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What to eat in Shimla? 5 Food recommendations that you cannot miss.

Shimla is no culinary destination like its sister towns of Manali and McLeodganj – both of which offer much wider variety and choices however the city does offer some decent options to keep you kicking for all those hikes and walks that you would take on the mall road.

Shimla besides being capital of Himalayan state – Himachal Pradesh, also happens to be one of the most famous tourist places in India. The mountain city has a Victorian charm like none other and despite urbanization related problems, remains one of the most pleasant places that you can visit.  Proximity from Delhi along with good road conditions make it an extremely popular weekend destination for residents of Delhi / NCR.
Talking about food have visited the place a few times, though have never had food experiences that I can call ‘exhilarating’. Shimla is no culinary destination like it sister towns of Manali and McLeodganj – both of which offer wider variety and choices however the city does offer some decent options to keep you kicking for all those hikes and walks that you would take on the mall road.  Here are few comments and conversations from our Food communities that would help you understand the food scene a bit while helping you decides where you want to spend your precious appetite.
Kamal Vijhani At the mall road of Shimla prominently… Domino’s, CCD and Sagar Ratna then good old famous Gufaa Restaurant, tried and tested Indian Coffee House for South Indian and Continental Snacks, Gupta ji’s Vaishno Bhojnalya near Gaiety Theatre, near Timber Market Delhi’s famous Sita Ram Bhatoore wala is also there…. There are 2-3 Bakeries too Krishna near Domino’s and Devicos near Telephone Exchange. Have Fun. 
Shashank Shekhar Have breqkfast in Chail palace…it offers gud food and served with class
Also make sure you are visiting that river where u can sit brtween water and have food..i am not rememberingname of place but its qyite famous. It is about 30 mins drive from Chail central. Any taxi vala will take you there.
Sekhar Banerjee Sadhupul is the name of the spot, it is on the way to Chail via Kandaghat
Shashank Shekhar Right..Saadhupul..thanks for tellinh…Aman – Have your lunch at Sadhupul only smile emoticon
Some ppl might sy there that its not very clean water..dont listen to them smile emoticon

Kamal Vijhani Don’t miss to have your refreshments/lunch/dinner or breakfast on the way to Shimla or back home at Giani da Dhaba, Dharampur on Solan-Shimla Road.
Food is impeccable…!!! Even celebs vouch for their food. There can be a huge waiting on weekends here. It also has famous Haveli restaurant bang opposite it.

Sekhar Banerjee The water at Sadhupul is flowing water, it is cleaner in the day but advisable to be avoided after 5 pm
Aastha Kulshrestha In shimla Laxmi hotel mall road mast yummi food
Gonny Kapoor dimsums not to miss near dominos
Sumit Bahl Trishool bakery for pastries (spoonie is awesome) and baljees for gulab jamun and veg food at mall road shimla.
Good Italian food at Cafe sol, combermere. Again at mall road shimla.
Tanya Malhotra Gulab jamun from Baljee’s;
Biscuits and english desserts from tripti bakery;
Breakfast at Cafe wake n bake

Gunjan Mahani Pizzas n tacos r also good at la-pinzo @shimla
Jaskaran Singh Try kurkej! It sounds like a non vegie dish but its an amazing veg snack! Ask anyone on the lower market road about it! Thodi fight maarni padegi to locate the shop as i dont remember the name! But its on the lower market road for sure’
Gunjan MahaniKukrejii…:)i got it jaskaran..yes it’s right there at mall road and shope name is Krishna Baker:)
Anuradha Gupta Wake And Bake Cafe

Akash Mehta Thanks Anuradha 🙂 … Any specific dishes to try there?

Ritasha Kapur Shimla mall road…awesome sandwiches and desserts 🙂

Komal Kaur Yeh puchne ki zarurat bhi ni.. Wo jo mall se stairs niche ja ri hai. Waha corner pe samne and right mrin 2 shops hai.. Ek.mote se uncle waha paranthe banate hai along with other delicacy.. Enjoy there.. Explore yourself 

Amit Saxena Lakkar bazaar ke famous lucchi puri with chhole khaa lo…world famous in shimla hai by gawd !

Jaidev Sanpal Mall road church k paas ek chole bhature waala hai bohot famous .. Pooch Lena .. Nahi khaane to Indian coffee house is the best option ..

