Uzuri – Deck and Dining, GK2 – International, Very International

Sometimes I wonder in what direction is the food scene of Delhi evolving. There are more restaurants opening in Delhi than ever before, however what I feel a severe lack of is the variety of cuisines. Every third restaurant is selling ‘Italian’ pizza and pasta, while the fourth one would claim to be Mediterranean with Pita, falafel and hummus. If you are wondering what happened to the first and second one, then first one would be your Indian food joint, being Delhi mostly North Indian and the second one is the one who has no clue what he is selling, they just do everything they can find names of.

The Chicken Bacon Burger you would read more about later.

However one look at the menu of Uzuri Deck & Dining, and you know that you are not in for the usual, a menu which they claim is inspired by modern European Cuisine. A menu that was good enough to excite the imagination and taste buds of any inquisitive food lover like me. Inquisitive because most of it I did not understand, however tempted enough to make an effort and give it a chance. 

The evening started with ordering the cocktails, which again were ordered because there were drinks on the menu that stood out, and somehow promised to be something different than the usual fare that we get. Exotic names & exotic ingredients listed in the menu sure made us hope that we would be served something unusual and we were not disappointed at all. We ended up ordering 4 different cocktails and all of them were every well made, they definitely have a good man at the helm of things on their bar.

The first drink we ordered was called ‘Rafiki’ which as per the menu comprised of Cognac, Creme de mure liqueur (basically Blackberyy flavored Liqueur) , Blackberries & lemon along with with some soda and sugar.  It was a very refreshing drink and loved the pulp of the fruit that adds to the fresh feeling.


The second one being ‘Kitamu’ which had Blackcurrant Vodka, Blackcurrant Liqueur (Creme de Cassis), fresh muddle grapes and all of them were strained together in a Martini Glass. 


The most refreshing drink of the evening for me was the Kiwi Cucumber Freeze. Kiwi and Cucumber blended to perfection with ice, served in a glass rimmed with sugar power. Not too sweet, very refreshing. 

Cucsumber Kiwi Freeze

The fourth one being a sparking wine based drink, but this time I had an overload of cocktails and was not really able to discern was was going in my mouth. But then I remember finishing it off for sure, as confused as my palette was, it was still enjoying what it was having. 

The sparkling wine cocktail I am forgetting the name of. 

I guess I got so excited about the cocktails (as usual) that I forgot to mention the bread basket which was served to us. The basket itself was a bread, yup, the basket was made of edible bread and had assorted breads which were served along with butter in two flavors, pesto and paprika along with a small portion of Spicy Salsa. Both pesto and paprika were blended very well in the butter and added a very interesting twist to it, while we choose to ignore salsa after trying ti with couple of bites, was not appreciated by me or my dining partner. 

Bread Basket, with edible basket. 
Pestro Buuter, Spicy Salsa & Paprika Butter

Coming to the food I really like places which can showcase their entire menu on one page, less confusion for the diner and more focus for the chef and kitchen. So technically speaking, it should translate into a better dining experience. But since everything on the menu seemed exotic to me and we had the luxury of Chef Rishim Sachdeva attending to us, we left it to Chef to pamper out taste bud. 

We were served with an Appetizer and a salad. The appetizer was a combo of Salmon Cakes which were served with a slaw made of fennel and kohlrabi which again are as exotic as they come for me. A bit of chilli mayo for the sauce and then a sprinkling of roasted pumpkin seeds. The cakes were like delicate kebabs in texture, however the highlight of the dish was the slaw and the seeds which added lot of texture and flavor to them cakes. The menu classifies it under Sea category, however I would not order it if I was looking for seafood flavors, but as a standalone dish its something I would love to have again. That reminds me, salmon is not exactly a sea fish, but its more of a fresh water breed.

Salmon Cakes

I am not much of a salad person, however the one that was served to us was like the best salad that I have ever eaten. It was loaded with Puy lentils (french dal) which were poached in red wine, had lot of hazelnuts in it and feta amongst various things, which is like my most favorite type of cheese. very Crunchy, very robust, right up my alley. 

Puy and hazelnut and feta Salad
Keeping the dining preferences of my vegetarian partner in mind, chef next served us Crosstini which had three pieces and all three came with different toppings. One was Mushroom with feta, second being roasted peppers and third had tomatoes and another vegetable glazed in pesto sauce and have a brilliant flavor. Out of the three I did not like the roasted pepper one, the mushroom and feta was best for me but then i would also attribute that to my love for feta in general. The bread again was very fresh and done very nicely.


Despite me asking for a light meal, chef ended up recommending a Chicken burger with some bacon in it and the brave front I was putting up resisting good food just crumbled. The burger was simply called Chicken and Bacon burger, and I loved it and how. Though I have not tried many high end burgers and cannot really compare, however this one was juicy like hell and was impossible to eat it without making a mess. I really liked that the carbs (bread) in it were way lesser than the proteins (meats, vegetables etc) as that allows the flavors to really come through. And finishing the burger literally sent me in a food coma, but then isn’t that the hallmark of gluttonously, unashamedly  good food? 😛

Though I am a very dessert person, and for me that is generally the best part of the meal, specially at fine international places where they do something other than what we are used to eating at usual restaurants for desserts, however after that burger I decided to let guilt rule my mind and restrain my sweet-tooth to sharing just one with my dining partner. And that one dessert was a Chocolate Parfait, which managed to make me fall in love with it like a starry eyed lover who gives all his heart and soul on the first date itself. Light in texture, nuts adding to the crunch and bite, it just managed to hit the right spot. I am coming back for you sweetheart.

Chocolate Parfait
Chocolate Parfait – Inside

Talking about ambiance and feel of the place, its very classy and international, however in its current avatar I would prefer to dine / chill / drink at their upper level or on the open air deck.Would not comment about the service we were their to discuss some event and was with the owners, however generally speaking the staff seemed very courteous and hospitable.

Looking at the menu and prices, it does not seem overly expensive for the kind of food they are serving. Cheap by no measure, however its the kind of food that would end up in higher zone and comparatively they are not really over the top.

I am sure that I would end up making more visits to this restaurant, as while writing this post as well I referred to the menu a few times, and every-time I looked at it, I found something new that I need to try. Not sure if I would appreciate the all the flavors, but I am certain that I would not have to complain about the quality.

Uzuri Deck & Dining
M-Block Market, Greater Kailash 2
New Delhi

Author: Shashank

CFE – Cheap Food Enthusiast Entrepreneur by birth, hippie by heart he is here just because he loves to eat. This adventurous biker is constantly looking for new avenues to satisfy his insatiable hunger for food & life. Though he loves sugar dense food, there is nothing sugar coated about him- brutally honest with his words, he often ruffles feathers with his stark naked opinions about food, fancy restaurants & orthodox ideas.

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  1. The problem with non-desi food in and around Delhi is that they are too desi. From pizza to pita one can easily get the feel/aroma/flavor of "punjabiness". Its not bad as most of the food gets localized to sell but then authenticity takes a dip. Have always been looking for something authentic, pan-european or asian. Will check Uzuri Deck & Dining. At the outset they look different.

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