Breakfast Delivery by McDonald’s – Fuel when you need it

McDonald’s might not be the most popular food brand these days, however the convenience offered by them at several levels is hard to ignore. This is not going to be my default goto option whenever I need a breakfast, but it would always be a viable option when in need.

There are times when I spend my nights in our studio, and when that happens I generally end up working from early in the morning as well, as those are best hours to get things done. Those are the hours when hunger pangs are at their greatest and you are so engrossed in work that stepping out is not an option. This is one of my situations and I am sure everyone gets into such situations where they need some fuel for their mind and body, however cooking or stepping out is not an option.

A quick google search for Breakfast Delivery in Delhi threw up a few options – InnerChef – I love them, however wanted to try something different, Faasos came up, however their service starts from 9 AM and so did several other names. The most interesting out of those was McDelivery – the delivery service of McDonald’s. Opened their site and it was delight to see that they had their breakfast options open for delivery  before 9 am in the morning. Though the options were limited to 3 items : Sausage McMuffin™ With Egg, Veg Supreme McMuffin™ & McFlurry™ Black Forest – but these seemed good enough given scarcity of resources and the safety net that name of Mickey D offers. In fact you can also pre-order you food and schedule a time for delivery at your convenience. For eg you can place the order at 6 Am for a delivery of 8 Am or later as it seems that is when they start their service.

Once you make a selection from two types of McMuffin, the system asks you for customisation – you can order the McMuffin by itself, in a Happy Meal or the one I choose – a proper combo meal with choice of drink and a hash brown. Both Veg and Non. Veg versions offer similar option.

Options in the breakfast menu of McDonald's in Delhi
Options in the breakfast menu of McDonald’s in Delhi
3 options with the type of Muffin you choose.
3 options with the type of Muffin you choose.
You can pre-book your food.
You can pre-book your food.

Registration process was smooth and order was placed in a jiffy – the meal had a list price of Rs.125 and with taxes and delivery charges it went up to Rs.183. The most delightful part was that they gave a delivery time of 30 minutes, which was unlike many gourmet and new-age delivery service who ask for 45-60 minutes at least. For a hungry tummy, a shorter time was a blessing. Got a call after 20 minutes telling me that rider was on his way and is shortly expected to make a delivery to my address.  Food came in just on time, with rider carrying exact change for my Rs.500 note. He handed me 2 packets and the cup with Hot coffee – usual packaging of the packets, however cup could have been handled in a better way. maybe they need a different delivery mechanism for the same. It was just their regular cup shrink wrapped up in a plastic sheet – was in a bit of mess when it arrived but I simply poured into my mug and life was sorted.

Sausage McMuffin™ With Egg was its usual self – of which I am not the biggest fan – The bread was nice and textured, with a cheese slice, a patty of chicken sausage and one egg wrapped inside it. Its been couple of years that I had this items and I still don’t like it much. However the ketchup on the side made in palatable fuel for me and the crispy hash brown helped in the ingestion process. That said the coffee was absolute delight. Did not look like much on the face of it, however it was dark, bitter and intense  – a coffee that connoisseurs would approve of and a coffee that can put some fancy specialised chains to shame.

McMuffin with Chicken Sausage, Egg and Cheese.
McMuffin with Chicken Sausage, Egg and Cheese.

The Rs.30 delivery charge added to the order makes a hit on the value for money proposition, and McDonald’s does not come with your fancy health food tag – as it’s the favorite bashing brand for everyone and anyyone who claims to know their food – however I am a firm believer that unless you are eating it daily, there is no way it can harm you. Infact its serves as an excellent option every now and then specially when you are seeking good clean fuel for your system or just some comfort food which will not make you throw up or run for the nearest washroom. Personally the Sausage McMuffin™ With Egg might not be for my tastebuds, however that would not stop me for ordering the Veg Supreme McMuffin™ next time when I am in need of effortless fuel for my system – Specially early in the morning.

Sausage McMuffin along with Hashbrown
Sausage McMuffin along with Hashbrown

The Oberoi Maidens Hotels – A Soothing Breakfast.

