About Us

Food Enthusiasts of Delhi started as a blog and community in 2011, in 2012 came in Eatlo, taking over community and events part while FED matured as a more robust source of information about Delhi and for Delhi. FED has retained its loyal audience over the years and at core it remains a source of information for people who not only live or work in Delhi, but for those who are expats, tourists or travelers to the state of Delhi & NCR.

FED as it is popularly known is a Food Blog and is part of World Food Networks LLP. It is our attempt to create a robust resource for food lover of Delhi, a food blog that the food lovers of illustrious city of Delhi actually deserve.

What gets shared on FED?

  • We write about the things we eat outside – and we eat it all – Highway Dhabas, High Street Cafes, Authentic Food Joints, Street Food Trails – we do it all.
  • We write about the things that we cook at home – some of them inspired from others, some originals by the Authors.
  • We write about Travel – when you love food, travel can’t be much behind. We do destination guides, hotel / hostel experiences and other posts that fit the topic.

How can one become an Author on FED?

We are constantly looking for passionate and like-minded authors. The first step would be to invite a request on Foodiye and start micro-blogging your food stories – do share your family recipes for us to understand the kind of food you have grown up eating and your eating out recommendations for us to understand what kind of taste and experience you have. After 6 months we would review your account and decide if we would be bringing you as an author on FED Blog.

How to get featured on FED blog?

All our posts are written by editorial team or credible contributors. However we also publish Featured or Sponsored post which are financially supported by business with interest in reaching new and relevant audience. We do not copy a press release without testing a product, eating the food OR visiting the place. We only work with brands we appreciate and endorse products / services which would be of genuine interest to our readers / users. For reviews of restaurants, hotels, city trips, long distance travels or products with the perfect fit you can send out a request here : Contact Us.

Are we open to Guest Authors?

Yes! we are now open to guest Authors. If you are an authority figure with relevant experience in Business of Food, you are welcome to share your experiences and insights with our audience. If you have anything valuable to add that would life better for a Food Enthusiast, then connect with us.

How can one Advertise on the FED Blog?

Food Enthusiasts of Delhi is syndicated with World Food Networks LLP and giving us access to various marketing, advertising and collaboration solutions for businesses that work in food.