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Chili’s has been operating in India for last few years and from what it seems they are doing fairly well for themselves. Its a casual dining but full service American chain, which serves ‘Tex-Mex’ food which as per my limited understanding means Americanized Mexican food in short. Lets just say its Mexican cuisine on American Steroids – More Cheese, More Meat & More everything else. 
It is a place that is not there to satisfy the gourmet, however somewhere where a family would go and have nice dining experience. The food they serve is rich, which generally speaking automatically translates into tasty, however we all know how easy it is to make rich but tasteless and bad food. Besides being rich, the portion sizes are quite large, but large would be an understatement, generally speaking they are huge, American style it is after all. 
A post on Eatlo asking about recommendations at Chili’s and you would know how popular and loved it is. Everyone seems to have their own favorite out there – from some type of burger to some Pasta to some Cocktail – everyone seems to love something or the other there and its almost their entire menu that gets recommended. 
Just to give you an idea, last time I asked for recommendations the list of things that were recommended by fellow food lovers from Eatlo:
  • Nachos
  • Fried Chicken with Corn
  • Quesadillas
  • Tacos
  • Texas cheese fries with Bacon 
  • Country fried Chicken/Fish and chips!!
  • Calamari Dish
  • Choco Lava Cake
  • Chicken Pasta
  • Mushroom Jack
  • Chicken Crispers with Sweet Mustard
  • Chili & Quesso
  • Salads
  • Texas Fries
  • Grilled chicken burger with bacon and Chicken wings
  • Chicken Club Sandwich 
  • Chocolate Milk
  • Chicken Explosion Salad
  • Fajitas
  • Squids
  • Fish on the Plank
  • Cajun Chicken Burger
  • Penne in White Sauce
  • Jambalaya
  • Baby Back Ribs
  • Cheese Poppers
And NO, I am not copy-pasting the menu, every single item up there is a recommendation from a fellow food lover, and trust me I have not listed them all here.
I asked for recommendations because I was visiting their recently opened outlet at DLF Place in Saket and I was with few friends, who had their own set of preferences and recommendations. 
Minty Melon – Mocktail – I am sure they have a Cocktail around it too.
Though Chili’s have a well stocked alcohol bar, we had enough wine for the evening in our systems. We started by ordering 3 mocktails – Fusion, Minty Melon and Mango Margarita. The Margarita was on the sweeter side, but then that is what you expect from a Mango drink, while the other two were just right for my taste buds, sour and refreshing. All the drinks were well made and the serving size was quite large, specially for the price they come for – Rs.200 each. By the way their alcoholic cocktails and other alcohol in general is also very reasonable priced. 
Mango Margarita
From the Appetizers we ordered Triple Dipper and Classic Nachos. The Triple Dipper is a platter that comes with 3 types of dips, 3 appetizers & a vegetable. It had Chicken Cripsers which essentially is batter fried chicken which was very tender and juicy however tad bit too oily for my taste, then there were Chicken Wings and Southwestern Egg roll.  Also came with it three sticks of carrot, which went very well with those dips.
Triple Dipper
Egg Rolls in Triple Dipper
Carrot Sticks with all three dips in Triple Dipper
Chicken Wings 
Batter fried Chicken
Classic Nachos are a real classic. There are way too many places serving Nachos in Delhi these days and all they do is empty a packet, straight from shelf of a grocery store, on your plate and top it up with anything and serve them. I find them to be absolutely heartbreaking.  The ones served at Chili’s are well laid out with layer of Cheese, beans and queso topped with slice of Jalapeno, a bite into it you go ..ummmm! They are served with Pico De Dallo (essentially uncooked salad with Onion, Tomato etc), Sour Cream and Guacamole. Honestly speaking I have no idea of their authenticity, but they taste good for sure. 
Classic Nachos – Serving missed the Guacamole, was served promptly when pointed out.