Spent a very relaxed Sunday morning at The Garden Terrace Restaurant of Oberoi Maidens Hotel (New Delhi) which is a Heritage Hotel in its 111 years now . Neither there is something exceptionally good about the food, nor the spread too lavish. Its a very small restaurant by modern standards (40 pax types),  which has a beautiful setting, the indoors being from colonial era while outdoors being a very soothing green. Overall its the old world & quaint charm of the property that attracts someone like me. 
However I found the food to be quite good and generally speaking not too many reasons to complain about if I am not being too demanding, a kind of place where you would want to have a relaxed conversation while soaking all the Shanti around  and have the luxury of all that good food at your disposal at the same time.
Barring couple of service issues, speaking the hospitality was upto the mark, courteous and were serving with a smile. The service issues we had I would attribute to peak hour and then we ourselves were 14 people who were there solely to eat and generally to make most of the buffet. Yes, it was an Eatlo Eatup after all. 
The buffet costed Rs.750 + taxes and had usual mix of Cereals, Juices, Cold Cuts, Cheeses, South Indian, North Indian, Breads, Donuts, Fruits, Eggs etc, not of the lavish side, however still offering great choices. 
Here are some pictures of food from this morning, mostly clicken by yours truly, some of them by fellow Eatlopian, Shivendu Mittal.

The Outdoor seating that I enjoy the most, heavily dependent on weather though. In picture fellow food lovers from Eatlo. 
The Spread, very functional, however still did not make me miss anything.
Tomato Idli with two types of chutney on top.
Scrambled Eggs
Chocochip Pancakes
Sausages – Closer look
Oh! we had some company..
A look from the Inside
Eggs Benedict – Off the menu, still served with smile, multiple times. 
Aloo Puri – If you an Indian Avoid, if you are a tourist do try them. 
Crispy Bacon and Chicken Sausages.
Pancakes were really nice, served with molten Butter  & maple Syrup
Mixed Parantha
Paneer Parantha – very nice when it came the first time, however second time kind of a disaster with extra salt and missing Methi leaves. 
Paper Dosa – sambhar was bland, chutneys were really nice. 
Paranthas from outside. 
Poached Eggs
Waffles, served with molten Butter & Maple Syrup.

The Lawn next to the outside seating area – With fellow foodies from Eatlo
Photo Credits : Shivendu Mittal
Photo Credits : Shivendu Mittal
Photo Credits : Shivendu Mittal

Photo Credits : Shivendu Mittal

Food Enthusiasts of Delhi & Shashank Aggarwal own the copyrights of all pictures and content. To use pictures in any way commercially OR non-commercially connect with

Monkey Bar – A Quirky Breakfast

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I say I agree because that is when I eat my Chhole Bhature, Chhole Puri and kachori. Well, mostly. But then if you have to eat out in the morning the options are very limited, specially in non-traditional food. From top of my mind I can only think of All American Diner in Indian Habitat Center (which I am not much of a fan of) and coffee shops of star hotels that host breakfast buffets. 
When I got an invite from newly opened Monkey Bar in Vasant Kunj to sample their breakfast menu, I was excited, excited to know finally someone was focusing on the most important meal of the day. They started off with a special menu for Saturday and Sundays, which was available from 9 am to 1 pm. However now they serve it on Sundays only and that too from 10 am to 12:30 pm. My 2 cents would say that 10 am is too late to start a breakfast and it should start by 8 am if not earlier. That said I am not an industry expert, however I am sure it would have a lot to do with the actual demand and/or operational challenges faced by management. 
This morning me and my partner in crime Anuradha Gupta landed at the doorstep of Monkey Bar at 10:30 AM and the first look of the building took me by surprise. The restaurant is a glass pyramid, with essentially means a glass roof which is quite high. Giving it a feel that is like none another that I have experienced before. Even though we were indoors, it felt like open air, with filtered sunlight pouring in adding to the blissful feel of the morning. 

Multiple seating levels
Lot of natural light
Decent crowd for a Sunday noon.

The menu was quite refreshing, it was nice to see someone not going the usual cliched western breakfast way – eggs, sausages, bacon, potatos, breads, coffee, juices, but actually trying to innovate using the cliched items and then adding their own twist and quirkiness to it. The only downside – not much selection for vegetarians, specially the eggless types. 

