Rossa ASAP – Wood fired oven Pizzas for The Common Man

Rossa ASAP is located just on the edge of bustling Bungalow Road in Kamla Nagar. Next door to Subway and Cafe Coffee Day it is an easy place to ignore as another run of the mill outlet, however run of the mill it is not, not in the least bit. Its a small & cozy place with seating capacity of 15-20 pax, which would be more in sync with Hudson Lane cafes in that part of town, which generally have more identity and character than your usual food & beverage chains.
The first thing that struck me was the big dome like structure behind the cash counter. It does not take much of an eye to guess that its a Wood Fired Oven. Yes, as common as they are getting these days, they still remain a rare occurrence specially outside South of Delhi and posh restaurants in general.
I am not really a pizza lover anymore, however I still keep trying it at different places, as I don’t mind eating it either. Though my experience is limited, I can tell you that Rossa is making some of the best Pizzas in town and they are not limited to boring topping combos. But for me more importantly they seem to have the base right. Light, slightly crispy, perfect chewiness, melt in the mouth, the kind that does not overpower but allows the flavors of the toppings & cheese to bloom.
Piri-Piri Chicken with Chili Mayo Pizza
The first time we were there, we had Piri-Piri Chicken with Chilli Mayo pizza (Rs.310 + taxes for medium) – which was an absolute delight to say the least. The toppings are very subjective, but these were quite innovative for sure and went very well on the pizza. Yesterday we went there again looking for a quick and light bite hence I decided to keep it basic. A small Margherita pizza costs Rs.75 which with taxes works out to Rs.88. To get a decent sized wood-fired oven pizza in that cost is quite a deal, a SUPER deal I must say. This one came with Cheese topped with basil leaves I guess, however we decided to add BBQ chicken topping on it. And the result was another delightful Pizza for Rs.125 odd. Sweet I must say.
In the side dishes have tried their BBQ Chicken Sausages, in which you get 10 sausages done in BBQ sauce for Rs. 160 + taxes. And they were really tasty, loved them. Last night  a friend ordered their salad too, which seemed to be okay, albeit a smaller portion compared to Subway (comparison is inevitable) and somehow the veggies seemed less crunchy to me, which can very well be attributed to the warming of it, cannot be sure though.
Margherita Pizza topped with add-on BBQ Chicken
Had also tried couple of desserts – Banoffee Pie Pudding and slice of one of their Cakes which we got for a good discount post 9 pm, 50% off if I remember correct. And those two were the most atrociously sweet and badly made desserts I have had in a long time, I mean who eats that kind of sweet? Extremely, extraordinarily low quality bakery stuff, which can kill your palette for food. Stay away. And yeah, it came as a surprise to me too, how can someone make so good pizzas and so bad bakery at the same time.
The Salad we had
They have another outlet in South Delhi which can be termed a QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) like the one in Kamla Nagar. Besides these two they have a fine dining restaurant called Pizzeria Rossa in Hauz Khas Village, which I am curious to check out very soon.
Overall speaking, some of the best Pizzas I have had in my life and that too at rates that would match any of the modern fast food chains whose pizzas I find quite tasteless and boring now.
PS : Do check out the extra toppings on the menu, non-veg toppings for a small Pizza are Rs.30. I realized that for Rs.30 I can add BBQ chicken to my basic Margherita pizza taking the total cost to Rs. 105 + taxes which saves me a cool Rs. 90 (Rs.100-110 with taxes) when I order a BBQ Chicken Pizza in the same size which is Rs.195 + taxes on the menu, but then I am sure it has more to it than that.

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Author: Shashank

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7 thoughts on “Rossa ASAP – Wood fired oven Pizzas for The Common Man”

  1. i gotta try this in Kamla Nagar! I went to Yolo at hudsan lane few days back and had one of the best pizza. It was their signature non-veg pizza, medium size (enough for 2 people), thin crust and only Rs 200 (including taxes), a must try

  2. After reading your review, couldn't stop myself from going to their GK outlet. Agree 100% with your view, haven't had a pizza that good ever in Delhi. I got Small Margherita with Extra Cheese and Mushrooms. Cost – Rs.153 inclusive of all taxes. Lovely thin crust, strands of cheese 1/2 a meter long, basil leaves, and probably a drizzle of olive oil on top. Thanks for introducing us to this ! After going there, it will be quite difficult for me to eat a Dominos or Pizza Hut Pizza ever again !

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