Move over ‘Food-Truck’ – We have our own Food Cycles – Chhole Bhature in North Campus

Hudson Lines is a road dotted with numerous cafes – some of them Uber cool, some quirky and some plain commercial, all of whom along with chains and regular desi outlets are vying for the attention of the throbbing student populace living and studying in North Campus of Delhi University.
Chhole Bhature – The way they are served.
Amidst all the madness, there is this quiet cycle waala, standing outside the NDPL office and selling his wares. One look at him and my good food radar started beeping, and it beeped quite hard this time. Realized that this guy was selling Chhole Bhature, yup, good old chhole bhature in the land of mighty Chacha, Om, Rawalpindi and the likes. And surprisingly he had a crowd around him, a crowd which ensured that he was out of bhaturas at the time I reached and he was only able to offer me kulchas.
A look inside the Chhole Vessel
Drooling by the smell and sight I had to settled for the much humbler kulcha as I really wanted an insight into the Chhola that he was serving – because by the color, texture and smell – they seemed nothing less than amazing. And thankfully my feeling did not change once I started eating them – loaded with spices, however not going overboard, hot but just hot enough – these chholas instantly made me compare them to some of the best in the industry and for me it was a big deal for a guy selling from a bicycle. But then, I was still craving for them bhaturas.
Summer of 2014 was spent playing hide & seek with our guy, either I was there too early, or too late or on a day when he was not there. But advent of winters brought some luck for yours truly and he was able to grab those bhaturas couple of days back. Now let me warn you – these are not fresh made bhaturas which are fried on the spot, as we have come to know them, these are not soft, nor fluffy. These bhaturas are pre-made and are very thin. Before serving they are heated on a coal fired angeethi and served. It is a different school of bhaturas, the easiest examples I can sight are Sita Ram Dewan Chand from Paharganj and legendary Gole Hatti in Chandni Chowk as well as Patel Nagar.
Anyhow I eagerly got my plate served, for which I had to wait for 10-15 minutes as the guy takes his own sweet time serving and for Rs.20 a plate, this ended up being one of best Bhatura experiences I have ever had. The character that Coal fired angheeti adds to those bhaturas is something that is hard to explain.
Bhaturas being heated on coal fired Angeethi
And this the way these Bhaturas turn up, love that texture.
On Chhole he puts those beautifully spiced ginger julienne along with a chutney that is made sour from actual tamarind. In another dona he would give you some chopped onions, a piece of spiced potato and a pickled green chilly which goes so very well with the entire meal.
Chhole – ready to be served – notice the Ginger juliens and the Green Chutney with Tamarind.


what you get on the side – Potato, Green Chilli, Onions etc..
I would not recommend this place to everyone, however if you are someone who likes to eat bhaturas everywhere and can cherish the differences and contrasts without comparing it with the ‘Best’ you have ever had, then you MUST try this place out, you will not regret it for sure.
Entire show being manages from a simple Bicycle.

PS : And regarding the title – we are a country full of small time food vendors, on carts, cycles, foot or street – as romantic as the Food Truck sounds, lets not forget what we already have. Lets appreciate it, cherish it and like in this case savor it too.. 🙂

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Puchka – The Bong Bomb of flavours in Gurgaon – By Anuradha Gupta

Those tiny wafer thin deep fried balls filled with super spices, mashed potatoes and other things and dunked in that crazy flavorful water – yes that’s the generic description of Puchka, Golgappa and Pani Puri. It seems like all are the same but well they all belong to same family but are very different from each other.
Puchka – in all its glory..
I love the whole family but have a special place in my heart for the bong baby of the family.
Puchka is made of atta and is crispier and bigger than others and because its bigger it holds more filling and more of that spicy water. There, I just told you the a little secret why it holds a special place in my heart apart from other good things about it.

