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Chili’s has been operating in India for last few years and from what it seems they are doing fairly well for themselves. Its a casual dining but full service American chain, which serves ‘Tex-Mex’ food which as per my limited understanding means Americanized Mexican food in short. Lets just say its Mexican cuisine on American Steroids – More Cheese, More Meat & More everything else. 
It is a place that is not there to satisfy the gourmet, however somewhere where a family would go and have nice dining experience. The food they serve is rich, which generally speaking automatically translates into tasty, however we all know how easy it is to make rich but tasteless and bad food. Besides being rich, the portion sizes are quite large, but large would be an understatement, generally speaking they are huge, American style it is after all. 
A post on Eatlo asking about recommendations at Chili’s and you would know how popular and loved it is. Everyone seems to have their own favorite out there – from some type of burger to some Pasta to some Cocktail – everyone seems to love something or the other there and its almost their entire menu that gets recommended. 
Just to give you an idea, last time I asked for recommendations the list of things that were recommended by fellow food lovers from Eatlo:
  • Nachos
  • Fried Chicken with Corn
  • Quesadillas
  • Tacos
  • Texas cheese fries with Bacon 
  • Country fried Chicken/Fish and chips!!
  • Calamari Dish
  • Choco Lava Cake
  • Chicken Pasta
  • Mushroom Jack
  • Chicken Crispers with Sweet Mustard
  • Chili & Quesso
  • Salads
  • Texas Fries
  • Grilled chicken burger with bacon and Chicken wings
  • Chicken Club Sandwich 
  • Chocolate Milk
  • Chicken Explosion Salad
  • Fajitas
  • Squids
  • Fish on the Plank
  • Cajun Chicken Burger
  • Penne in White Sauce
  • Jambalaya
  • Baby Back Ribs
  • Cheese Poppers
And NO, I am not copy-pasting the menu, every single item up there is a recommendation from a fellow food lover, and trust me I have not listed them all here.
I asked for recommendations because I was visiting their recently opened outlet at DLF Place in Saket and I was with few friends, who had their own set of preferences and recommendations. 
Minty Melon – Mocktail – I am sure they have a Cocktail around it too.
Though Chili’s have a well stocked alcohol bar, we had enough wine for the evening in our systems. We started by ordering 3 mocktails – Fusion, Minty Melon and Mango Margarita. The Margarita was on the sweeter side, but then that is what you expect from a Mango drink, while the other two were just right for my taste buds, sour and refreshing. All the drinks were well made and the serving size was quite large, specially for the price they come for – Rs.200 each. By the way their alcoholic cocktails and other alcohol in general is also very reasonable priced. 
Mango Margarita
From the Appetizers we ordered Triple Dipper and Classic Nachos. The Triple Dipper is a platter that comes with 3 types of dips, 3 appetizers & a vegetable. It had Chicken Cripsers which essentially is batter fried chicken which was very tender and juicy however tad bit too oily for my taste, then there were Chicken Wings and Southwestern Egg roll.  Also came with it three sticks of carrot, which went very well with those dips.
Triple Dipper
Egg Rolls in Triple Dipper
Carrot Sticks with all three dips in Triple Dipper
Chicken Wings 
Batter fried Chicken
Classic Nachos are a real classic. There are way too many places serving Nachos in Delhi these days and all they do is empty a packet, straight from shelf of a grocery store, on your plate and top it up with anything and serve them. I find them to be absolutely heartbreaking.  The ones served at Chili’s are well laid out with layer of Cheese, beans and queso topped with slice of Jalapeno, a bite into it you go ..ummmm! They are served with Pico De Dallo (essentially uncooked salad with Onion, Tomato etc), Sour Cream and Guacamole. Honestly speaking I have no idea of their authenticity, but they taste good for sure. 
Classic Nachos – Serving missed the Guacamole, was served promptly when pointed out.