I needed a strong coffee to kick start my system and Anuradha ordered a fresh watermelon juice. My french press was served with some milk on the side, however this morning I wanted to stay on the dark side and the coffee did not disappoint me at all. From aroma to taste, I had no reason to complain. Anuradha seemed quite happy too, knowing how tough a cookie she is to crack, I am assuming the juice was upto the mark in freshness as well as taste. 

Fresh Watermelon Juice
French Press Coffee
Star of the day for me : The Breakfast Slider
We started off by ordering a ‘Breakfast Slider’ which can be described as a Sandwich / Burger in what menu said was Louisiana style Biscuit. It had slices of smoked mozzarella, their house-made sausage patty (beef), poached egg, bacon, topped with loads of Hollandaise sauce. As much as I am trying to find a better and more descriptive word, Orgasmic is the only adjective that is coming to my mind. The best part : The bread used (Louisiana style biscuit) in the slider. One of the best bakery items that I have ever tasted, lovely texture which accentuated the taste of all the awesome ingrediends of the slider. Do not be deceived by its small size, it was VERY scrumptious and would be sufficient for an average breakfast all by itself. 

Breakfast Slider – One Side look
Breakfast Slider – Other side look – Loads of Hollandaise Sauce

Anuradha decided to go vegetarian today and ordered a combo called “GARDEN OF FIVE SENSES” which as per the menu had Mushroom rolls, Veg croquttes, hash browns, fetta stuffed tomatos, house-made baked beans, tomato chutney & toast. Hash browns were unedible, Mushroom rolls felt like a spring roll & I do not remember any fetta in my tomatos. Bakeds beans were delicious though small in portion, bread was freshly baked and one of the better ones you will have, tomato chutney was surprisingly yummy & croquttes were very well made, crispy and tasty. A confusing combo, I would rather not spend Rs. 450 (approx) + taxes on it. 

Garden of Five Senses

Stuffed Mushrooms, Croquettes and Tomato Chutney
Hash Browns, Mushroom Rolls, Grilled Onion and Tomatos
Another look at the Garden of Five Senses

Did I mention that they serve Cocktails in the breakfast? Yup specialy designed menu of 5 cocktails which they start serving at 11 am (Bar & exise regulations issues I would assume). We started by ordering a ‘Mary Pops In’ which is their take on the classic Bloody Mary and a ‘Chandon Mimosa’which was a Chandon Brut and Orange Juice. Mary Pops In had a nice smokey floavour and when we opend the the jar we were pleasantly surprised. As the morning progressed we sampled all the 5 cocktails on the menu other three being :

Chandon Mimosa
Jade Mojito
Mary Pops In
Once upon a time in Mexico 
Leprechaun’s Vice

– JADE MOJITO – Which had Green Apples, Mint and Rum as per the menu, however we felt some monin syrup in it too. The Apple in it was actually fresh and fun to bite into.  

– LEPRECHAUN’S VICE – Jameson Irish Whiskey, French Press Black Coffee, topped with Cream 
– ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO – Spiced Hot Chocolate with Dark Rum : Loved the drink, just the kind I appeciate. It came in a kullahd style chai cup (made of china though) which was quite funny and out of place. I think it would taste and feel better in some other glass. Also it was served without any stirrer, which is needed with this drink as the Chocolate sauce would always settle at the bottom and would need stirring to keep the concoction going the way it is supposed to go.  
None of the drinks gave us any reasons to complain and we were quite impressed by the quality of coctails. Quirky and delicious. Pefect start for a Sunday.. 😉
Our love for their breads continuted with ‘Bialy’ & ‘Toast to France’. The Menu describes Bialy as a New York style Jewish Bagel but much more gratifying. It comes with cream cheese and I got some smoked salmon added to it. It tasted good with salmon in it, however it tasted much better without the salmon. And yes, it was much more satisfying than any other bagel that I have ever had (though I have not had much :P). Toast to France as the name suggests, was much like frech toast but with a different bread, which again was the star of the show. Loved the way it looked! Giant portion, squishy bread and that tiny bottle to pour the syrup. The menu describes is as a Challah soaked in milk, eggs, wine, cinnamon, orange zest, honey and vanilla. Pan-fried and served  with house syrup.

