza are Rs.30. I realized that for Rs.30 I can add BBQ chicken to my basic Margherita pizza taking the total cost to Rs. 105 + taxes which saves me a cool Rs. 90 (Rs.100-110 with taxes) when I order a BBQ Chicken Pizza in the same size which is Rs.195 + taxes on the menu, but then I am sure it has more to it than that.

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Made in Punjab – North Indian, Dil Se

‘Made in Punjab’ is a restaurant by Zoravar and Jiggs Kalra which opened in Cyber Hub of Gurgaon amidst much fanfare, and I was fortunate enough to attend an event/tasting session of Delhi Gourmet Club when I guess the restaurant had not even opened up its doors for public or it had just opened. Had a good experience, however was bit cynical about how would it go when it was not under DGC radar.
Being a Dilliwaala I have been born and brought up on North Indian Food and there are barely any ‘restaurants’ which have been able to satisfy me. Very desi and dhabha person  are the words I would use to describe myself, so Made in Punjab had a ladder to climb, a tall one for sure, atleast in my mind. 
The occasion was birthday of a dear friend, and we took a sweet deal from MIP management which included unlimited booze and food (starters, main courses & desserts).
Dahi filled Gol Gappe or Gol Gappa Chaat
Gol Gappe
Papads of two types.

Before I get on to the food part, I must share that I was disappointed by the service, atleast in parts or maybe it was the waiter having a bad day or the nature of the deal and evening. Bar took too long to fix the cocktails, drinks came in slow, when they came they were not what (and how) was ordered, some dish came cold which came cold again after it was sent back.

Coming to food. it turned out to be quite a delight. Right from the first piece of papad I broke to the last Jalebi I gobbled up, I guess i did not find anything wrong with any of the dishes, while loving most of them.

Chicken Tikka
Mutton Seekh
Haryali Kebab

Chicken Tikka, Mutton Seekh – Amongst the best I have tasted.

Haryali Kebab – Loved the dash of meethi chutney which seemed like a master stroke from the Chef, adding to the look as well as taste of the dish. My favorite Vegetarian starter.

Paneer Tikka & Fish Tikka – Nothing to complain about, but then nothing stood out too.

Dal Makhani & Butter Chicken – Absolute Stunners these two dishes were. And if a restaurant can get these two right, everything else is forgiven.

Kadahi Paneer – Again, has to be the nicest Kadahi Paneer that I have eaten. It was sooo good.

Breads – Most of the bread I had were passable, but then again it can be attributed to them trying to serve a very large and gluttunous table. I like mine fresh, straight from the Tandoor. 
Jalebi with Rabri – Thin cripy jalebis, served with rabri – The combo can rarely go wrong. Jalebis were super crispy, which for me shows how much effort & patience went into making it.

Kheer – Another mind-blowing item – Very thick, subtley sweet and love flavors. Amongst the best I have ever had.

Gulab Jamun – Ummm.. passable, rather avoidable.

Beetroot Tikki
Jalebi with Rabri.
A special mention to the chats that were served in starters. Right from Gol Gappe to the Bhalla Papri chaat to the bhare hue / dahi ke golgappe – these guys managed to get them Astonishly right. A flavor of streets which you hardly expect to get got right when not served on the street. But these guys have managed to pull this one off and how.

They have been in business for couple of months now and I hope they can sustain the quality for atleast couple of years. In the meantime, my wishes are with them, hope they keep serving the good food.

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Chhole Bhature Marathon in East Delhi – 4 Chhole Bhature Waalas Sampled.

We at Eatlo love our Chhola Bhaturas and being the Dilliwalas we are, its out bread and butter, soul, comfort or whatever type of food. Live live, breathe, eat bhaturas. Okay maybe too much, atleast I do. 
To satiate our insatiable hunger for them and to celebrate the love for them bhaturas, we celebrated The First International Chhole Bhature Day on 2nd October 2013, which was a  ‘virtual eatup’, in which foodies from now 24000+ strong community of Eatlo ate Chhole Bhature on the morning of 2nd October all over the world. And they best part, we all shared pictures of what we ate. In Delhi foodies formed small groups and went out eating Chhole Bhature together, scouting multiple places in the process. It saw participation from United States of America to European Continent to Middle East to Australia and ofcourse foodies from all over India shared and savored the love of Bhaturas. . 
To continue the spirit, and keeping the fading winters in mind, we decided to celebrate February 2014 as the Chhole Bhature month. We have decided that on 4 Sundays we would do marathons, where a bunch of foodies would venture in a different direction every Sunday and taste the bhaturas that the area has to offer, all recommendations by fellow food lovers. 
So the first Sunday was East Delhi, as I feel its one of the most ignored areas of online food circles and I feel its like a treasure chest, whatever good you find, is a super add on to the scene. And trust me, there is a lot in that chest which is yet to be found.
This Sunday 9th feb 2013, we covered these 4 joints, wanted to cover another one in Kanti Nagar, however at 11:30 AM they were already out of stuff. 
– Super Snacks, Lal Quarter
– Jaiswal, Lal Quarter
– Radhey Krishna, AGCR Englave
– Vishal, Preet Vihar
Super Snacks, Lal Quarter
Located in a busy market which looked quite food dense, this is not an exclusive Chhole Bhature joint. They sell south Indian, Chinese amongst other things and the interior is something that has not moved on from the 80’s. Just the kind of rustic feel I love, however the bhaturas were not much to be talked about. Even though it was the first stop and we all were VERY hungry, however we still felt that these were just Average or decent bhaturas. Something you can relate to Haldirams, just 70% of everything. Nothing wrong with it, but them… ummm.. never-mind. For me 2.5 out of 5 points.