After we placed the order we realized that they have a new variant of Nachos, we asked the server if we can change our order to that, which he said was not possible. However his supervisor (Amit was his name) stepped in and asked the server to get it done for which we thanked him like anything, however then he came back to us and told that the new version has Chicken on it, considering the two vegetarians in the group we decided to skip that and stick to the original nachos only. However the gesture by the supervisor left a very good impression on our table.
Then came Vegetarian Enchiladas, two humongous rolls which I personally did not like much, so would not spend time describing them. Just too much bread and rice and too little flavors – in simpler terms too much carbs and too little protein and I love my proteins you see. If not protein then fat also does it well sometimes ;-). These seem to have neither. That said Ashish seems to love them and devoured them with a glee. 
Vegetarian Enchiladas
Inside the Enchilada
Gurpreet Paah ji in all his excitement and probably craving for a burger ordered a Chicken Burger without even looking at the menu and when it came, it was something that none of us expected. It had a Grilled Chicken Breast sandwiched in the bun, what he and we all were expecting was patty made of minced chicken, but then we should have seen the menu. Though it was not we expected however the Chicken Breast was very nicely grilled and was tender and juicy. Generally speaking people can go horribly wrong with that piece of meat as in India we are not much used to handling them. The burger came with a HUGE serving of fries by the side which again gave us no reason to complain.
Grilled Chicken Burger
The dish I loved the most besides the Nachos that evening was Vegetarian Quesadillas. A very creamy Spinach and Mushroom sauce layered between Tortilla bread, served with sour cream and the the same salsa type salad. Also served with the dish was a portion of Rice (which seemed like Pulao, Mexican albeit, and black beans which I would request you not to call Rajma as there is nothing similar except that they both are called ‘beans’. And when I say do not call Rajma, I mean do not expect that taste as well. To sum it up, not for my palette. However not appreciating the sides of beans and rice does not mean that I did not appreciate the main dish, I absolutely loved it. The creamy texture of sauce with the bite of the tortilla laced that light sour cream and crunchy vegetables – Divine! 
Quesadillas – Vegetarian
Mexican Style Rice
We did not have much space in our tummies left for the dessert however we also believe that desserts have a reserved space for themselves, you just have to order then and they are eaten and adjusted somewhere in your tummy with utmost dignity and grace.
Cheesecake on Strawberry Sauce
We ordered the Cheesecake and what a heart-breaker it was. Not fresh, frozen and smelt bad. I mean Cheesecake is supposed to be Smooth & Creamy and when you serve it as if it has just come out of the freezer, its definitely gonna loose its charm, to add to that it seemed old and did not smell nice. Mr. Amit again came to rescue and decided to taste it himself, on tasting he said that he finds it okay, but then his taste does not compare to our taste and he would still get it replaced. Another gesture we loved and we asked him not to serve the cheesecake, a request which he obliged.
The replacement was a Molten Chocolate Cake topped with ice-cream which again has a choco-bar like crunchy layer on it. Seemed like another frozen dessert that they have sourced from  third party, which is heated in Microwave and served. There was nothing bad in it, however nothing good either, failed to excite the glutton like me. In 5 of us there were still bits of it left in the plate that tells you about lack of love it received from us. 
Molten Chocolate Cake
Inside the Molten Chocolate Cake
That would sum up my latest experience at Chili’s. Generally nothing exotic about the food, however large & tasty portions, from a huge selection, served at a very quick pace in a very family friendly environment with a warm smile. And given the modern times, the prices seem to be quite reasonable, both for food as well as the drinks.  Between 5 of us we consumed – 5 dishes, 3 non-alcoholic drinks & 1 dessert : Rs. 3300 including all the taxes and charges – Not bad at all.
Location : They are at multiple locations and cities in India, use Google and you will be sorted.
Couple of older blog posts about Chili’s on FED : 