Sapna Pundir Do try gulabjamun from baaljees after your meal on mall road.
Amit Saxena After noon snacks should be mom’s (mutton or veg) from krishna bakers, mall road
Ankit Agrawal Wake and bake cafe
Tanuj Malik Indian Coffee House
Amit Saxena Lunch from sher-e-punjab, mall road for some lip smacking Indian cuisine.
Amit Saxena Evening sambhar vada, idli sambhar and filter coffee at Indian coffee house, mall road !
Kshitij Rastogi There is a bakery shop near hotel clarks, awesome pie n cakes to try homemade by elderly couple
Amit Saxena 8 pm drinks @ himani’s or devicos at the mall
Arjun Arora Coffee house….mutton cutlet and coffee
Aman Chowdhry Indian Coffee House
अर्पित गुप्ता Honey hut, bacpkacker’s cafe

Kiranpreet Kaur Wake and bake

Prerna Chawla When u go from rhe lift to mall road there is a cafe which store writings in it will gv u an effect of vintage charm.Warning pls don’t go there .its a big NO

Gonny Kapoor sita ram bhature near skating rink

Prashant Chawla Indian coffee House. …

Akash Mehta Thank you dosto.. Aap logo kä pyaar Dekh Kar aankho me aansu aa gaye..

Akash Mehta Waise mujhe shimla se kalpa k raaste me bhi options Chahiye for lunch and dinner
Akash Mehta Waise mujhe shimla aur kalpa ke beech me lunch and dinner options Chahiye… Uske liye bhi aisa hi kuchh karna padega.? 😉

Kruti Shah Cafe sol.. hotel combermere

Ashish Raghav Indian cafe naam se famous hai mall road pe best breakfast option

Balvinder Singh You should try the Sitaram Chole Bhaturey at Lakkar Bazaar, Mall Road

Binny Babbar sher-e-punjab mall road

Anju Kohli Must visit Woodville Palace- excellent kitchen.

Amit Saxena Ande zaroor khaa Lena mall pe…baarish main accha feel hoga…available at lower bazaar as well as in front of shimla club

ManSi Bajaj Malik How is shimla at present.. the crowd n the weather? I ll be going there next week

Akash Mehta Weather is okay.. Gets cold in the evening..

Akash Mehta The days are hot.. Rains forecasted tomorrow.. Might improve the weather..

ManSi Bajaj Malik N is it too crowded.. ?

Akash Mehta Not really ManSi

Shuchi Sethi Thnks for all the tips guys….me also going to shimla tomorrow

Gurdeep Singh Gyani’s Dhaba at Dharampur.This is between Kalka & Shimla.

hawna SapkaareJust saw the post – Go for hide out cafe its at mall road its just amazing
There seems to be a lot of recommendations in the comments above, and for the convenience sake I will sum up top 5 recommendations here, these are combined from comments above and my own experiences. The list is in no particular order, numbering is just for convenience.
  1. Indian Coffee House : Seems like cooperative restaurant chain’s outlet is one of the most popular joints in Shimla and like every where else in India they would have their standard menu and standard style as well. Mutton Dosa, Cutlets, Coffee etc – almost everything is very reasonably priced and food can range from average to bad – however I am sure Shimla’s weather does the trick and people end up enjoying one of its kind food that you get there.
  2. Giani Da Dhaba, Dharampur : This is not exactly Shimla however it is a super popular Dhaba on the way to Shimla. Have had pleasure of having several meals here – Butter Chicken, Lemon Chicken, Egg Bhurjee etc – honestly speaking not extraordinary stuff, however hot, decent & fresh food which does the trick when you are hungry. If you have not tried it before then do give it a shot, even if it is just to tick of the place for your list.
  3. Wake and Bake Cafe : A new entrant to the scene, this is a beautiful and cozy café located right outside Townhall. You can take the window seat, read a book while having a look at life go by on the iconic Mall road of Shimla. They do serve decent food and the coffee is served from imported machines making it at par with any modern coffee shop. Just a bit cuter.
  4. Momos on mall : There are several vendors on the mall road, some of them do get mentions in comments above. My 2 cents say that you can try almost any of them as long as you see other people eating there. The whole weather and ambiance of mall would make sure that they would taste good.
  5. Gulab Jamuns at Baljees and Kukrej : Though have not tried either personally, however these two items are not on top of my list. Gulab Jamuns because they are Gulab Jamuns and Kukrej because its something that I have not heard or tried before. Which also makes me think that not many of you would have heard or tried this item. Its getting recommended by other food lovers, so must be taken for a spin.

Other notable mentions : Chhole Bhature from Sita Ram near Church – have never had them, don’t think the Super famous Sita Ram Dewan Chand of Delhi has anything to do with this guy in Shimla, however few people have recommended it so you might want to try them. Also Bun or kulcha Chhole do not get a mention here – it is an item you will get on the roads leading to Shimla, they have a unique style and taste, something tourists appreciate and has their own fan following. Another item I remember enjoying was Vegetable Pakodas you get in the lower bazaar. Shimla weather and pakode are made for each other, do take them for a spin.

This is no way is a comprehensive list, and we are keen to hear from you – Please do share your food recommendations for Shimla for benefit of fellow food lovers.