Chhole Bhature at Super Snacks
Super Snacks in Lal Quarter

Jaiswal, Lal Quarter

Now this place was not on agenda. Walking back towards our cars after Super Snacks we noticed this Cart or rehri with a huge crowd of people eating Chhole bhature. We all looked at each other and thought 1 plate should be tried. We ordered one, liked it, polished off another. At Rs.20 for a plate, VERY decent taste. For me 3 on 5 for this one.

Chhole Bhature at Jaiswal
Jaiswal ki rehri

Vishal, Preet Vihar

At Rs.25 for a bhatura this place seemed VERY steep for a rehri / cart. However with the kind of recommendations I had got for this one, I was not worried about the price at all. And all the recommendations were absolutely right. Well made bhaturas and tasty chhole. 4 on 5 for me. Must try place in that part of town.

Vishal ki rehri
All for a smile..
Chhole Bhature at Vishal
Foodies having fun

Radhey Krishna, AGCR Englave

This for me was a revelation. The way this place is located and structured was a complete surprise for me. From the number of pateelas to the cars to the crowds inside this place, all pointed towards the popularity of the place. And then came in the bhaturas, and blew my mind away. The moment I touched it to break my first bite, I realised that this was the softest and fluffiest bhatura that I have experienced in a long time. Some people might say that they like them crisp, however I have no problem with that. But we need to understand that making one crisp is the easy part, you just fry them on a low flame and for a longer duration, however making them soft and fluffy is where the art comes in and for me, he seems to be a master at it. And mind you it was Sunday noon, and the peak time for such a business, it would have been very easy for them to miss the quality and sell substandard product. Also tried the Chur chur naans from the place, though were not Chur Chur as I know them, but still quite tasty. Could not think of a reason to not to give it full marks. At par with best in Delhi and maybe better than several so called best in other parts of town. 5 on 5 for me.

Chhole Bhature from Radhey Krishna 
Interesting setup and huge crowds.

Chur Chur Naan

Our table.. gluttony central.
Eggs of bhature before they hatch into soft and fluffy ones.. 😉

Just to give some alternate perspective, here is a quick take from Kamna Gupta, who was part of the raiding team as well.

Super Snacks, Kanti Nagar: They had like any average local sweets shop kinda stuff. Nothing really good or bad about them. The bhaturas were over fried, which I didn’t like. My rating 2.5/5.
The road side vendor in Kanti Nagar: Super stuff in just 20 bucks and he did not charge extra for the extra chole  The crowd at his stall caught our attention and we were glad about it. Really good stuff and the mirchi was awesome!  My rating 3.5/5.
Radhe Krishna, AGCR Enclave: Awesome stuff!! The bhaturas were soft, just the way I like them. Chole good and the green chutney was perfect for the combo. I just wish their green chillis were the smaller hot ones. The ones they served were quite disappointing. My rating is 4.5/5 (the half point deducted for the mirchi).
Vishal (road side vendor (thele wala): This was our last stop and we were already stuffed but still I could taste the awesomeness in their stuff. The bhaturas were soft and chole spicy (IMO, better than Radhe Krishna’s). My rating 4.5/5.
Even though I am sure there was numerous other awesome players in East of Delhi however I feel that we did good for a start and thanks to the Chhole Bhature marathon for that. 
Now looking to venture unto West of Delhi on 16th of February and see what all we can savor and unearth.

Stuffed and Happy faces

PS : Post the Marathon for desserts we got into Classic Ice-cream parlor in Preet Vihar and had a time of our life. But then its a different story to be told some time later. 

