MTR : Mavalli Tiffin Rooms : Sunday Lunch Experience

After hearing so many things about the Thali at MTR (Bangalore), finally landed at their old-school LalBagh outlet to have a first hand experience of the meal and today being Sunday, it was supposed to be something special.Rs.220 for a Thali for which we got a coupon in advance and the wait was about 30 minutes for our turn. What followed was a multi course meal which truly was an experience in itself.

First course was dosa along with a sweet puran poli type bread, then bisibele bhat, Sambhar rice, rasam rice and curd rice being the last course followed by a very nice dessert.

Grape Juice to start the proceedings.
Veg Kurma
Coconut Chutney
Salad, don’t know the name. Carrot and lentils.
Beetroot ki subzi.
That said I don’t think I would be going back for the same – the main reason being that the service staff lacked the intent to feed and seemed to be going through the motions. More concerned about completing the process rather than feeding you.


Dosa, only thing I was offered twice.
The Sweet Puran Poli like bread.
Mirchi Bhajji
Raita with Bisibele Bhaat
Sambhar Rice
Curd Rice
The system of serving itself needs lot of improvement (some lessons from Gujrati / Rajasthani counter parts in serving Thalis maybe) which currently is designed to create queues of waiting customers rather than serving them well. The hygiene takes utmost importance for these guys as can be judged by the confidence with they have designed the customer’s exit path through their cooking area. giving customers a full view of proceedings and how clean the kitchen actually is.
But for someone like me everything goes for a toss if I do not enjoy the ‘love’ and warmth behind me meal and today unfortunately was one of those days.
Taste 7/10,
Value for money 9/10,
Service 5/10.
Ambiance 9/10 for the old School Charm
PS : Btw.. this is for their Thali only, the same service attitude might work perfect when they are serving their regular idlis and dosas which essentially is a fixed serving size. In that system diner does not expect anything nor he/she is at the mercy of server.

Author: Shashank

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