Bialy – With Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese
Salmon and Cream Cheese
Toast to France 

Trying another dish in vegetarian selction we ordered MURTABAK, to call it a close relative of a Besan ka Chilla stuffed with Paneer Bhurji would be wrong. It was not a close relative but Besan ka Chilla stuffed with Paneer Bhurji itself. For someone like me its a very traditional dish we associate with our homes and to my pleasant surprise it tasted exactly as it would taste in home. The Paneer stuffed inside was very well done, not expected from a fancy ‘gastro-pub’, in a good way:P. It was served with delicious tomoto chutney and Chholey.

Murtabak – Stuffing of ‘Paneer bhurji’

That brought an end to our breakfast, 50% of it I ate just because I was enjoying the ambiance, and the menu was so interesting that I wanted to try as much as possible. writing this post reminds me that there are still a bunch of things on the menu that sound VERY inviting to me and I guess I would be going back to try them soon enough. Specially those breads, I need to sample more of them.

Even though I should not be commenting on service here, however the staff seemed knowledgable & quite friendly.
Overall had an awesome experience. A must try menu if you enjoy your breakfast or food in general, however if you are a vegetarian, specially the ones who do not eat eggs as well, then visit at your own risk. Did not pay any attention or bothered about the prices as it was invited review for us, however a cursory look at the menu tells me that this place is not too expensive, atleast by the modern standards. A cocktail would cost you Rs.250-350 + taxes here, which I feel is quite reasoable. I would assume that rest of the menu would be priced accordinly too. 

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Halwa-Nagori-Subzi – An Old Delhi Speciality

When I was a kid, we used to often hear about Nagori Halwa, infact my mom and nani used to make them at home too. But then modern life took its toll and such food got label of un-healthy and the fact that it was tough and time consuming dish to make for breakfast, ensured that it has not been made in my home for decades now. Besides that its a dish that is not available round the corner, which means its something you really have to make a trek to a certain part of Delhi to savor it, that too early in the morning. And I am sure not many would be surprised that its only available in lanes on Walled City, OId Delhi or our very own Purani Dilli, whatever name you prefer to call DIlli-6 by.. 😉

To start of, what is Halwa Nagori? I am sure we all understand Halwa. Its suji (semolina) roatsed in Ghee with loads of sugar. Every Indian in any part of world would know about this one. Coming to Nagori, well to simplify the matters, lets call it a cross between a Suji ka Golgappa and a maide ki poori.

Halwa Nagori at Mahalakshmi Mishthaan Bhandar, Chandni Chowk

Confused? Well, its a bit larger than the Gol Gappa / Pani Puri, however is smaller than the puri as we know it. I guess it is made of Suji and Maida mixed with ghee, deep fried and is crispy, but not as crispy as a Gol gappa, but much crispier than your normal poori. Now you get it why I call it a cross?? 😛

Anyhow, keeping my limited writing skills in mind, I will end the description here and would hope that you would go savor the delicacy yourself and find your own explaination. Nagori is served with some Halwa and Subzi. Subzi can be a mix of Aloo and Chhole, in any proportion.

In Old Delhi I have tried this has 3-4 places – Shyam Sweets on Barshabulla Chowk, Shiv Mishthan Bhandaar in Chandni Chowk, A random street vendor in bylanes and the one I have loved the most : Mahalakshmi Mishtaan Bhandar near Fatefpuri Masjid in Chandni Chowk. That said it can be found at various small outlets all across the walled city, saw a few at Lal Kuan as well.
Halwa Nagori at Shyam Seets, Barshabulla Chowk, Chawri Bazaaar
Today was my third visit to Mahalakshi Mishthaan, today I managed to reach at 6:50 am and thus got my fill of those gorgeous Nagoris and an awesome bedmi too. However on one visit I got there at 8:45 am, they were out of stock already and then next time I was there at 8:00 am, and at that time managed to get hold of couple of pieces only. They start making it by 6:30 am, and I would really call it a redline beyond 8am. Though people have found them till 9 am as well.. 😛