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Puchka – The Bong Bomb of flavours in Gurgaon – By Anuradha Gupta

Those tiny wafer thin deep fried balls filled with super spices, mashed potatoes and other things and dunked in that crazy flavorful water – yes that’s the generic description of Puchka, Golgappa and Pani Puri. It seems like all are the same but well they all belong to same family but are very different from each other.
Puchka – in all its glory..
I love the whole family but have a special place in my heart for the bong baby of the family.
Puchka is made of atta and is crispier and bigger than others and because its bigger it holds more filling and more of that spicy water. There, I just told you the a little secret why it holds a special place in my heart apart from other good things about it.

Shaped like aballl and thinner than a wafer
Puchka – Another look

I have eaten Puchka in CR park which is the benchmark of good Puchkas for us Delhi NCR people and some places where it was not so great. Recently found this guy in Gurgaon, Sector 31 near the Om Sweets, he stands on the corner of the red building near Benetton. He comes at 5 pm everyday and finishes up his goodies by 7 pm. His puchkas are one of the best I have ever eaten and it is a sight to see him making those – The rhythmic movement of his fingers to put the different masalas in the Puchka is a class act!

Puchka seller in Sector 31 of Gurgaon

It has filling of mashed potatoes and boiled kale channa and then he adds salt, red chilli, rock salt, the finely pounded green chillies and one secret masala – all of them as per your taste. So, yes its so much fun to get every single puchka customized as per your taste!!

You can see the spices, punded chillies and the mashed potato with chana mix
Its a small platform placed in a tripod from which all the business is conducted.

The secret masala is the very exotic Moodi Masala which is a mixture of bay leaves, coriander seeds and dried mango powder and some more spices. So now can you imagine what a brilliant blend of flavour is this puchka is. Oh! and wait he hasn’t dunked it in super spicy water with tamarind, mint, coriander, red chilli, cumin and rock salt yet.

Cold & Spicy water which is filled in Puchka

It is very unusual for me to be not being able to put flavor in words but I cant do justice to this flavor bomb. Where do I begin from to describe it, the tanginess of tamarind to the kick of bay leaves to the earthiness of roasted cumin to the freshness of mint, it is just mind blowing!!! And I am telling you those generous filling of pounded green chillies just take it to next level. 

He also has a meetha pani which is made of sugar and jaggery and is equally brilliant. Ask him to just fill one with pounded green chilles and meetha pani, the flavours are unlike anything in this world. Or alternate one theeka pani with meetha pani puchka, its so much fun and unique sensation for the mouth!!

Meetha or Sweet Paani

Puchka is my solution for all life problems, the solution to bad mood, bad health and bad hangover. And this one does everything in oh so awesome style. I can never have enough of these – Never ever in my life!

He also gives one sukha puchka in the end which is just a overstuffed puchka with generous helping of masalas and coriander leaves, but then again it superbly awesome.

Sukha or Dry Puchka served in the end.

As I am typing this, I cant help but make plans to eat this again right now!!

He also makes Churmur which is a chat with crumbled puchka and same ingredients and lots of lemon but then again it tastes very different from puchka and my visit to him is incomplete with a churmur chat with extra mirchi!! That is the beauty of food, same ingredients used differently and you have another delicious dish ready!!


The guy is very laid back which is so Kolkata and loves to take his time to make puchka and so patient that he customizes every single puchkas as per my demand and yes i eat 15 puchkas atleast in one go!!

These puchkas are the reason why I am starting to like Gurgaon and yes they are so awesome that you can come all they way from Delhi without a second thought.
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Hibiscus Tea – Red Beauty from WinGreens

I love my teas and especially the long leave and flowers ones.  I recently picked up a pack of Wingreen’s green tea with hibiscus flowers. Wingreens is a social initiative to uplift the women of Mewat, Haryana. It has a huge range of potted herbs, teas, dips and lot more grown processed and sold by the women of this village.
The Red Beauty
Hibiscus is a bright red flower and has a sour flavour. In fact the sour tea in Iran is actually hibiscus tea. I loved the tangy and berry like flavour of the tea. The mix of bitterness of the green tea with the sourness of the hibiscus lend a very smooth and balanced flavour. 
You might like to add sugar or honey to it but I like mine minus any sweet things added to it. The pack of 65 grams is for 300 bucks and might seem expensive for the quantity but couple of leaves and a petal of flower is enough for a strong cup of tea though the pack mentions 1 spoon per cup.
Tea Leaves and Flower Petals
Also it was a very beautiful sight of red colour of flowers getting mixed with water when I left to brew it for couple of minutes. The taste, the sight and the aroma were extremely refreshing. In fact I was quite kicked about the tangy after taste. 
Hibiscus tea boasts of various health benefits which I am not sure about I will surely have this one again for a it’s freshness and unique flavour.
The sight itself is worth a million bucks.
Now I am  super excited to try an iced hibiscus green tea!!
And please use a glass mug or cup to drink this red beauty!
PS : Picked it from Gourmet Store in Hauz Khas Main Market.

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The Oberoi Maidens Hotels – A Soothing Breakfast.

