FATBURGER leaves a BIG FAT Disappointment – By Harjeev Singh Chadha

With all the rave surrounding Fatburger I decided to visit and checkout the food at their outlet, so on the 06th of Sep’14 I visited this place.
They’ve opened up their 1st outlet in India at DLF Cyber City at CyberHub. Additionally as I hadn’t visited CyberHub earlier I wanted to see this place for myself.
Fatburger in Gurgaon
We ordered the following: 
– Chicken Twisters 250
– Chicken Wings 250
– Choco Shake 175
– Coke 95*2
– Crispy Chicken Burger 280
– Outlaw Chicken Burger 260
– Tenderloin Burger 295*2
Started with the Chicken Wings. They were ok but I’ve had better at places like Hardrock Cafe. The quantity was also nothing to write home about. I mean 250 bucks was a measly 5 pc of small chicken wings, Not done in my books. The sauce with which the wings were BBQ’d was still ok but sadly the same couldn’t be said about the Chicken Twisters. They were boneless strips of chicken fried in some batter and served with a sauce, I can’t recollect the name. All in all. After tasting the starters I was in half a mind to getup and leave, which now in hindsight I should have done, considering HRC was next door.
Chicken Wings
Chicken Twisters
Next I ordered the Chocolate Shake but was served a Vanilla shake. This was nothing but huge portions of Vanilla Ice-Cream mixed with milk and topped with Whipped Cream. I pointed this to the server ‘Sachin’ and he said that this is in-fact Chocolate Shake and this is how they serve it
Chocolate Shake – Oh yes! I can see some chocolate now.
For the Burgers, all in all I’d say that the food was a BIG FAT disappointment. The burger buns were too soft for my liking. After taking a couple of bites the bun was falling all over the place. The Tenderloin Patty was also bland and tasteless. The ones served at places like Cafe Delhi Heights(Lamb), Hard Rock Cafe & MonkeyBar (Tenderloin) is LOADS, LOADS better. I personally prefer the Tenderloin Patty to be slightly chewy, but the patty at this place, lacked texture, totally tasteless, bland and left something, actually, a lot to be desired. The biggest disappointment was the size of the burger and the accompaniments. I mean approx 380 bucks (incl taxes) for a burger that can’t satisfy ones hunger, leave aside the taste buds, Na Na, not acceptable
Tenderloin Burger – What a disappointment
My kids were having the Crispy Chicken and the Chicken Outlaw Burger. I tasted the Crispy Chicken and I’d say that it tasted much better than the Tenderloin, something which has never happened before at other places
Chicken Burger for kids.
One of the Chicken Brugers
To conclude I’d say, nothing will make me go back to this place unless I read consistent reviews that they’ve changed for the better. The final bill all inclusive was 2300 bucks and mind you, this was without any desserts. Had the Quantity and Quality of the servings been up to the mark, I’d say that this was money well spent. As a conclusion I’d just say that, I feel I’ve been cheated and this place doesn’t do any justice to the price paid.

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