After we placed the order we realized that they have a new variant of Nachos, we asked the server if we can change our order to that, which he said was not possible. However his supervisor (Amit was his name) stepped in and asked the server to get it done for which we thanked him like anything, however then he came back to us and told that the new version has Chicken on it, considering the two vegetarians in the group we decided to skip that and stick to the original nachos only. However the gesture by the supervisor left a very good impression on our table.
Then came Vegetarian Enchiladas, two humongous rolls which I personally did not like much, so would not spend time describing them. Just too much bread and rice and too little flavors – in simpler terms too much carbs and too little protein and I love my proteins you see. If not protein then fat also does it well sometimes ;-). These seem to have neither. That said Ashish seems to love them and devoured them with a glee. 
Vegetarian Enchiladas
Inside the Enchilada
Gurpreet Paah ji in all his excitement and probably craving for a burger ordered a Chicken Burger without even looking at the menu and when it came, it was something that none of us expected. It had a Grilled Chicken Breast sandwiched in the bun, what he and we all were expecting was patty made of minced chicken, but then we should have seen the menu. Though it was not we expected however the Chicken Breast was very nicely grilled and was tender and juicy. Generally speaking people can go horribly wrong with that piece of meat as in India we are not much used to handling them. The burger came with a HUGE serving of fries by the side which again gave us no reason to complain.
Grilled Chicken Burger
The dish I loved the most besides the Nachos that evening was Vegetarian Quesadillas. A very creamy Spinach and Mushroom sauce layered between Tortilla bread, served with sour cream and the the same salsa type salad. Also served with the dish was a portion of Rice (which seemed like Pulao, Mexican albeit, and black beans which I would request you not to call Rajma as there is nothing similar except that they both are called ‘beans’. And when I say do not call Rajma, I mean do not expect that taste as well. To sum it up, not for my palette. However not appreciating the sides of beans and rice does not mean that I did not appreciate the main dish, I absolutely loved it. The creamy texture of sauce with the bite of the tortilla laced that light sour cream and crunchy vegetables – Divine! 
Quesadillas – Vegetarian
Mexican Style Rice
We did not have much space in our tummies left for the dessert however we also believe that desserts have a reserved space for themselves, you just have to order then and they are eaten and adjusted somewhere in your tummy with utmost dignity and grace.
Cheesecake on Strawberry Sauce
We ordered the Cheesecake and what a heart-breaker it was. Not fresh, frozen and smelt bad. I mean Cheesecake is supposed to be Smooth & Creamy and when you serve it as if it has just come out of the freezer, its definitely gonna loose its charm, to add to that it seemed old and did not smell nice. Mr. Amit again came to rescue and decided to taste it himself, on tasting he said that he finds it okay, but then his taste does not compare to our taste and he would still get it replaced. Another gesture we loved and we asked him not to serve the cheesecake, a request which he obliged.
The replacement was a Molten Chocolate Cake topped with ice-cream which again has a choco-bar like crunchy layer on it. Seemed like another frozen dessert that they have sourced from  third party, which is heated in Microwave and served. There was nothing bad in it, however nothing good either, failed to excite the glutton like me. In 5 of us there were still bits of it left in the plate that tells you about lack of love it received from us. 
Molten Chocolate Cake
Inside the Molten Chocolate Cake
That would sum up my latest experience at Chili’s. Generally nothing exotic about the food, however large & tasty portions, from a huge selection, served at a very quick pace in a very family friendly environment with a warm smile. And given the modern times, the prices seem to be quite reasonable, both for food as well as the drinks.  Between 5 of us we consumed – 5 dishes, 3 non-alcoholic drinks & 1 dessert : Rs. 3300 including all the taxes and charges – Not bad at all.
Location : They are at multiple locations and cities in India, use Google and you will be sorted.
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  1. Hi friends, Thanks for review. It makes life so much easier to decide what to eat after a review! anyways, tried most items you mentioned. Loved grilled chicken burger, nachos classic and veg quesadillas. However, mocktails very not worth the money, too sour and nothing home to write about.

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