Quaker Oats Challenge with Vikas Khanna – Oats Bhelpuri Recipe

Quaker Oats’s very famous & uber cute Chef Vikas Khanna has come up with a cooking challenge – #BringYourTastiestBowl – where in one stands to win Rs. 50 lakhs in cash prize besides loads of other gifts and prizes. If Rs. 50 lakhs didn’t excite you enough, how about getting to meet your favorite Chef Vikas sound to you? #BringYourTastiestBowl

Every week  for next six weeks Chef Vikas will give a challenge! All you have to do is make your tastiest bowl of oats according to the challenge, click a picture of your bowl with the pack of Quaker Oats and upload on their website! Two winners will be selected every week who will get a chance to participate in a cooking competition which will be judged  by Chef Vikas Khanna himself.

To submit your entries Click Here.

Do check the Terms & Conditions (Rules) of the contest.

First week’s challenge Video :

I took the first week challenge and created the Oats Bhelpuri with Raw Mangoes.


Quaker Oats- 1 cup

Raw Mango- Finely chopped 4 tbsp

Onions- Finely chopped  4 tbsp

Tomatoes- Finely chopped 4 tbsp

Potatoes- Boiled & finely chopped 2 tbsp

Coriander leaves- Finely chopped 2 tsp

Green Chilli- Finely chopped 1 tsp

Pomegranate seeds- for garnish

Lemon- 1 slice

Papdi (Optional) – 3

Peanuts (Optional)- 1 tbsp

Ghee/Clarified Butter- 1 tbsp

Salt to taste

Chaat Masala- 1 tsp

Sweet Tamarind Chutney- 1 tbsp

Mint Chutney- 1tbsp

Red Chilli Powder- 1 tsp

Turmeric Powder- 1tsp


  1. In a pan heat  ghee and lightly roast the oats. Keep them aside to cool. In the same pan heat little ghee and add turmeric powder and add 1 tbsp oats and lightly roast and keep aside. Again heat ghee in pan and add red chilli powder and lightly roast 1 tbsp oats. Keep the three colored oats separately. You can skip the butter/ghee. These roasted oats can be stored in an air tight container and used later when in a hurry to make bhelpuri.
  2. In a bowl mix the roasted oats, raw mango, onion, tomatoes, green chilli, coriander, potatoes, crushed papdi, salt, chaat masala, chutneys and peanuts. Mix quickly.
  3. Squeeze lemon and garnish with pomegranate seed. Enjoy.

Also do upload pictures of finished dish pictures on – this submission is not part of any contest, however just knowledge sharing with other Food lovers or Foodiye as they are called.

First week saw  people participating from all over the country and some super innovative recipes were submitted on the website. Second Week Challenge was to add a Chatpati Chaat twist to your bowl of Quaker Oats, which turned out to be super exciting week with recipes like  Oats Papdi Chaat, Oats Ragda Pattice and many more. Third week’s challenge by Chef was about adding a Mother Touch to your bowl of Quaker Oats and we saw some brilliant entries such as Oats Daal Dhokli, Oats Kadhi Pakoda etc. Fourth Week’s challenge was to add a Kid’s Delight touch to the bowl of Quaker Oat’s.  Fifth week’s challenge was give a regional twist to the bowl of oats and we saw  recipes like Oats Bedmi Aloo by the very enthusiastic contestants! Now we are into the last leg of the contest! The Sixth week’s challenge is to add a sinfully sweet twist to the bowl of oats! Hurry last day to submit your entry is 23rd June 2016.

3rd Week Quaker Oats Challenge with Vikas Khanna

4th Week Quaker Oats Challenge with Vikas Khanna

As if the Big promotion by Chef Vikas Khanna is not enough, we are also running an Exclusive Contest for our Delhi / NCR members – once you are done with

creating your bowl and posting the picture on their website, do post picture along with the link to your entry on our social media channels. We will select one winner every week (per challenge) from our groups / communities based on the number of likes and decision of our culinary experts.

The weekly winner selected within our groups/communities would have no connection with the winners selected by Quaker Oats, which means you can win a prize from us as well as good folks at Quaker Oats.
This week the best entry within our groups/communities will get Philip’s Citrus Juicer!!

Spicy Bhelpuri made using Quaker Oats
Spicy Bhelpuri made using Quaker Oats
Colourful veggies including raw mango
Colorful veggies including raw mango
Papdi, salt & chaat masala
Papdi, salt & chaat masala
Three colored oats..
Three colored oats..
Ghee roasted oats
Ghee roasted oats
Quaker Oats
Quaker Oats

Once again just to sum it up – do upload your #BringYourTastiestBowl creations on Quaker contest site here – to win some amazingly exciting prizes – all contest and prize details on their website.

Besides that do upload your entries on our Social Media channels to stand a chance to win AWESOME gifts from our side as well.

Let the games begin.