Shaped like aballl and thinner than a wafer
Puchka – Another look

I have eaten Puchka in CR park which is the benchmark of good Puchkas for us Delhi NCR people and some places where it was not so great. Recently found this guy in Gurgaon, Sector 31 near the Om Sweets, he stands on the corner of the red building near Benetton. He comes at 5 pm everyday and finishes up his goodies by 7 pm. His puchkas are one of the best I have ever eaten and it is a sight to see him making those – The rhythmic movement of his fingers to put the different masalas in the Puchka is a class act!

Puchka seller in Sector 31 of Gurgaon

It has filling of mashed potatoes and boiled kale channa and then he adds salt, red chilli, rock salt, the finely pounded green chillies and one secret masala – all of them as per your taste. So, yes its so much fun to get every single puchka customized as per your taste!!

You can see the spices, punded chillies and the mashed potato with chana mix
Its a small platform placed in a tripod from which all the business is conducted.

The secret masala is the very exotic Moodi Masala which is a mixture of bay leaves, coriander seeds and dried mango powder and some more spices. So now can you imagine what a brilliant blend of flavour is this puchka is. Oh! and wait he hasn’t dunked it in super spicy water with tamarind, mint, coriander, red chilli, cumin and rock salt yet.

Cold & Spicy water which is filled in Puchka

It is very unusual for me to be not being able to put flavor in words but I cant do justice to this flavor bomb. Where do I begin from to describe it, the tanginess of tamarind to the kick of bay leaves to the earthiness of roasted cumin to the freshness of mint, it is just mind blowing!!! And I am telling you those generous filling of pounded green chillies just take it to next level. 

He also has a meetha pani which is made of sugar and jaggery and is equally brilliant. Ask him to just fill one with pounded green chilles and meetha pani, the flavours are unlike anything in this world. Or alternate one theeka pani with meetha pani puchka, its so much fun and unique sensation for the mouth!!

Meetha or Sweet Paani

Puchka is my solution for all life problems, the solution to bad mood, bad health and bad hangover. And this one does everything in oh so awesome style. I can never have enough of these – Never ever in my life!

He also gives one sukha puchka in the end which is just a overstuffed puchka with generous helping of masalas and coriander leaves, but then again it superbly awesome.

Sukha or Dry Puchka served in the end.

As I am typing this, I cant help but make plans to eat this again right now!!

He also makes Churmur which is a chat with crumbled puchka and same ingredients and lots of lemon but then again it tastes very different from puchka and my visit to him is incomplete with a churmur chat with extra mirchi!! That is the beauty of food, same ingredients used differently and you have another delicious dish ready!!


The guy is very laid back which is so Kolkata and loves to take his time to make puchka and so patient that he customizes every single puchkas as per my demand and yes i eat 15 puchkas atleast in one go!!

These puchkas are the reason why I am starting to like Gurgaon and yes they are so awesome that you can come all they way from Delhi without a second thought.
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Exploring Street Food, Bengali Style in CR Park – Part 2