Mahalakshmi makes the Desi Ghee version of it, you get 5 Nagoris, a bit of Halwa and some Subzi in Rs.40 and I feel that this would be the most expensive version too. The first bite early in the morning and it feels that some lubrication has been added to your parched and rusty soul, you can feel the desi ghee doing its magic and taking your sins away. Afterall it is not considered like amrit or Elixir in Ayurveda for nothing. The Halwa’s portion is too little for me, however you can always pay extra and get more Halwa for yourself.  
One of the random stalls selling Nagori amongst other goodies in Dariba Kalan
Besides that I have also enjoyed eating them at Shiv Mishthaan Bhandaar and couple of other hawkers on the street. The ones that I have had Shyam Sweets were too dry for me and just did not work for me. Though I like is Bedmi and Kachori a lot.

I have seen them being sold at few other places too, however I am sure there are lot of versions being sold which are made in vanaspati or vegetable ghee.

You can google for Mahalakshmi / Shiv / Shyam for exact addresses.

PS : Not sure about its origin, however it seems to be very Delhi delicacy and primarily a Baniya food item.

Updated – 16/03/2016 – here is another one I found at Ram Swarup Halwai in Sita Ram Bazaar, its worth taking a note. 

All American Diner : Just not worth it.

All American Diner located in India Habitat Center has been a popular and well known joint in Delhi food scene. I have dined their 2-3 times over last couple of years and both the times have come out extremely disappointment. Sometimes I am surprised why people praise it so much, are they harping on lost glory, or are they nostalgic or just do not know their food??

Limiting this post to my latest experience a few days back, around 20 of us food lovers gathered there to check out their legendary breakfast on a Sunday morning. On their menu they offer a deal according to which you can order anything, as many times from the first three pages of the menu. The deal is for Rs.525 ++ and works out to Rs.670 net. The last order for the same being 10:45 am.

We were warned by friends that Sundays are busy days, the service is slow and all that, however I still believe that it is a commercial establishment, and if they accept my patronage, they have to deliver, no excuses taken.

Let me start from service itself, which was quite a disaster. There seemed to be only 2-3 servers to handle the super busy sunday morning and no wonder they all looked hassled as the day progressed. The waiter serving us looked clueless most of the times, however still seemed to do the best he can.

I guess someone should educate their staff and management that when you offer unlimited deals, the better idea is to serve quickly and move as many tables and as fast as possible. However here the policy was to make the diner wait for as long as possible for their food and hence serving them less food. We settled their at around 8:15 am and for 2 hours out of next 2.5 hours, we just kept waiting. They were taking 45-60 minutes to deliver an order and that too incomplete or incorrect. As soon as the clock struck 10:45 am and our last orders were placed, at 10:50 am came our last two pending orders and at 10:55 am came out the last order. Pardon my limited writing skills, but I hope I was able to express what had happened here. While we were waiting so long for our orders for last 2-3 hours, suddenly when we could not order more, everything came in a jiffy. And maybe it was my imagination, however I sensed a look in the waiters which said – Eat it and get out now.

They really should take some lessons from Rajdhani and other such restaurants which offer unlimited food. They just serve you so fast and so efficiently that you get a feeling of getting pampered and also get full early as food keeps coming at you relentlessly. What American Diner did to us was frustrating and felt like a really bad practise.

Rant about the service over, lets come to food now. It took 45 minutes for them to deliver bad food. Dry waffles, sausages which were not grilled and bacon which was not fried properly. And I am not talking once, this was happening portion after portion, order after order. I am sure they would have got few things right, however one can seldom go wrong with making omelets and toasting bread.
Can you see any grill marks on those sausages?
Loads of Butter and Maple syrup also almost failed to salvage these waffles. 

This is how the bacon looked like. All that uncooked fat. Its supposed to be crispy.

Generally I would have said some good things about their food to give a balanced opinion, however the combination of bad service which seemed to be coming from management policy and bad food is enough for me to make sure this remains a rant. I waited for 3 weeks before writing this, hoping the frustration would subside, but now we know, it never did.

