Family demands Justice after being thrashed by Bouncers at Club Rhino in Gurgaon

Here is message I received from Vani Bhalla, who was part of the family that got manhandled by Bouncer of Club Rhino in Gurgaon. Here is a piece that appeared in newspapers :
Message of Vani Bhalla where she narrates the sequence of events till now :
Date: 9th August 2014
Venue: Club Rhino, South Point Mall, Gurgaon
Occasion: Pre- Birthday Party of my 19 year old brother
Manager at Club Rhino: Aqeel with whom me and my brother booked a party @INR 1,000 per head for Unlimited Drinks and Snacks and Dinner.

Date: 9th Aug 2014|11:30 PM

Everything was going fine; we were close to 15 people on the dance floor. My mother, another lady from family and I went to the washroom. After 5 mins, one of the bouncers at the Club Rhino came to my father (55- year old diabetic & high BP patient) and asked him to step aside simply because he was not dancing with a lady but perhaps with my other cousins. He started arguing with my father on same.

Date: 9th Aug 2014 |11:40 PM

My husbad, Ayush Bhalla approached the Manager (Aqeel) and complaint to him regarding the misbehaviour of the bouncer. After this, the bouncer came to my father and apologised to him for mis-conduct. Even after apologising, he did not move from the section where we were dancing and started giving nasty looks. But we perhaps ignored.

Date: 9th Aug 2014 | 11:55 PM

Me and my brother approached to the DJ to play birthday song and announcement for our other family and friends to join for the cake cutting ceremony. Alongside, one of my cousin went to ask for the cake which was kept in Club Rhino’s kitchen (we purchased the cake from Le Marche, Ground Floor, South Point Mall).But, this is the time when things went worse and out of our control.
The DJ replied back saying he will not play a birthday song. On the contrary, from nowhere in the picture, 3 bouncers came, pushed my cousin, my father. He dragged my brother, slapped him inside the Disc and then forcefully dragged him outside the disc ‘TRUST ME- this was first step of GUNDA RAAJ’

After seeing him, we all went outside in a tension. Then, all of a sudden group of bouncers surrounded us outside the disc.

Date: 10th Aug 2014| 12:10 AM

In the corridor, outside Club Rhino, group of bouncers attacked my family and friends with Punches, iron rods, hockey sticks and what not, they used every possible thing around to his us and this scene will never go away from my memory.. My friends came in between to help us, but even they got hit by bouncers. I don’t have words to explain the behaviour of staff/bouncers /manager, they had the guts to say on our face – ‘JO BHI UKHARNA HAI TOH UKHARLO’

Date: 10th Aug 2014 | 12: 30 AM

After 20-25 mins of action, the result was my father ( 55 year old) fainted on floor with minor injuries ; my brother ( 19 year old) got the maximum inquires in right side of the face and head ; my husband got an fracture on his left eye (Source Medical Report: Paras Hospital). One of the bouncers tried to hit me with iron rod,held my t-shirt collar but went to hit other friends.

One of my cousin, who uses hearing aid on both his ears, got starches all over his neck. Other friends who were saving us, got starches/ bruises on their body.

Please refer to the first few clips of the video.

Souce: CCTV Footage (Disclosed today)

Date: 10th Aug 2014 | 2:00 AM

4 of my family members for MLC done at Paras Hospital, while my mother and I, at Sushant Lok Polic Station to file a complaint against the staff/ bouncers/ other management involved.
Some of their names are: Aqeel ; Hemant ; Anuj – all are absconding.

Date: 10th Aug 2014 |

We went to police station to lodge a FIR but nobody entertained us.
Reason shared: Its Rakhi for them

Date: 11th Aug 2014 |

Medical tests and visits to various hospitals. | FIR copy still not received.

Date: 12th Aug 2014; 12 noon

Article on Times of India (Page 9) ; Headline – 55- year old thrashed by pub bouncers.
My father went to police station. But no action taken. He then approached ACP, after which he finally agreed to file FIR and shared MLC Report with us

Date: 12th Aug 2014

My husband along with group of friends posted pictures on Rhino’s Facebook page and posted reviews on Zomato, which eventually got deleted and blocked us.

Date: 13th Aug 2014 | Morning News

News flashed all over different news channels with CCTV footage. It came in Headlines today; News Express; India Today and News 24.

Date: 13th Aug 2014 | 1:00 PM

News Express reporters came to my house for a LIVE interview with my dad.
PS: This is the update so far about whole incident which happened with me and my family members. Is this the way to treat a family at a PUB. Is it not safe even to go out with family members and groups?
Is this the way to hit a 55 year old person? Can bouncers at pub have right to kill somebody? Can girls can’t even go out of their home? I went to Rhino after reading reviews on Zomato and now the irony is this when my friends have posted the correct review they have deleted all the negative posts, this shows it’s all fake out there.
Admin : Whatever the family might have done, however wrong they might or might not have been, how can they be beaten up? Its just not acceptable. They could have asked the family to leave and if they refused to leave then they could have called the cops. Beating people up is not acceptable by any standards of imagination. Someone has to go to jail for this one.  Kindly share and support the family.

Please share your thoughts and support the family in the comments below. I would be very helpful.

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  1. These people must be taught a good lesson so that it a live example for every one in near future, this place must be locked by the police until the involved people surrenders and as a consumer we must boycott this place. This will be the best form of punishment for these people.

  2. people must boycott this pleas,So they should realize that consumer is not going to tolerate this kind of nonsense and that will be a punishment for the owner of the pub,and all the culprit should get punishment for that and the owner of this pub apologize to the family and compensate theme.

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