Its been over three years that wrote Exploring Street Food, Bengali Style in CR Park and a LOT has changed in those 3 years. Most importantly I have become a meat-eater and feel that my taste buds have evolved which usually is a natural process however for someone who #Lives2Eat its got to be much stronger.
I happened to visit Market No.2 in CR Park once again, and once again gorged on the goodies available at Dadu Cutlet Shop. Tried their Samosa (also known as Shingara in Eastern part of India) which I feel is a steal for Rs.7 and its unlike any other samosa that you would get in Delhi. Not sure how authentic Bengali it is, however very different from what we are used to for sure. Unlike Delhi it is served with a white chutney (which they tell me is made from Garlic, Chillies and Mustard paste) and some basic salad on the side instead of the standard green (coriander/mint etc) & Red (sweet) chutney. The difference does not end there, the potato inside is not mashed, however cut into small pieces, fried and then mixed with spices. Besides that it also had come Chickpea and Peanuts in it. Told you, this one was exotic.
Samosa or Shingara – Notice the Salad and Chutney
Inside the Samosa – fried potatos, chickpeas visible.
The Menu of Dadu Cutlet Shop
Another thing which costed Rs. 7 was Pyazi, which basically is a Pyaz pakoda or Bhajiya as it would be called in other parts of country. I failed to notice any differences, that is if there were any, but for its price it did taste good. Next we dug into a Mutton Chop which costed Rs.25 and was loved by my friends. It was not pure mutton, my guess is that it had some vegetable mixed in it. There was Egg Devil Chop, in which the same keema (of which mutton chop is made) was filled inside the egg, then it was batter coated and fried. I found the texture and taste of this one much better than the other Mutton chop that we had, and to be honest I just could not get enough of it. Item unlike any I have come across, MUST TRY! 🙂
Mutton Chop
Egg Devil Chop
We also enjoyed the Puchka from the guy who has a counter on the front side of the market, near Republic of Chicken. For the uninitiated Puchkas are Bengali for Gol Gappas or Paani Puri. Essentially made of Atta they are very thin and are stuffed with a mix of mashed potato, chana and spices before getting dunked into water which again is different from the flavors we are used to. If you do not compare it with your version of Gol Gappa and appreciate spicy and tangy flavors, you are going to fall in love with this one.
Puchka – Can you see the spices in water?
Puchka – This time with sweet ref chutney added to it.
Inside the vessel that contained Paani
Another interesting thing that we ate was cousin of our own good old matra or the chhole served with kulche on the streets of Delhi. Its called Ghugni and its basically Yellow Peas cooked with some gravy and served with some more crispy add on, simple namkeen and bhujiya in our case. Quite a guilt-free snack it makes for. Btw the same guy would fix you jhal muri, bhel puri and other goodies, in Bengali style ofcourse.
from the Ghugni Stall
How Ghugni was served. Photo Credits : Kriti Nagpal
There was this new sweet shop we noticed opposite the Puchka guy, atleast it looked new to me, tried Lime flavored and Chocolate Flavored Sondesh from them, both of them were very fresh and melt in the mouth types. Something that I need to go back for.
And none of my food crawl in that area can be complete without a large size Kullhad of Mishti Doi from Annapurna Sweets. Smooth, creamy, sweet, sour, cold, earthy – Mishti Doi is Goddess’s direct and personal blessing to mankind. Do not miss it any cost, I doubt they do any better than what is served at Annapurna Sweets in Market No.2 of CR Park.
Mishti Doi
Please read the earlier post as well, I am sure you will find more good food there. :

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Kumar Samose Wala – The Samosa is not so humble anymore.

Ashish Tulsian : kaun kaun se samose hai bhaiya?
Kumar Samose Wala : ji Pizza Samosa, Chowmien samosa, Pasta Samosa hi hai abhi to. Aap kaunsa lenge?
Ashish Tulsian :Pasta waala de do bhaiya…
Kumar Samose Wala – red sauce or white sauce??
Ashish Tulsian : :O :O :O :O
Yup! that is how the conversation went. This guy is selling good old samosas with a twist or rather lot of twists. Some of thme unimaginable combos like Pizza samosa, Chowmien samosa, Soya keema Somaosa, Red sauce Pasta Samosa, White Sauce pasta Samosa, Chilly Paneer Samosa and what not, the list I am sure goes on and on. But then all of them varieties might not be available all the time, as they keep coming fresh and selling fresh. 
Have tried a few of them and can say that all of them are well made, one might appreciate the different flavors or not, but all are made with care. Which for me means that fillings are not stop gap arrangement, each filling has its unique flavor and stands out from other. Besides that they are very well fried and have an even shell around them, no haphazard job or quick fixes here. 

