Best 30 Places to buy Traditional Sweets in Delhi this Diwali

We asked our community members about the most reliable, safe and delicious Mithai and Sweet options from Delhi and got some interesting responses. We have curated this list of 30 Mithaiwalas from Delhi – recommended by fellow Foodiye.

Diwali is not complete without truck loads of Mithai or sweets that are exchanged by families and businesses every year. Moderns times have seen the advent of chocolates & other international goodies making their own space in the gift zone, while companies like Frontier Biscuit Factory have always been popular with their range of Biscuits and Cookies that they sell from their 60 or so stores in town.

That said, the tradition Indian Mithai is always the backbone of festivities and I am sure even god herself would not know how many Tonnes of the same are bought, sold, gifted, exchanged and consumed during these days.

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