All in all I would advise you to avoid this place, Delhi has lot more breakfast options these days, just checkout deals with some of the 5 star hotels in town and you would be surprised by how cheap they are how how amazing their spread is. All American Diner is just not worth it.
PS : And the portions sizes were too stingy, I am sure America me aisa nahi hota.. 😛
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Wholesome Breakfast At McDonalds

Normally my breakfast is divided into 3 Phases……
  1. Around 7 am, when tiffin is being packed for my kids for their school recess.
  2. Around 8:30 am which is my “usual” Breakfast time.
  3. And then when I am just about to leave for office, I feel like munching something again, which is sometimes a small snack, raat ki bachi hui Suji Firni, Custard or even Nariyal ki Barfi ka piece.
You see when I was a kid, I read some where : “Eat your breakfast like a King, your lunch like a Prince and your dinner like a Pauper”. So now you see that I may not have agreed to all the three points but I do adhere and religiously follow the first one of eating breakfast like a KING.
But 13th March was different. Shashank Aggarwal and myself were invited to check out the new breakfast menu at McDonald’s, Janpath branch in Connaught place. The new menu is being promoted with the BREAKFAST DAY being celebrated on 18th March by McDonald’s across 30 Countries.
Yes THIRTY!! Will come to that later.
So, today I just had my first breakfast with kids and then keeping my palate clean and leaving enough space in my tummy for McDonald’s breakfast menu left for CP.
I remember coming to this outlet often. The first time in 2002 when I gave my first ever interview for a job at Appu Ghar, and then in order to recollect my experience came to McDonald’s and while sitting on the corner table near entrance kept scribbling how I would promote Appu Ghar. I still have those papers with me. And though I did get the job but since the profile was different, those ideas never saw the light of the day. I was expecting to see old furniture and dull interiors, as it is an old store. But I was so wrong. It looked sparkling new from all angles. I liked that McDonald’s believes in evolving regularly and another experience of visiting the kitchen at the same restaurant cemented my view.
The staff there was expecting us and greeted us well and without wasting any time we ordered the breakfast.
Between me and Shashank, we ordered the following :-
    • Veg Supreme McMuffin    
    • Two Hash Browns    
    • Two Chicken Sausage McMuffin with Egg  
    • One Egg and Cheese McMuffin
    • Two Iced Teas
We started with Sausage McMuffin with Egg. Need to confess McEgg Burger has been my favorite since it was launched and now having it with a muffin, a slice of cheese and sausage patty did it’s effect on me. The Muffins/Bun were different than regular buns, looked healthier and had a very distinctive taste to it. I am used to having Maharaja Mac regularly, that’s why the McMuffin looked really small in my hands, but not when I ate it. With each bite I could relish the Bun, Sausage, Cheese and Egg pieces and it made for a wonderful combination. The Hash Browns were crunchy from outside but very soft from inside which made us relish our McMuffin more. It was tasty and filling. It left a good after-taste of a well grilled sausage in my mouth.

Caught in the act.. 😀

Now we shifted our attention to the Veg Supreme McMuffin. Veg Supreme is a vegetarian version of Chicken McGrill with the filling of the similar Minty Mayo, Onion Rings, Tomatoes but the patty was very different and made with vegetables and as in McSausage, the Bun/Muffin was tasty and soft. Though we have had our fill, still we wanted to check how McSausage Egg would taste with out the egg as it would give us a better taste of Sausage.

Hash Browns

McMuffin with Chicken Sausage, Cheese and Egg

The Vegetarian Version

Chicken McMuffin (without the Egg)

Need to say that the results were encouraging and we liked the basic versions too. Almost at par with premium offerings. While talking we realized that one McMuffin offers us enough for our Breakfast fill with all the right nutrients. For example the Veggie McMuffin had a good combination of carbs and proteins.  Similarly the Non-veg version provided enough carbs and proteins with it’s Sausage and Steamed Egg combination.

Though we had ordered Iced Tea but did not sip it till the end as tea would then over power the taste of Muffins and we may have wrong conclusions. But we did finish it after our breakfast and relished it completely.