Pizaa Samosa – not sure why its called that, but not back at all.
Chowmien Samosa.
Red Sauce Pasta Samosa
And the best part is that the humble Aloo ka samosa is one of the best I have ever had. In all the sheen of fancy samosas, this all time classic has not lost its charm. Among all those western and oriental sauces, the the mix and flavor of spices in the Aloo samosa was captivating enough to capture all my senses. And honestly, they gained a lot of respect by doing this one right
Aloo Samosa – Loved it.
Cost varies from Rs.10 -20 per piece depending on the type. Like the aloo was for Rs.10 and pizza one was Rs. 15. The paneer ones ought to be pricier. 
Location : Impossible for me to explain, however find Milan Cinema in New Moti Nagar / Karam Pura area and then ask around for Kumar Samose Waala. The shop is a non-descript one in residential area. You are in 500 meters radius and asking around would lead you there for sure. Well known name out there. Or you might check google maps, it is marked there by name of Kumar Samose Wala. 
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Litti Chhokha – Bihari delight on Noida streets

Litti Chokha is a dish that not many Dilliwalas know about, to simplify it, I was told that it is like Baati (Dal-Baati-Churma fame) but from Eastern side of India, Bihar to be more specific. But now I know that comparing it with Baati is simplifying it too much. They both are round balls of flour – I guess the similarity ends there. 
Litti soaked in Ghee with Chokha of Aloo and Baigan.

Litti Chokha : The Dry version
I am not an culinary expert and to keep things simple I would describe Litti as a round ball of flour stuffed with some Sattu and then cooked over a grill fired with coal. Or alteast that is what I have eaten mostly, specially in Sector 58 of Noida which is a strong hold of Litti Chhokha sellers. Chokha that we get there is a mix of potato and aubergine as base. However I have been told that it can be be made of Chhole/Chana, Chicken, Mutton etc amongst other things. 
Talking about the ones that we usually get on streets of Noida, they are simple balls of flour which are stuffed with Sattu, which is a powder of grounded pulses, chane ki dal in this case I would assume. Sattu in turn is dry roasted/toasted with garlic, onions, green chilli, coriander, ajwain, jeera and mangrella (Kalongi or Onion seeds) which add lot of flavor to it. Litti is then baked / roasted on a coal fired grill, which makes it quite crispy and crunchy. It can be served dry or dipped in Desi Ghee; which is my favorite way of eating it. When the Desi ghee reaches the core of it then the magic happens for me. The aroma, the flavors are divine enough to captivate all your senses.
Getting roasted on coal fired grill.
A closer look
The Young lad making and serving us. Loved his hospitality and attitude. 
Coming to chokha, usually its the Aloo-Baigan ka mix that these guys serves, however what makes it interesting is the use of 3 chutneys or sauces to spice it up. One is made of mustard seed paste in mustard oil base, the other is red chilli, and the third one is green one with ginger, garlic, coriander and green chillies in it. Usually they mix it as per their standard recipe, however its fun to get it customised by asking him to add more mustard or chilli depending on what your taste is like. Chokha has a very smoky flavor as they roast the aloo and baigan rather than boiling them, plus the after taste of garlic is simply wow. Raw onions and fried green chillies served with it work brilliantly to get your palette ready for the next bite. 
Three Chutneys that go in Chokha, they are not served with the dish as a condiment this is for illustrative purpose only. 
Toasted Sattu that was stuffed in the Litti
I have been eating them for last couple of years in Sector 58 of Noida and have always got varied tastes and quality, however yesterday I encountered a better one from the lot and thought would share the love with fellow foodies. These are small stalls without any names and very little differentiating one from another in identification, however to keep things simple – Go to sector 58 in Noida, look for water tank, when near it ask for gas agency and right outside it would be a guy selling his wares. Remember that the gas agency is on the opposite side of water tank, 50-100 meters ahead of it. To confirm ask who gives Piliye ki dawai (Jaundice Medicine) and that is your guy. Below is the map, with a marker on the Water Tank I am talking about. 