Spent a very relaxed Sunday morning at The Garden Terrace Restaurant of Oberoi Maidens Hotel (New Delhi) which is a Heritage Hotel in its 111 years now . Neither there is something exceptionally good about the food, nor the spread too lavish. Its a very small restaurant by modern standards (40 pax types),  which has a beautiful setting, the indoors being from colonial era while outdoors being a very soothing green. Overall its the old world & quaint charm of the property that attracts someone like me. 
However I found the food to be quite good and generally speaking not too many reasons to complain about if I am not being too demanding, a kind of place where you would want to have a relaxed conversation while soaking all the Shanti around  and have the luxury of all that good food at your disposal at the same time.
Barring couple of service issues, speaking the hospitality was upto the mark, courteous and were serving with a smile. The service issues we had I would attribute to peak hour and then we ourselves were 14 people who were there solely to eat and generally to make most of the buffet. Yes, it was an Eatlo Eatup after all. 
The buffet costed Rs.750 + taxes and had usual mix of Cereals, Juices, Cold Cuts, Cheeses, South Indian, North Indian, Breads, Donuts, Fruits, Eggs etc, not of the lavish side, however still offering great choices. 
Here are some pictures of food from this morning, mostly clicken by yours truly, some of them by fellow Eatlopian, Shivendu Mittal.

The Outdoor seating that I enjoy the most, heavily dependent on weather though. In picture fellow food lovers from Eatlo. 
The Spread, very functional, however still did not make me miss anything.
Tomato Idli with two types of chutney on top.
Scrambled Eggs
Chocochip Pancakes
Sausages – Closer look
Oh! we had some company..
A look from the Inside
Eggs Benedict – Off the menu, still served with smile, multiple times. 
Aloo Puri – If you an Indian Avoid, if you are a tourist do try them. 
Crispy Bacon and Chicken Sausages.
Pancakes were really nice, served with molten Butter  & maple Syrup
Mixed Parantha
Paneer Parantha – very nice when it came the first time, however second time kind of a disaster with extra salt and missing Methi leaves. 
Paper Dosa – sambhar was bland, chutneys were really nice. 
Paranthas from outside. 
Poached Eggs
Waffles, served with molten Butter & Maple Syrup.

The Lawn next to the outside seating area – With fellow foodies from Eatlo
Photo Credits : Shivendu Mittal
Photo Credits : Shivendu Mittal
Photo Credits : Shivendu Mittal

Photo Credits : Shivendu Mittal

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JAIPUR : Food Serendipity – By Anuradha Gupta

Sometimes in life you don’t plan and let the universe delight you – for me Jaipur had been one such experience – zero expectations and delighted to the core!

Before visiting Jaipur- I wasn’t too excited about the food, I had this strange baseless belief that Jaipur is neither traditional and rustic like Jodhpur & Ajmer for Rajasthani delicacies nor urban enough for any cool cafes serving international cuisines.

For me it was just a ‘Wannabe’ tourist place! Well Jaipur has been a real shocker to me- and what a pleasant shocker it has been. Not only I ate some the most brilliant authentic traditional food but also visited some cool cafés which can give the Big Chills of Delhi a run for their money.

I happened to visit thrice in last 2 months and what an awesome time I have had.
So here is a compilation of all the places I ate and this is list will be updated soon as I am going back for more food.
Spice Court

Keema Baati : Well this was something I had never eaten at any restaurant my only experience of this was at a friend’s house. I don’t think so any other place even serves these – an exquisite heritage dish from the Achrol Thikana.  These were served with a very spicy mutton curry with lots of Desi Ghee on top. and the two wheat batties were huge, so crisp and dunked in Desi Ghee with that perfect crumbly texture as you break the batti with your fingers – what a pleasure these were. Oh so delicious earthy burnt smell you get when desi ghee is simmered on them! The filling was of coarsely minced lamb meat spiced with the very famous Rajasthani chillies and nutmegs. It also had some finely chopped and fried Cashew nuts. Multi sensual experience this was.

Keema Baati : Check out the stuffing and the crust.

Laal Maas : No trip to Rajasthan is complete without a hearty dose of Laal Maas. I have eaten different versions of Laal Maas in the past at various places in Rajasthan, but most of the times you will end up having the fake one. This was hot but not very hot. The meat was so well cooked and tender. Simmered with dry Mathania Red Chilly which comes from Jodhpur and whole species in mustard oil it had fiery and sharp flavors. Laal Maas is much more than overly spiced connotation of onions and tomatoes; it is a royal beauty on a plate with beautiful deep red hue. And no it is not like Rogan Josh – these are two legends which cannot be compared.