Ahmadabad’s Food Delights – By Dhawal Shah

This place is food hub for all bhukkads. This place starts the operations around 7 pm and go on till 1 am. The place where this kiosk is setup is actually a jewelers market in day time. It is one of the oldest market right in the middle of old Ahmadabad with lots and lots of  shor sharaba.
In this small area one can find 30-40 different food outlets where you can get varieties like different types of sandwiches, pizzas, dosas, panipuris, ice creams, kulfis, Punjabi & Chinese food, etc.
As a foodie this place is always in my “must visit places list” during my Ahmadabad visit.
During my last visit I had few delicacies like :
Chocolate Sandwich
Now this sandwich is made with the ingredients like Cadburys Dairy Milk, Chocolate Sauce, lots of cheese and butter. I don’t think I have had bread softer than the one used in this sandwich.
Chocolate Sandwich
Gwalior Dosa
I really don’t know why this type of dosa is called as Gwalior Instead of BUTTER Dosa. This simple butter dosa is very different from what we eat in Sagar Ratna, Dasaprakash etc. This is soft dosa loaded with loads of pure AMUL BUTTER.

Gwalior Dosa

Dryfuirt Dosa

Its Sin!!! Yes,this Dosa is purely made from cashews, badams, butter and cheese etc. Ghee roasted badams and cashews tastes amazingly delicious. It is served with Spl CRISPY MASALA Dosa. 

Pizza made in oven. It is as crispy as biscuit or oven fresh cookies. Very simple tomato Sauce with Amul Cheese “JAB tak customer NA mat Bole”.


Pineapple Sandwich

This is my all time favorite sandwich made from fresh pineapple with cheese and butter ofcourse :P.

Pineapple Sandwich


This is recently opened roadside outlet but very popular and famous for its original mumbaiya taste. This is cart is run by trained Maharshtrian cook and his family members. One of the finds of Ahmedabad.
Missal Pav
Thanks to the Ridhi Sidhi where one can find authentic Misal Pav. Spicy, full of masalas and farsan, Misal Pav is served with Special Pav. Now this pav is not ordinary pav what we get in local markets. His pav is his USP.

Missal Pav

Masala Pav

On asking him and showing the interest in Maharshtrian food, this cook offered me masala pav on his recommendation. He prepared superb chutney of onion, garlic & tomato along with some traditional spices on tawa. Wowwww is the word for this meal.

Masala Pav


Ahmedabad has modified version of vadapav. But this is the orginal vadapav what we eat in Mumbai and Pune. Again aloo vada and chutney makes it so special.Place : Praladh Nagar


Random check outs:

All time favorite snack of Gujaratis made with aloo, mixture of several chatnis, roasted peanuts, etc.
Place: Kutch King Dabeli



Pav bhaji
Pav bhaji made just in front of you as per your instructions. It tastes as similar what we get in Mumbai with Fresh Vegetables topped with butter.
Place: Prince Pav Bhaji

Pav bhaji

Khada Bhaji

This is different version of pao bhaji with some twist. Spicy bhaji made with freshly choped vegetables.
Place: Prince Pav Bhaji
Khada Bhaji

Butter Pulav

Again Mumbaiya taste pulav, a rice delicacy with bhaji.
Place: Prince Pav Bhaji, Maninagar

Butter Pulav

Jai Bhawani Vada Pav

Modified version of vadapav made with lots of butter and garlic chutney. Some people even find it better than original vadapav. In my opinion one should not miss vadapao from this place during Ahmadabad Visit.
Place : Jai Bhawani Vadapao, CG Road

Vada pav

Dum Biryani @ 650

Biryani is not a part of Gujarat palette. But this is one of the better Dum Biryani one can have in Ahmedabad. As per chef, they have secret recipe of this delicacy.
Place :650 The Gloabal Kitchen, Ambawadi

Dum Biryani 

Ragda Pani Puri

We generally eat Suji panipuri in Delhi, but in Ahemdabad, we get panipuri made with aata. Here panipuri is served with ultra spicy pani along with hot ragda made of mattara (what we eat in chole kulche).
Place: Arvind pani puri wala, Paldi

Ragda Pani Puri

Sindhi Daal Pakwan

I was waiting to grab Daal pakwan as soon as I land up in Ahmedabad. This sindhi delicacy is only found  in Sindhi dominated area of Ahmedabad. Its made up with mixture of several Dals.
Place : Sindhi market, Maninagar

Sindhi Daal Pakwan


Maggie Pakora
How many of us had Maggie in pakora style? Yes in Ahmadabad you can find these Maggi Pakoras. It tastes amazing, made with daal and Maggie.On asking that guy how he invented this delicacy he simply said its totally accidental and purely a gods grace. He said I ordered painter to make board of Maggie and pakora but painter just made board with just “Maggie pakora”. And that’s how he become famous and started making Maggie pakoras.
Place:  SG highway Opp Karnavati Club

Maggie Pakora

Text & Images by Dhawal Shah

Mughal Mahal Restaurant & Bar – The Buttery Experience

I can tell you is that whatever I ate there, tasted very nice, it is something I will recommend if you like rich food, and if you like rich food, this place is worth making a trek to, from any part of the town. Something I would be going back for, for sure.

