Rakhi Special Packs & Hampers – By Frontier Biscuits

These special packs are ideal for gifting and are filled with their signature range of products. Lets not forget that all their goodies are eggless & hand made with finest ingredients.

Rakhsha Bandhan zing is back in the air and most of us are already searching for the gifts for our adorable siblings – those creatures who make our lives beautiful with their weirdness & unexpressed love.

So while you are scratching your head what to buy for your brother/sister, Frontier Biscuits has come up with their special packs for Rakhi. These special packs are ideal for gifting and are filled with their signature range of products. Lets not forget that all their goodies are eggless & hand-made with finest ingredients.

#Hamper2Pamper – And here is your chance to win {not for your self but your sibling} Rakhi Special Hampers which will be filled with decadent biscuits like Butter Kaju, Fruit Cake Rusk, Kaju Pista etc. A hamper is a brilliant way to pamper your sibling with assortment of biscuits that they have grown up eating.

Frontier has over 60 shopping zones, from where you can but these goodies. You can search for store nearest to you here.

Wondering how can you win some goodies for your sibling? just take part in our contest & tell us what is the funniest thing your sibling has ever gifted you in comments and 15 lucky winners will win special hampers!

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What are the best items to buy from Karachi bakery, Hyderabad? PS Other than Fruit biscuits

Karachi Bakery of Hyderabad has to be one of the most famous food brands of India. They have a fan following not only in India, but overseas as well – thanks to huge number of NRI Food lovers. There stores popping all over the country are evidence enough of their demand and following.
Though the availability is getting easier by the day, there still remains a certain charm in visiting one of their outlets in Hyderabad and picking up goodies from outlets closest to their mother ship. The sheer choice can be overwhelming and one such confused Eatlopians asked in our Delhi NCR group on what she can buy from the fabled bakery, besides their much delightful Fruit Biscuits.
Teena Luther Hey friends! Can someone suggest what are the best items to buy fromKarachi bakery, Hyderabad? PS other than fruit biscuits. Thanks.
Vasudha ShardaThe ones with pistachios and cashews are nice too
 Sandhya Handa There is one chocolate cookies with a melted chocolate layer!
Jitika Rohit Sharma Thats choco delight cookies
Tabassum Mateen Choudhury Try their pickles, Teenzie…esp mango pickles…
Amandeep Singh Osmania biscuits and pista (long ones)
Shifa Sharma You can try the walnut cake rusk, Osmania/ Chai biscuits but their chocolate delight cookies are to die for.
 Srishti Kapoor Osmania, almond biscuits and if u lyk go for fruit cake rusk..Dnt forget to taste their pastries.. Amazing ones
 Teena Luther What is Osmania guyz?
 Amandeep Singh It’s slightly salty and sweet. Best had with chai.
 Teena Luther Looks pretty popular with everyone
Sandhya Handa Osmania biscuits are likr Plain butter biscuits…like Shrewsbury biscuit of pune…
Rahul Tandon Osmania Biscuits because the other specialty you already mentioned in your post
 Komal Kaur Garlic rusk
 Poonam Dimri Try their biscottis!! They are really good!
 Manish Nakra Cheese garlic rusk
 Jitika Rohit Sharma Choco delight cookies… its simply awsum… yummm
Nandita Mohan Do taste the hot chocolate and red velvet cupcakes!!
 Vineet Kapoor The best item to buy is the one …which u r going to gift us wink emoticon
 Angelo Martins Forget everything.. Don’t miss almond biscoti n the imported candies. The biscoti is a steal
 Manu Makkar Batra Spices…briyani masala…n other masale
 Harsimran Singh Batra Banana Walnut Cake, Kesar Pista Biscuits, Almond Biscuti, Pista Biscuti, Rest u taste n buy…
Vinay Aggarwal Cheese Garlic Rusk!
Bajpai Previnder Go for thier assorted pack…thatvwill cover thier 8 top variety… Incase coming back to delhi..pl pick some more for us…hehehe
Komal Kaur Its in delhi as well.. In naraina
Tamanna Singh Puria Almond butter biscotti.
Taruna Kapoor Their chicken mutton and fish achaar are amazing
Its seems that Osmania Biscuit and Almond Biscotti seem to win much favor from Eatlopians, while their Garlic Rusk & Choco Delight Cookies get honorary mentions. Hope this will help you making a choice while you go their shopping for friends and family.
As it turn out, Karachi Bakery Biscuits are available online as well (at-least some of them), do have a look at their range here :

Karachi Bakery Range

Featured Image Credits : Mani Sareen (Eatlo Delhi/NCR)