Laal Maans

P.S: I am already salivating. I have no idea how I will finish jotting my thoughts!

Spice court is superb value for money and I am for sure going back to try their Jungli Maas, Safeed Maas and Govid Gatte.
Classy, surreal and mesmerizing!
There are places where you walk in and immediately fall in love with life! There is something so mesmerizing and fresh about this place. They have a bistro with a wall painted with trees and birds and they also have a Al Fresco seating. Besides that they have a store in the complex which sells exquisite artifacts and organic products from Omveda. Entire place is so cosy and feels you are walking from one room to another! Right from the menu to the music to the uniform of the service crew, nothing is ordinary and boring. Everything speaks volume about the classy taste and the passion with which it has been made. I don’t remember when was the last time a place had a similar effect on me. The menu has lots of Crepes, Pannis, Pizzazette, Burgers etc to choose from. I ordeded my cold coffee and decided to have a look around at the store to pick some cute little nothings. Because I was so engrossed in looking around the store, they brought my cold coffee at the store! And yes they got brownie points for that! It was straight from the heaven – the after taste of coffee was just so perfect. It is so easy to go wrong with the humble cold coffee and so easy to win my heart with a perfect cold coffee!!

Epinard Crepe – The whole wheat crepe was soft and velvety and the filling of creamed spinach and feta cheese with the zing of the fresh basil leaves. The extremely delicate flavours something you appreciate in a city that loves its chilli so much. The Herbed Mashed Potatoes for the side were silky, light but not overly buttery and were topped with homemade baked beans. The pungent taste of the Pink Pony Sauce on the side added nice oomph to the somber flavors of the crepe.

Epinard or Spinach Crepe

For me the the sides are the single most important factor that transforms a nice dish into an awesome dish! And the sides here did the trick brilliantly.

Grilled Chicken Steak in Pomegranate Sauce – The Chicken Breast was superbly juicy, moist and tender and had that perfect smoky character. Where do I begin from to describe the super magnificent Pomegranate Sauce, it was sweet, tangy and so fresh, spectacular amalgamation of the contrasting flavors. The sauce had a perfect texture, neither too runny nor too sticky and toffee like which happens if a sauce is loaded with too much sugar!

Chicken in Pomegranate Sauce

There is so much on their menu that I am dying to eat! Taruveda now features in my list of favorite places in the world. Oh and the staff is so nice and friendly- nothing blows me over the way hospitality does.

Going back to try everything on their menu 

Chole Kulche : Who goes to Jaipur and eats Chole Kulche which is the trademark Dilli SadakChaap food! This was not something I had planned to eat, but after couple of days in Jaipur, I could not be away from my eternal love interest! I had my dose from the guy who stands on the left side of the south block World Trade Park. Being somebody who eats Chole Kulche thrice a week atleast and at every place possible, I have no doubts in saying that this is one of the best I have ever had. The heavy use of the nutmeg and mace is the sole reason of the brilliant kick that you can feel in the back of your throat, like a slow death and the smokiness of the red chilles made it extra special. These were also sautéed on tawa with some onion and tomatoes which lend a beautiful creamy texture to the chole.

Chhole or Matra
Matra being done on the Tawa


If you ask anybody where to eat in Jaipur, without battling an eyelid they would say Rawat – irrespective of the fact whether they have personally tried and tasted or not. I had their Pyaaz Kachoris and Mirchi Vada before but wasn’t too impressed. But this time, the pyaaz kachoris were crispy and so flavorful – carried more than 2 dozen for family and friends. I am pretty sure they have consistency issues.
Sodhani Sweets
This is another super popular shop in Jaipur and they do crazy business! Their Pyaaz Kachori was extremely crispy yet so soft on the outside with a riot of flavors of Hing and Nutmeg inside! The Dal Kachoris were the best I have ever tasted, such beautiful use of spices like clove and mace in the filling! They say frying kachoris an art and I am yet to come across anybody who does better then Shodani Sweets! The locals tell me there are better players but I am yet to try does yet! Also the quality is top class and the kachoris and mirchi vadas lasted 3 days!
The Mirchi Vada was huge with an extremely hot and spicy filling of mashed potatoes.  Superbly awesome and leave a fantastic spice sizzle in your ears- top it with hot chai and you are on ride to heaven!
Kulfi : It had a fantastic creamy texture with lots of Pistas and looked beautiful with those tiny strands of saffron – a sure shot delight in this age when everybody uses food color and essence. It was just perfectly sweet and my savior in the crazy heat! Oh and the smell of the Kevera was adding so much charm to it!
Going back to have their Ghewar, Lassi , Rasgulla and ofcourse lots of Mirchi Vadas!!

