Top 10 Lunch Boxes available online for Office or School in February 2017

Lets find out which are top selling Lunch Boxes in India by Amazon as of February 2017. Choose one according to your personal needs or pick a piece for your family and loved ones.

This list in reverse chronological order. Starting from 10th Bestseller and ending at the Top most selling lunchbox.

10. Cello Max Fresh 2 container & Bag – For small appetites.

Two modest sized stainless steel leak-proof containers along with the bag. This one is available in two colors, though not sure why red one is so much more expensive than the blue one. You can get blue or red home delivered anywhere in India from Amazon for Rs. 398.

Image of lunch boxes, click to buy from Amazon.
2 steel boxes in a bag, Red and Blue Color options.
9. Cello Max Fresh –  3 steel boxes, 1 plastic box with Bag

This one has ladies going gaga about its looks. Available in a smaller version as well as in choice of red and blue color for both the versions. You can get blue or red home delivered anywhere in India from Amazon for Rs. 639.

Good looking with 4 containers in a bag.
8. Tupperware 4 container Executive Lunch Box.

Classic round design this one allows you to pack a full lunch in various combinations. Out of 4 boxes there are two of a size each giving you lot of flexibility. Pick this one for Rs. 704 on amazon.

Classic round design with capacity for full lunch
7. Cello Max Fresh with 4 Click Boxes & Bag

In case you are wondering how it is different from the 9th Best seller on this list, the containers in this one are made from Polypropylene compared to steel in earlier one. Plastic seems to be the preferred choice over steel here, as this one clearly sells more. Available for Rs. 515 on Amazon. But then maybe it sells more as it is slightly cheaper that its sibling in steel.

Available in Blue, Green and Brown
6. Signoraware 3 piece classic Lunch Box

The only entry in top 10 sellers for a brand which obviously aspires to be Tupperware. However this one has not made it to the 6th most selling lunchbox slot without any merit, as it definitely seems to be high quality and value for money product. Available for Rs.361 on Amazon.

Signoraware classic is the 6th Best selling lunchbox in India
5. Cello Max Fresh 4-Pieces Lunch Box Set

Cello Max Fresh is completely dominating this list till now and at number 5 is yet another 4 box lunch box by Cello, but this one sells the most. Compared to our no. 7 entry this one does not have click lock on the containers and you can BUY THIS slightly cheap at Rs. 499 on Amazon India.

Simple and classic 4 box lunch set.
4. Milton Double Decker Lunch Box

Milton makes an entry at no. 4 place with this absolutely value for money and high quality 3 container lunch box available for Rs. 248. Insider Tip : Hot pink is the most popular color in this one. Know more and Buy here.

High Quality product by trusted Milton
3. Milton ‘Legend’ Thermosteel 3 container Lunch Box

Very different from rest of the products on the list, this one if called a legend for a reason. Plain, simple and like a Legend. This one is the 3rd bestselling Lunch on this list. Pick one for Rs. 601 here.

Three container steel legend by Milton
2. Cello Max Fresh 4 Containers of Polypropylene

The 2nd hottest seller in India is yet another 4 piece set by Cello Max Fresh, and this seems to be the cheapest of them all. Though the plastic quality would be better in No. 5, however this one hits the No. 2 spot by sheer value for money pricing for Rs.343 by a reputable brand. Know more.

Most value for money product on the list.
  1. Tupperware 4 Piece Lunch Set and Bag

Drum-roll for the TOP selling Lunch Box in India. The only one in the list with a Tumbler to carry liquids in the set. There is a one square box and two smaller round containers which give you lot of options to pack your lunch. Buy this one for Rs. 698 online, find more about it here.

Top Selling Lunch Box in India

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