View Larger Map

I think traditionally its a working man’s snack and hence it costs pittance, Rs.20 for 2 desi ghee soaked Litti with Chokha and you get 3 of those Littis for same amount if you prefer the drier version. And as far as I know they make a very healthy snacking option, much healthier than fried OR maida stuff that we usually get on our streets. Right from the brown flour to sattu to chokha, I do not see anything wrong with any of those things. 
Usually they operate from 9 am to 9 pm, however since these are not permanent establishments, the timings may vary. Like yesterday they had to wind up by 7 pm due to pressure by cops. 
All in all, its one of my favorite things to eat, simply because of the flavors. It is a MUST try dish if you like your flavors strong, and for a vegetarian it would be a much welcome addition to the variety of things one can eat and which are on tastier as well as healthier side.  If you have to make a trek to eat it, I would say do it. Its worth it.

Thanks to Anuradha Gupta, though I have written this post, however a major contribution comes from her too.

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Chhole Bhature Marathon in East Delhi – 4 Chhole Bhature Waalas Sampled.

We at Eatlo love our Chhola Bhaturas and being the Dilliwalas we are, its out bread and butter, soul, comfort or whatever type of food. Live live, breathe, eat bhaturas. Okay maybe too much, atleast I do. 
To satiate our insatiable hunger for them and to celebrate the love for them bhaturas, we celebrated The First International Chhole Bhature Day on 2nd October 2013, which was a  ‘virtual eatup’, in which foodies from now 24000+ strong community of Eatlo ate Chhole Bhature on the morning of 2nd October all over the world. And they best part, we all shared pictures of what we ate. In Delhi foodies formed small groups and went out eating Chhole Bhature together, scouting multiple places in the process. It saw participation from United States of America to European Continent to Middle East to Australia and ofcourse foodies from all over India shared and savored the love of Bhaturas. . 
To continue the spirit, and keeping the fading winters in mind, we decided to celebrate February 2014 as the Chhole Bhature month. We have decided that on 4 Sundays we would do marathons, where a bunch of foodies would venture in a different direction every Sunday and taste the bhaturas that the area has to offer, all recommendations by fellow food lovers. 
So the first Sunday was East Delhi, as I feel its one of the most ignored areas of online food circles and I feel its like a treasure chest, whatever good you find, is a super add on to the scene. And trust me, there is a lot in that chest which is yet to be found.
This Sunday 9th feb 2013, we covered these 4 joints, wanted to cover another one in Kanti Nagar, however at 11:30 AM they were already out of stuff. 
– Super Snacks, Lal Quarter
– Jaiswal, Lal Quarter
– Radhey Krishna, AGCR Englave
– Vishal, Preet Vihar
Super Snacks, Lal Quarter
Located in a busy market which looked quite food dense, this is not an exclusive Chhole Bhature joint. They sell south Indian, Chinese amongst other things and the interior is something that has not moved on from the 80’s. Just the kind of rustic feel I love, however the bhaturas were not much to be talked about. Even though it was the first stop and we all were VERY hungry, however we still felt that these were just Average or decent bhaturas. Something you can relate to Haldirams, just 70% of everything. Nothing wrong with it, but them… ummm.. never-mind. For me 2.5 out of 5 points.

Chhole Bhature at Super Snacks
Super Snacks in Lal Quarter

Jaiswal, Lal Quarter

Now this place was not on agenda. Walking back towards our cars after Super Snacks we noticed this Cart or rehri with a huge crowd of people eating Chhole bhature. We all looked at each other and thought 1 plate should be tried. We ordered one, liked it, polished off another. At Rs.20 for a plate, VERY decent taste. For me 3 on 5 for this one.

Chhole Bhature at Jaiswal
Jaiswal ki rehri

Vishal, Preet Vihar

At Rs.25 for a bhatura this place seemed VERY steep for a rehri / cart. However with the kind of recommendations I had got for this one, I was not worried about the price at all. And all the recommendations were absolutely right. Well made bhaturas and tasty chhole. 4 on 5 for me. Must try place in that part of town.