This is a cool coffee shop type of place where you can sit back, surf internet and gobble lots of food! Loved the earthiness of the place that was prevalent in the ambiance, presentation of the dishes and music! The menu is very quirky and innovative! Servers are friendly and very helpful!Vada Pao : The whole wheat Poa were soft, squishy and fresh! The Vada was very nicely flavoured with corieander seed and  black pepper among other spieces!  For just Rs.30, this was killer!

Namkeen Shots : These were golgappas filled with Dahi, Onion, Tomatoes and topped with bundi, imli saunth and sev! I would say calling them tiny raj kachoris wont be a bad idea! Very beautiful flavour!

Dal Pakwaan : was very flavourful and the base was crispy. Very light and very fresh!

Dal Pakwan
Pushkar Chai


Vada Pao
Namkeen Shots
Garlic Khakra
Mirchi with Vada Pao

Poha : Found it on the one of the thela’s in the lanes of Bapu Bazaar. Super delicious, light and fluffy – the things that make Poha so appetizing! This one had perfect sweet & sour punch to it! For sure one the nicest ones I have had.

Poha in the streets of Jaipur

Disclaimer: Be careful when they ask about Spice level!

Family demands Justice after being thrashed by Bouncers at Club Rhino in Gurgaon

Here is message I received from Vani Bhalla, who was part of the family that got manhandled by Bouncer of Club Rhino in Gurgaon. Here is a piece that appeared in newspapers :
Message of Vani Bhalla where she narrates the sequence of events till now :
Date: 9th August 2014
Venue: Club Rhino, South Point Mall, Gurgaon
Occasion: Pre- Birthday Party of my 19 year old brother
Manager at Club Rhino: Aqeel with whom me and my brother booked a party @INR 1,000 per head for Unlimited Drinks and Snacks and Dinner.

Date: 9th Aug 2014|11:30 PM

Everything was going fine; we were close to 15 people on the dance floor. My mother, another lady from family and I went to the washroom. After 5 mins, one of the bouncers at the Club Rhino came to my father (55- year old diabetic & high BP patient) and asked him to step aside simply because he was not dancing with a lady but perhaps with my other cousins. He started arguing with my father on same.

Date: 9th Aug 2014 |11:40 PM

My husbad, Ayush Bhalla approached the Manager (Aqeel) and complaint to him regarding the misbehaviour of the bouncer. After this, the bouncer came to my father and apologised to him for mis-conduct. Even after apologising, he did not move from the section where we were dancing and started giving nasty looks. But we perhaps ignored.

Date: 9th Aug 2014 | 11:55 PM

Me and my brother approached to the DJ to play birthday song and announcement for our other family and friends to join for the cake cutting ceremony. Alongside, one of my cousin went to ask for the cake which was kept in Club Rhino’s kitchen (we purchased the cake from Le Marche, Ground Floor, South Point Mall).But, this is the time when things went worse and out of our control.
The DJ replied back saying he will not play a birthday song. On the contrary, from nowhere in the picture, 3 bouncers came, pushed my cousin, my father. He dragged my brother, slapped him inside the Disc and then forcefully dragged him outside the disc ‘TRUST ME- this was first step of GUNDA RAAJ’

After seeing him, we all went outside in a tension. Then, all of a sudden group of bouncers surrounded us outside the disc.

Date: 10th Aug 2014| 12:10 AM

In the corridor, outside Club Rhino, group of bouncers attacked my family and friends with Punches, iron rods, hockey sticks and what not, they used every possible thing around to his us and this scene will never go away from my memory.. My friends came in between to help us, but even they got hit by bouncers. I don’t have words to explain the behaviour of staff/bouncers /manager, they had the guts to say on our face – ‘JO BHI UKHARNA HAI TOH UKHARLO’

Date: 10th Aug 2014 | 12: 30 AM

After 20-25 mins of action, the result was my father ( 55 year old) fainted on floor with minor injuries ; my brother ( 19 year old) got the maximum inquires in right side of the face and head ; my husband got an fracture on his left eye (Source Medical Report: Paras Hospital). One of the bouncers tried to hit me with iron rod,held my t-shirt collar but went to hit other friends.

