Made in Punjab – North Indian, Dil Se

‘Made in Punjab’ is a restaurant by Zoravar and Jiggs Kalra which opened in Cyber Hub of Gurgaon amidst much fanfare, and I was fortunate enough to attend an event/tasting session of Delhi Gourmet Club when I guess the restaurant had not even opened up its doors for public or it had just opened. Had a good experience, however was bit cynical about how would it go when it was not under DGC radar.
Being a Dilliwaala I have been born and brought up on North Indian Food and there are barely any ‘restaurants’ which have been able to satisfy me. Very desi and dhabha person  are the words I would use to describe myself, so Made in Punjab had a ladder to climb, a tall one for sure, atleast in my mind. 
The occasion was birthday of a dear friend, and we took a sweet deal from MIP management which included unlimited booze and food (starters, main courses & desserts).
Dahi filled Gol Gappe or Gol Gappa Chaat
Gol Gappe
Papads of two types.

Before I get on to the food part, I must share that I was disappointed by the service, atleast in parts or maybe it was the waiter having a bad day or the nature of the deal and evening. Bar took too long to fix the cocktails, drinks came in slow, when they came they were not what (and how) was ordered, some dish came cold which came cold again after it was sent back.

Coming to food. it turned out to be quite a delight. Right from the first piece of papad I broke to the last Jalebi I gobbled up, I guess i did not find anything wrong with any of the dishes, while loving most of them.

Chicken Tikka
Mutton Seekh
Haryali Kebab

Chicken Tikka, Mutton Seekh – Amongst the best I have tasted.

Haryali Kebab – Loved the dash of meethi chutney which seemed like a master stroke from the Chef, adding to the look as well as taste of the dish. My favorite Vegetarian starter.

Paneer Tikka & Fish Tikka – Nothing to complain about, but then nothing stood out too.

Dal Makhani & Butter Chicken – Absolute Stunners these two dishes were. And if a restaurant can get these two right, everything else is forgiven.

Kadahi Paneer – Again, has to be the nicest Kadahi Paneer that I have eaten. It was sooo good.

Breads – Most of the bread I had were passable, but then again it can be attributed to them trying to serve a very large and gluttunous table. I like mine fresh, straight from the Tandoor. 
Jalebi with Rabri – Thin cripy jalebis, served with rabri – The combo can rarely go wrong. Jalebis were super crispy, which for me shows how much effort & patience went into making it.

Kheer – Another mind-blowing item – Very thick, subtley sweet and love flavors. Amongst the best I have ever had.

Gulab Jamun – Ummm.. passable, rather avoidable.

Beetroot Tikki
Jalebi with Rabri.
A special mention to the chats that were served in starters. Right from Gol Gappe to the Bhalla Papri chaat to the bhare hue / dahi ke golgappe – these guys managed to get them Astonishly right. A flavor of streets which you hardly expect to get got right when not served on the street. But these guys have managed to pull this one off and how.

They have been in business for couple of months now and I hope they can sustain the quality for atleast couple of years. In the meantime, my wishes are with them, hope they keep serving the good food.

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  1. A well written straight from the heart description of a well presented and delicious meal. I completely agree with authors view on service, presentation and taste of the meal.Service was in one word poor the server had a sort of disinterest on his face and took eons to get drinks and was hardly apologetic or ruffled at the delay, to me it seemed management policy rather than the server having a bad day.Rest food had taste and punch can find no fault in it but to me service is very important as i am paying for experience not just food…… so MIP if u want my business kindly step up service as i am inclined to come there one more time.

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