Vishal ki rehri
All for a smile..
Chhole Bhature at Vishal
Foodies having fun

Radhey Krishna, AGCR Englave

This for me was a revelation. The way this place is located and structured was a complete surprise for me. From the number of pateelas to the cars to the crowds inside this place, all pointed towards the popularity of the place. And then came in the bhaturas, and blew my mind away. The moment I touched it to break my first bite, I realised that this was the softest and fluffiest bhatura that I have experienced in a long time. Some people might say that they like them crisp, however I have no problem with that. But we need to understand that making one crisp is the easy part, you just fry them on a low flame and for a longer duration, however making them soft and fluffy is where the art comes in and for me, he seems to be a master at it. And mind you it was Sunday noon, and the peak time for such a business, it would have been very easy for them to miss the quality and sell substandard product. Also tried the Chur chur naans from the place, though were not Chur Chur as I know them, but still quite tasty. Could not think of a reason to not to give it full marks. At par with best in Delhi and maybe better than several so called best in other parts of town. 5 on 5 for me.

Chhole Bhature from Radhey Krishna 
Interesting setup and huge crowds.

Chur Chur Naan

Our table.. gluttony central.
Eggs of bhature before they hatch into soft and fluffy ones.. 😉

Just to give some alternate perspective, here is a quick take from Kamna Gupta, who was part of the raiding team as well.

Super Snacks, Kanti Nagar: They had like any average local sweets shop kinda stuff. Nothing really good or bad about them. The bhaturas were over fried, which I didn’t like. My rating 2.5/5.
The road side vendor in Kanti Nagar: Super stuff in just 20 bucks and he did not charge extra for the extra chole  The crowd at his stall caught our attention and we were glad about it. Really good stuff and the mirchi was awesome!  My rating 3.5/5.
Radhe Krishna, AGCR Enclave: Awesome stuff!! The bhaturas were soft, just the way I like them. Chole good and the green chutney was perfect for the combo. I just wish their green chillis were the smaller hot ones. The ones they served were quite disappointing. My rating is 4.5/5 (the half point deducted for the mirchi).
Vishal (road side vendor (thele wala): This was our last stop and we were already stuffed but still I could taste the awesomeness in their stuff. The bhaturas were soft and chole spicy (IMO, better than Radhe Krishna’s). My rating 4.5/5.
Even though I am sure there was numerous other awesome players in East of Delhi however I feel that we did good for a start and thanks to the Chhole Bhature marathon for that. 
Now looking to venture unto West of Delhi on 16th of February and see what all we can savor and unearth.

Stuffed and Happy faces

PS : Post the Marathon for desserts we got into Classic Ice-cream parlor in Preet Vihar and had a time of our life. But then its a different story to be told some time later. 

Ahmadabad’s Food Delights – By Dhawal Shah

This place is food hub for all bhukkads. This place starts the operations around 7 pm and go on till 1 am. The place where this kiosk is setup is actually a jewelers market in day time. It is one of the oldest market right in the middle of old Ahmadabad with lots and lots of  shor sharaba.
In this small area one can find 30-40 different food outlets where you can get varieties like different types of sandwiches, pizzas, dosas, panipuris, ice creams, kulfis, Punjabi & Chinese food, etc.
As a foodie this place is always in my “must visit places list” during my Ahmadabad visit.
During my last visit I had few delicacies like :
Chocolate Sandwich
Now this sandwich is made with the ingredients like Cadburys Dairy Milk, Chocolate Sauce, lots of cheese and butter. I don’t think I have had bread softer than the one used in this sandwich.
Chocolate Sandwich
Gwalior Dosa
I really don’t know why this type of dosa is called as Gwalior Instead of BUTTER Dosa. This simple butter dosa is very different from what we eat in Sagar Ratna, Dasaprakash etc. This is soft dosa loaded with loads of pure AMUL BUTTER.