One of my cousin, who uses hearing aid on both his ears, got starches all over his neck. Other friends who were saving us, got starches/ bruises on their body.

Please refer to the first few clips of the video.

Souce: CCTV Footage (Disclosed today)

Date: 10th Aug 2014 | 2:00 AM

4 of my family members for MLC done at Paras Hospital, while my mother and I, at Sushant Lok Polic Station to file a complaint against the staff/ bouncers/ other management involved.
Some of their names are: Aqeel ; Hemant ; Anuj – all are absconding.

Date: 10th Aug 2014 |

We went to police station to lodge a FIR but nobody entertained us.
Reason shared: Its Rakhi for them

Date: 11th Aug 2014 |

Medical tests and visits to various hospitals. | FIR copy still not received.

Date: 12th Aug 2014; 12 noon

Article on Times of India (Page 9) ; Headline – 55- year old thrashed by pub bouncers.
My father went to police station. But no action taken. He then approached ACP, after which he finally agreed to file FIR and shared MLC Report with us

Date: 12th Aug 2014

My husband along with group of friends posted pictures on Rhino’s Facebook page and posted reviews on Zomato, which eventually got deleted and blocked us.

Date: 13th Aug 2014 | Morning News

News flashed all over different news channels with CCTV footage. It came in Headlines today; News Express; India Today and News 24.

Date: 13th Aug 2014 | 1:00 PM

News Express reporters came to my house for a LIVE interview with my dad.
PS: This is the update so far about whole incident which happened with me and my family members. Is this the way to treat a family at a PUB. Is it not safe even to go out with family members and groups?
Is this the way to hit a 55 year old person? Can bouncers at pub have right to kill somebody? Can girls can’t even go out of their home? I went to Rhino after reading reviews on Zomato and now the irony is this when my friends have posted the correct review they have deleted all the negative posts, this shows it’s all fake out there.
Admin : Whatever the family might have done, however wrong they might or might not have been, how can they be beaten up? Its just not acceptable. They could have asked the family to leave and if they refused to leave then they could have called the cops. Beating people up is not acceptable by any standards of imagination. Someone has to go to jail for this one.  Kindly share and support the family.

Please share your thoughts and support the family in the comments below. I would be very helpful.

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Rasmalai Demystified – How to make Rasmalai at home?

Rasmalai is one of the most loved and popular Indian Desserts, yet it is the least made dessert at homes and easily bought from shops for the sheer fact because we think it is some rocket science to make Rasmalai at home!
Time to change that belief and make super awesome beauty at our homes – it is super easy but requires lot of patience!!
  • Milk – Full Fat  2 litres
  • Alum/Phitkari –  1 tsp
  • Baking Powder -1 tsp
  • Water – 3 cups
  • Sugar – 2 cups
  • Cardamom Powder – 1 tsp
  • Saffron – 10-12 strands
  • Kevra Water – 1 tsp
  • Silver Varq/Foil -15
  • Almonds – 15-120 sliced
  • Pistachio – 15-20 sliced

  1. Boil 1 litre full fat milk and add 1 teaspoon
    phitkari or alum. When the milk starts to curdle adds one cup cold water.
    Strain through a thick cloth. 
  2. Transfer this paneer/cheena in a plate while it is still hot and add
    1teaspoon baking powder. 
  3. Make 15 equal dumplings and set them aside. Be careful there should be no
  4. Boil 3 cups of water and add 2 cups of sugar. Let it cook for 10 mins on
    high flame. Then put the dumplings in this boiling sugar syrup on medium flame
    for 15 mins. 
  5. Remove the dumplings and reduce the sugar syrup further till it becomes 1
  6. In a separate pan boil 1 litre milk with the reduced sugar syrup. Add
    cardamom powder, saffron and kevra water. Reduce this to your desired
    consistency. Add dumplings. Let it cool. 
  7. Garnish with silver varq, almonds and pistachio.
Homemade Rasmalai