Pranathas near Moolchand

Now this one is another legend of the city. If one tries to think of Delhi and Paranthas, its quite easy to assume that Paranthas would be sold at every nook and corner of the city, as we do swear by our paranthas. but unfortunately that is not the case. In this parantha crazy city, everyone only likes what their mom makes (or wfie maybe) and do not generally go out for paranthas.  And yes, the legendary Paranthe waali gali is alive in  legends only, its a sham.
However the Paranthe-walla sitting opposite Vikran Hotel, near Moolchand Hospital in Lajtap Nagar is one of the few that has been able to make a name for itself. It is know by many names, but yes, most of the foodies in the city would know about this place for sure.
As any other famous and roadside joint, this place is often crowded, hygiene is not what you are looking for, food comes cheap and there are not many who do better than them. I guess the most expensive Parantha on the menu would not cross Rs.20, and they have a good variety of those. The most famous one being Egg Parantha.You can have them with combination of Rajma, Boondi Raita, butter or either one of those. They serve it with Masala on top and bunch of spiced up green chillies.

And yes, coming to actual praranthas they are quite good, made on a giant Tawa with perfection of an assembly line. Its the stuff that Taxi waalas eat for a days heavy lunch and youngster after their evening party sessions in fancy clubs and pubs.
If you notice, I have not commented on taste, well is it not a given 😀 with the description above.

Baba Nagpal Ke Chhole Bhature

Being a Delhiite, its impossible to avoid Chhole Bhature. Every single citizen of the city would have his/her favorite outlet for the same.

When we talk about Nagpal from Amar colony, we are talking about top of league here. In a city which has a (or two) Cholle Bhature waala at very corner, Nagpal would feature in Top 5 of any self respecting food lover. For some it might be number one, for some number 5, but it has to be there, because they hardly do better than him.

Its not hard to find, just go in Amar colony and ask anyone, and you will be directed to the outlet. The prices are average at Rs.30 per plate. There are other things on the menu too like, Rajma Rice, Shahi Paneer rice etc.

The stuff is pretty heavy, a foodie like me is satiated with two bhaturas itself. If going there on weekend, be prepared to brave some crowds. Generally the stuff sells out by 2 pm.

Tandoori for Vegetarians

Good Tandoori food has always been hard to find on the street for vegetarians. The traditional dish being Paneer Tikka, maybe mushroom. Even though there are other options like veg seekh kebabs, stuffed aloo etc., however there hardly has been a place where you go exclusively for vegetarian tandoori stuff. Otherwise its generally ordered when your non vegetarian friend is having his kebabs or tandoori chicks.
Thanks to Jatin once again, for recommending Amtritsari Chaap corner in Karol Bagh area. Even though I had seen the joint earlier, and wanted to go there, but Jatin beat me to it. Anyhow. now have been there couple of times, the menu has 8-9 items on it, including Rumali roti. The USP of the place being, it specializes in Tandoori stuff and deals only in vegetarian food.
You can actually count what they have to offer, 3 types of Soy chaap (Stuffed, Masala and Malai), 2 paneer tikka (normal and malai), Mushroom tikka, Veg. Seekh Kebab (with or w/o roomali roti). All the dishes are Either Rs.60 or 70 for a full serving and half the rate for half serving. They serve them on paper plates, with kuchumber salad and chutney. There is no sitting arrangement, you just stand and hog :D.

When I was there first, it was like a trip to Appu Ghar for me,  wanted to try everything, so we ended up having Mushorooms, Paneer malai Tikka, Stuffed Chaaps and Masala Chaaps. And it was some spread. I have had stuffed chaap earlier as well, and this one was nothing extraordinary this is not to say it is not good, it was quit good, but not exceptional. Mushrooms, tasted like just that, Mushrooms ;). However I really loved the Malai Paneer Tikka and Masala Chaap. Paneer tikka was like the best I had (Till that date, watchout for next posts :D), Masala Chaaps were unlike anything I had eaten before. I was there again last night, however they only had Masala Chaap and Malai Chaap to offer, rest all was sold out. Well, I did not find malai Chaaps to be that good compared to Masala Chaaps, however still worth a try. .If you can see the pic, you can see the kind of spread we had, and paid around only Rs.200 for all that stuff.
The important thing to keep in mind, that these guys generally sell out by 10 pm. So you better be there early, or you gonna be disappointed.
Here are the details of the outlet :
Amritsari Chaap Corner
4973/2-3, Shiv Nagar, Ganga Mandir Marg, Karol Bagh ND-5.
Behind Khalsa College, Opposite Reebok Showrrom.
Ph: 65876171, 9250782785

Samosa from Karol Bagh..

I heard about this Samosa walla in Karol Bagh area through EOiD (Eating out in Delhi) community, and was curious to try it out, since I live quite close to the area. I was there yesterday evening with Neeraj Kumar, a close friend, and we decided to give it a try, as per the directions reached the front gate or Jessa Ram Hospital and with our back towards Pusa Road, took right into the street opposite it  (Technically the service lane of Pusa road, this shop is behind house no. 14 Pusa Road), and spotting the shop was not a challenge then. As there are hardly 2-3 shops there, and spotting the halwai was an easy job.
The shop looks quite run down and old, I doubted the quality of the stuff after first glance. I was told that there were some really old guys managing it, however I saw couple of young guys manning the counter. They said that samosas were being fried and we have to wait for 10 minutes, decided to sink our teeth into a Ras Madhuri sitting on the counter in the meantime (cannot say much about it, as was too sweet and syrupy for me, but texture seemed nice). Later on we were told that even those guys were customers and and the famous old man was busy making samosa on the backside. This establishment enjoys tremendous loyalty, so much so that people wait patiently for 15 minutes, while samosas are being made.
Now coming to the samosa, the main reason why it is famous is because they do not fill the mashed potatoes, but they cut them into small pieces, roast them and then fill them. It was lovely to eat, the old man had taken his sweet time to fry them, this ensured that the crust was nice and crispy. The potatoes had subtle spices, nothing over powering the flavor, every bite was an experience in itself.
Mr. Dutt, or Pandit ji
We were quite satisfied with the samosa and started chatting with the old man (Mr. Dutt or popularly known as Pandit Ji), he said that shop was originally owned by his Mama Ji and he worked for them since beginning. it opened in 1942 and the owner was staunch follower of Nehru-Gandhi school. In-fact Nehru Ji himself has visited this shop on several occasions.
He also made us sample some Sandesh made from “Khajoor Ka Gud”, which comes straight from Bengal and a type of Mathri.
The Menu
News Paper Article
Original Owner

Other Pictures
PS (Dated : 27th June, 2011) – There is something about such places that go beyond food, something that brings a smile to your face and satisfaction to your heart. The simplicity, the charm, the stories gives them a character, which can only be experienced when you are there. Not sure if they are still surviving, would have to visit them again, in the meantime if you have some update or intelligence of the place, kindly share with us in the comments section.