Gwalior Dosa

Dryfuirt Dosa

Its Sin!!! Yes,this Dosa is purely made from cashews, badams, butter and cheese etc. Ghee roasted badams and cashews tastes amazingly delicious. It is served with Spl CRISPY MASALA Dosa. 

Pizza made in oven. It is as crispy as biscuit or oven fresh cookies. Very simple tomato Sauce with Amul Cheese “JAB tak customer NA mat Bole”.


Pineapple Sandwich

This is my all time favorite sandwich made from fresh pineapple with cheese and butter ofcourse :P.

Pineapple Sandwich


This is recently opened roadside outlet but very popular and famous for its original mumbaiya taste. This is cart is run by trained Maharshtrian cook and his family members. One of the finds of Ahmedabad.
Missal Pav
Thanks to the Ridhi Sidhi where one can find authentic Misal Pav. Spicy, full of masalas and farsan, Misal Pav is served with Special Pav. Now this pav is not ordinary pav what we get in local markets. His pav is his USP.

Missal Pav

Masala Pav

On asking him and showing the interest in Maharshtrian food, this cook offered me masala pav on his recommendation. He prepared superb chutney of onion, garlic & tomato along with some traditional spices on tawa. Wowwww is the word for this meal.

Masala Pav


Ahmedabad has modified version of vadapav. But this is the orginal vadapav what we eat in Mumbai and Pune. Again aloo vada and chutney makes it so special.Place : Praladh Nagar


Random check outs:

All time favorite snack of Gujaratis made with aloo, mixture of several chatnis, roasted peanuts, etc.
Place: Kutch King Dabeli



Pav bhaji
Pav bhaji made just in front of you as per your instructions. It tastes as similar what we get in Mumbai with Fresh Vegetables topped with butter.
Place: Prince Pav Bhaji

Pav bhaji

Khada Bhaji

This is different version of pao bhaji with some twist. Spicy bhaji made with freshly choped vegetables.
Place: Prince Pav Bhaji
Khada Bhaji

Butter Pulav

Again Mumbaiya taste pulav, a rice delicacy with bhaji.
Place: Prince Pav Bhaji, Maninagar

Butter Pulav

Jai Bhawani Vada Pav

Modified version of vadapav made with lots of butter and garlic chutney. Some people even find it better than original vadapav. In my opinion one should not miss vadapao from this place during Ahmadabad Visit.
Place : Jai Bhawani Vadapao, CG Road

Vada pav

Dum Biryani @ 650

Biryani is not a part of Gujarat palette. But this is one of the better Dum Biryani one can have in Ahmedabad. As per chef, they have secret recipe of this delicacy.
Place :650 The Gloabal Kitchen, Ambawadi

Dum Biryani 

Ragda Pani Puri

We generally eat Suji panipuri in Delhi, but in Ahemdabad, we get panipuri made with aata. Here panipuri is served with ultra spicy pani along with hot ragda made of mattara (what we eat in chole kulche).
Place: Arvind pani puri wala, Paldi

Ragda Pani Puri

Sindhi Daal Pakwan

I was waiting to grab Daal pakwan as soon as I land up in Ahmedabad. This sindhi delicacy is only found  in Sindhi dominated area of Ahmedabad. Its made up with mixture of several Dals.
Place : Sindhi market, Maninagar

Sindhi Daal Pakwan


Maggie Pakora
How many of us had Maggie in pakora style? Yes in Ahmadabad you can find these Maggi Pakoras. It tastes amazing, made with daal and Maggie.On asking that guy how he invented this delicacy he simply said its totally accidental and purely a gods grace. He said I ordered painter to make board of Maggie and pakora but painter just made board with just “Maggie pakora”. And that’s how he become famous and started making Maggie pakoras.
Place:  SG highway Opp Karnavati Club

Maggie Pakora

Text & Images by Dhawal Shah