Hibiscus Tea – Red Beauty from WinGreens

I love my teas and especially the long leave and flowers ones.  I recently picked up a pack of Wingreen’s green tea with hibiscus flowers. Wingreens is a social initiative to uplift the women of Mewat, Haryana. It has a huge range of potted herbs, teas, dips and lot more grown processed and sold by the women of this village.
The Red Beauty
Hibiscus is a bright red flower and has a sour flavour. In fact the sour tea in Iran is actually hibiscus tea. I loved the tangy and berry like flavour of the tea. The mix of bitterness of the green tea with the sourness of the hibiscus lend a very smooth and balanced flavour. 
You might like to add sugar or honey to it but I like mine minus any sweet things added to it. The pack of 65 grams is for 300 bucks and might seem expensive for the quantity but couple of leaves and a petal of flower is enough for a strong cup of tea though the pack mentions 1 spoon per cup.
Tea Leaves and Flower Petals
Also it was a very beautiful sight of red colour of flowers getting mixed with water when I left to brew it for couple of minutes. The taste, the sight and the aroma were extremely refreshing. In fact I was quite kicked about the tangy after taste. 
Hibiscus tea boasts of various health benefits which I am not sure about I will surely have this one again for a it’s freshness and unique flavour.
The sight itself is worth a million bucks.
Now I am  super excited to try an iced hibiscus green tea!!
And please use a glass mug or cup to drink this red beauty!
PS : Picked it from Gourmet Store in Hauz Khas Main Market.

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