Being a resident of the area, Mughal Mahal is something that I have been familiar with since childhood. However have never really tried their food, except for their dal maybe couple of times which was brought home by a cousin. Being a vegetarian, Malai Kofta and Dal Makhani were the things that he used to rave about. being a vegetarian back then I was deaf and dumb to anything with Chicken in it so any reference of Butter Chicken would have skidded past without leaving a trace. But now no more.
Another reason for me never venturing in there was easy availability of North Indian food at every corner in the area, and then the costing. I remember the first time I went in, I was in my teens and me with 3 other friends collected 100 rups each and went to Mughal Mahal to have dinner on some occasion. Being used to eating dal for Rs. 30-40, I guess dal at Mughal Mahal for Rs.80-100 came as shocker and the bigger shocker was Tandoori Roti. While our favorite dhaba was feeding a roti for Rs.1-3 at that time, Mughal Mahal was Rs.12 for one. and the way we ate at that age, thinking about 5-6 rotis was enough to give me mini heart-attack. To save our izzat, we ordered 2 beers amongst 4 of us, paid Rs.200 and decided to spend remaining 200 at our favorite dhaba.
But then things have changed, and how. Now I am a non-vegetarian, in my early 30’s and if I may call it, well-FED. Besides that since Mughal Mahal got a very high ranking in a recent Butter Chicken Hunt by Delhi Gourmet Club, I have been searching for an opportunity to sample and savor their butter chicken. Yesterday offered a perfect occasion for that as I was hanging out with a friend and she showed some affinity towards Butter Chicken, Dal Makhani and Butter Naan combo. There was not better time to venture in Mughal Mahal.
Located on edge of Rajendra Place, facing East Patel Nagar it has a cozy corner for itself. From outside, looks like a run down place, with restaurant and bar as the label, easy to take it as one of quintessential watering holes of that part of Delhi. Being a with a lady friend, I was bit worried, however once we stepped in, it was heartening to see families and groups. Everything about this place seemed to be archaic, from its waiters, to table clothes to the patrons that we saw last evening. That said, I was surprised to see the kind of following this place has, did not expect it to be.. ummm… crowded.
Opening the menu I was looking for a rude shock, like the roti for Rs.80 or something, somehow I was OK with whatever cost Butter Chicken and Dal came at. And when I saw Roti for Rs.35 I took a deep breath of relief and realized that the world has moved on, I have moved on. quarter plate of Butter Chicken for Rs.360 odd and Dal for Rs. 230 odd did not seem too bad, made me realize how times have changed and how Rs.500 per head has become very middle class. How no one bothers about the food costs and everyone understands that they are paying for the experience and not for dal, roti and boti.


Butter Chicken (Can you see the texture of gravy?)
We ordered quarter plate Butter Chicken, which came with 2 pieces of Chicken and one Dal makhani along with a Butter Naan and Roti. The portion sizes were very nice, though it was only two pieces, however the Chicken came with huge amount of gravy and combined with Dal would easily complete a meal of 2-4 people with decent appetite.
One dish is named with Butter and other with Makhan, so we expect them to be rich and they WERE rich and how. One of the creamiest dal I have ever experienced, for some people it might be a turn off, but then I loved what I ate. It was rich, however had the right amount of sourness to take care of my limited palette and tasting abilities. Similarly Butter Chicken was..ummm… buttery, however you could feel the onions and tomatoes in the gravy (check the first picture). For me, it was right balance of Tomatoes and creaminess but then I have a very limited palette in the dish. Chicken was cooked well, and was melt in your mouth.
Naan and Roti both were very run of the mill, extra care could have been taken to make them better.
Quarter portion of Butter  Chicken at Mughal Mahal
Dal Makhani at Mughal Mahal
Chutney, Achar and Pyaz
The service was prompt, did not take them long to seat us and feed us. The total bill was Rs.850 with taxes, but we did not order anything to drink. The best part was that there was not Service Charge on the Bill, comes as such a pleasant respite these days.
All in all, I would not and cannot say if its the top or the best or most. Its typical Delhi food and if you are looking for subtle or exotic, this may not be the place for you. However all I can tell you is that whatever I ate there, tasted very nice, it is something I will recommend if you like rich food, and if you like rich food, this place is worth making a trek to, from any part of the town. Something I would be going back for, for sure.
Address : Mughal Mahal,
7, Sethi Bhawan, Rajendra Place, New Delhi
(Opposite East Patel Nagar’s Subway)
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Dilli Haat – A Showcase of Cuisines of India

