Chhole Bhature Marathon in East Delhi – 4 Chhole Bhature Waalas Sampled.

We at Eatlo love our Chhola Bhaturas and being the Dilliwalas we are, its out bread and butter, soul, comfort or whatever type of food. Live live, breathe, eat bhaturas. Okay maybe too much, atleast I do. 
To satiate our insatiable hunger for them and to celebrate the love for them bhaturas, we celebrated The First International Chhole Bhature Day on 2nd October 2013, which was a  ‘virtual eatup’, in which foodies from now 24000+ strong community of Eatlo ate Chhole Bhature on the morning of 2nd October all over the world. And they best part, we all shared pictures of what we ate. In Delhi foodies formed small groups and went out eating Chhole Bhature together, scouting multiple places in the process. It saw participation from United States of America to European Continent to Middle East to Australia and ofcourse foodies from all over India shared and savored the love of Bhaturas. . 
To continue the spirit, and keeping the fading winters in mind, we decided to celebrate February 2014 as the Chhole Bhature month. We have decided that on 4 Sundays we would do marathons, where a bunch of foodies would venture in a different direction every Sunday and taste the bhaturas that the area has to offer, all recommendations by fellow food lovers. 
So the first Sunday was East Delhi, as I feel its one of the most ignored areas of online food circles and I feel its like a treasure chest, whatever good you find, is a super add on to the scene. And trust me, there is a lot in that chest which is yet to be found.
This Sunday 9th feb 2013, we covered these 4 joints, wanted to cover another one in Kanti Nagar, however at 11:30 AM they were already out of stuff. 
– Super Snacks, Lal Quarter
– Jaiswal, Lal Quarter
– Radhey Krishna, AGCR Englave
– Vishal, Preet Vihar
Super Snacks, Lal Quarter
Located in a busy market which looked quite food dense, this is not an exclusive Chhole Bhature joint. They sell south Indian, Chinese amongst other things and the interior is something that has not moved on from the 80’s. Just the kind of rustic feel I love, however the bhaturas were not much to be talked about. Even though it was the first stop and we all were VERY hungry, however we still felt that these were just Average or decent bhaturas. Something you can relate to Haldirams, just 70% of everything. Nothing wrong with it, but them… ummm.. never-mind. For me 2.5 out of 5 points.

Chhole Bhature at Super Snacks
Super Snacks in Lal Quarter

Jaiswal, Lal Quarter

Now this place was not on agenda. Walking back towards our cars after Super Snacks we noticed this Cart or rehri with a huge crowd of people eating Chhole bhature. We all looked at each other and thought 1 plate should be tried. We ordered one, liked it, polished off another. At Rs.20 for a plate, VERY decent taste. For me 3 on 5 for this one.

Chhole Bhature at Jaiswal
Jaiswal ki rehri

Vishal, Preet Vihar

At Rs.25 for a bhatura this place seemed VERY steep for a rehri / cart. However with the kind of recommendations I had got for this one, I was not worried about the price at all. And all the recommendations were absolutely right. Well made bhaturas and tasty chhole. 4 on 5 for me. Must try place in that part of town.

Vishal ki rehri
All for a smile..
Chhole Bhature at Vishal
Foodies having fun

Radhey Krishna, AGCR Englave

This for me was a revelation. The way this place is located and structured was a complete surprise for me. From the number of pateelas to the cars to the crowds inside this place, all pointed towards the popularity of the place. And then came in the bhaturas, and blew my mind away. The moment I touched it to break my first bite, I realised that this was the softest and fluffiest bhatura that I have experienced in a long time. Some people might say that they like them crisp, however I have no problem with that. But we need to understand that making one crisp is the easy part, you just fry them on a low flame and for a longer duration, however making them soft and fluffy is where the art comes in and for me, he seems to be a master at it. And mind you it was Sunday noon, and the peak time for such a business, it would have been very easy for them to miss the quality and sell substandard product. Also tried the Chur chur naans from the place, though were not Chur Chur as I know them, but still quite tasty. Could not think of a reason to not to give it full marks. At par with best in Delhi and maybe better than several so called best in other parts of town. 5 on 5 for me.

Chhole Bhature from Radhey Krishna 
Interesting setup and huge crowds.

Chur Chur Naan

Our table.. gluttony central.
Eggs of bhature before they hatch into soft and fluffy ones.. 😉

Just to give some alternate perspective, here is a quick take from Kamna Gupta, who was part of the raiding team as well.

Super Snacks, Kanti Nagar: They had like any average local sweets shop kinda stuff. Nothing really good or bad about them. The bhaturas were over fried, which I didn’t like. My rating 2.5/5.
The road side vendor in Kanti Nagar: Super stuff in just 20 bucks and he did not charge extra for the extra chole  The crowd at his stall caught our attention and we were glad about it. Really good stuff and the mirchi was awesome!  My rating 3.5/5.
Radhe Krishna, AGCR Enclave: Awesome stuff!! The bhaturas were soft, just the way I like them. Chole good and the green chutney was perfect for the combo. I just wish their green chillis were the smaller hot ones. The ones they served were quite disappointing. My rating is 4.5/5 (the half point deducted for the mirchi).
Vishal (road side vendor (thele wala): This was our last stop and we were already stuffed but still I could taste the awesomeness in their stuff. The bhaturas were soft and chole spicy (IMO, better than Radhe Krishna’s). My rating 4.5/5.
Even though I am sure there was numerous other awesome players in East of Delhi however I feel that we did good for a start and thanks to the Chhole Bhature marathon for that. 
Now looking to venture unto West of Delhi on 16th of February and see what all we can savor and unearth.

Stuffed and Happy faces

PS : Post the Marathon for desserts we got into Classic Ice-cream parlor in Preet Vihar and had a time of our life. But then its a different story to be told some time later. 

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