India is a diverse country and as they say there is nothing called Indian Cuisine as there is none. However India boasts of a collection on innumerable cuisines and hence the right way to say it is ‘Cuisines of India’. And I don’t think I have met anyone who has tried them all or come even close to it. What the heck, I do not even know how many exist forget about eating or trying them.
But then I am a man of spirit and if I cannot try them all, then I will die trying. I mean yeah! I will keep eating new cuisines all my life.. 😛
On a serious note a serious foodie can get a glimpse of various foods that India has to offer right here in Delhi by visiting the canteens of the state bhawan or making some visits to Dilli Haat near the INA market in South of Delhi. And this weekend we ended up there on our quest for legendary Raja Mircha, dishes based on this fiery chilly from North-East of India are available at the Nagaland Stall of Delhi Haat.
On this visit we ended up sampling food from Maharashtra, Nagaland, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan and were surprised by the quality and authenticity of the food at all of them food stalls. While they may not be at 100% authenticity levels, however if they can serve reasonable food or 70% auethentic in Delhi, then for me they are a resounding success.
1. Nagaland Stall – Pork Raja Mircha, Chicken Raja Mircha, Bamboo Shoots and Mushroom, Fried Rice, Pork Steamed Momos, Chicken Steamed Momos, Veg Steamed Momos, Veg Steamed rice which are served with Dry fish and chilli chutney. Both the Raja Mircha dishes were awesome, we actually felt the power of the legend.

Chicken Naga Mircha
Chicken, Pork and Veg Momos with Clear Soup
Mushroom and Bamboo Shoots
Vegetarian Fried Rice
Steamed rice with Dry fish Chutney
Pork Naga Mircha

2. Maharashtra Stall – This is a Vegetarians paradise. Vada Pao, Dabheli, Sev Puri, Thalipeeth, kohlapuri Dhapata, Sabudana vada, Pao Bhaji, Kokum sharbat etc. you get them all and then some more. The pao they use was not your usual industrial Harvest Gold types, however something very close to its Mumbaiya counterpart. That said, they can serve industrial paos when they run out of stock.

Kohlapuri Dhapata
Kokum Sharbat
Ragda Pattice
Vadao pao and Dabheli
Sev Puri
Vada Pao
3. West Bengal Stall – I guess its run by Bijoli Grill and they seem to have another restaurant somewhere in South of Delhi. We tried Kosha Mangsho, Fish Orley, Radhavallabhi, Chonar Dal and almost all of them desserts including Rasogulla, Gur Rasogulla, Rajbhog, Sandesh and Malpua. Fish Orley stood out for me, Kosha Mangsho or Kassa maas is a Mutton dish and must try for mutton lovers. Radhavallabhi is a dish that I am sure would go down well with traditional Delhi Chhole Puri/Bhature and Bedmi Aloo loving janta. Its like a maida ki poori, stuffed with some dal, served with Dum Aloo with their own unique flavors… and its called Radhaballabhi.

Fish Orley
Mal Pua
Raj Bhog
Kosha Mangsho
4. Andhra Pradesh Stall – Ordered one handi each of Veg and Mutton biryani, mirchi ka salan is available as separate dish. Not sure how authentic it was, would be keen on hearing other opinions.

Handi of Mutton Biryani
Mirchi ka Saalan
Mutton Biryani
Handi of Veg. Biryani

5. Rajasthan Stall – On this visit has only kadha Doodh and desi ghee ki jalebi from their, however have earlier tried their Dal Baati combo, pyaz kachori and dal kachori too. Again not comparable to when you can get in Rajsthan, still very good.

Kadha hua Dhoodh in Kullad
Momos from Rajasthan stall
Mirch Vada
Desi Ghee ka Dal Halwa
Aloo ki Trikki

Besides that Delhi haat is very well known for its Momos and Fruit beer, available almost at all the stalls, have tried the combo several times, so decided to skip this time. 

Be careful on on Sundays and other holidays when they get extremely busy, the food quality might take a hit.
Would also be keen on hearing other food experiences from Dilli Haat, do share them in the comments.

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