As we were a bit late and the breakfast counter closes at 11 am, we had to miss out on Pancakes which they offer with maple syrup and butter. But we are sure to have it soon and share the feedback.
So now we come back to where we started about Breakfast Day being celebrated in 30 countries. On 18th March, Almost 5000 McDonald”s Restaurants across Asia, Middle East and South Africa are celebrating the NATIONAL BREAKFAST DAY by organizing “WORLD’S BIGGEST EVER BREAKFAST”. On that day, McDonald’s is offering 1000 McMuffins per outlet (Choice of Egg McMuffin or Veggie McMuffin) totally free on first come first served basis to 1000 Customers!!!!!!!!!!! The same is valid at all outlets that serve Breakfast, be it In-store, Take Away or Drive-Thru!

National Breakfast Day by McDonald’s

So, set your alarms early for Monday 18th March so that before office you could stop over to your nearest McDonald’s outlet Serving Breakfast and relish the McMuffin and be part of this historic Moment along with 5 Million McDonald’s Customers spanning Asia, Middle East and South Africa.

Isn’t this the best way to wade out Monday morning Blues? 🙂
And Yeah, Now onward Remember to Eat your Breakfast Like a KING!!

Written by Gurpreet Singh Tikku

Pictures Shot using a Nokia Lumia 800 by Shashank Aggarwal

Where to eat Poori Chhole in Amritsar? – Food Trippin’

Poori Chhole is something which is very close to my heart, for me they are food for my soul. Last year when we went to Amritsar for our food trip, we ate them at Kanha Sweets and couple of morsels inside me, I proclaimed them the best I have had till date. However life is not always about the best, and I am someone who would appreciate some of the lesser known mortals too and give them a fair chance to compete for my taste buds and very valuable appetite.

So when a dear friend and food lover Jaideep Riar from Amritsar suggested that we do a poori and kulcha shootout on our trip to Amritsar this year, I jumped on the offer. The idea of trying 3-4 prominent poori waalas in the famed lanes of Amritsar was way too exciting for me to say no to.

Lead by Aman Kahlon and Jaideep Riar, we started our expedition with New Munim Di Hatti on lawrence road. Which unfortunately was a disappointment as they were not even making them puris that morning. They offered to source them from a shop behind theirs but we decided to give it a pass. Apparently I have been told that these guys have opened up a shop in some mall and that is where they sell their stuff now. Not Interested. Seriously.

Poori, Chhole, Aloo ki Subzi at Kanha, Lawrence Road


Fresh Pooris at Kanha


Next up was Kanha, where the puris were as good as I remember them to be. Served with Chhole and Aloo ki khatti meethi subzi, he still remains the best that is out there. Besides that his Gur waala Halwa is quite divine. Here I also must mention something called Satpura (sat-pura or seven puras). Many of you would confuse it with ‘Japanese samosa’ from Old Delhi, which is a mystery in itself for me. Its something that would look similar to a Puff or patty, however is nothing like it. Well, I have had it only couple of times, and both times at Kanha itself.

Gur (Jaggery) ka Halwa
Gur ka Hawla at New Munim di Hatti, Lawrence Road
Basanti Halwa at New Munim hi Hatti, the name is attributed to Color.


Then we went to Kanhaiya which is Kanha’s next door neighbour, and his stuff was quite good as well. And like their names, their Poori-Chhole were quite similar to each other too, but Kanha still manages to take an edge for me.

Chhole Poori and Aloo ki Subi at Kahaiya sweets, Lawrence Road
Satpuras in a stack


From there we took the long hop all the way to Old City, right in the heart of action at Telephone Exchange area. Now this is a very interesting area, you can find a number of rehris selling kulche, Bhature, Pooris and other vegetarian stuff in the morning and noon time and as they day progresses the place is taken over by vendors catering to carnivore audience.

This expedition of ours was to Shera Poori Waala who sells his stuff from a cart / rehri near the telephone exchange. There is nothing fancy about him like Kanha or kanhaiya, however fresh, thin and crispy pooris served with very decent Chhole and Aloo ki subzi. If you like your stuff with no frills and zero fanciness quotient, then this is the place to be. Plus I am assuming it is not too far from Golden Temple and hence would be most easy for people visiting the city to reach and savor.
Poori Chhole Aloo at Shera Poori Waala, Near Telephone Exchange
Lassi waala next to shera, serving hand churned Lassis.
Another style of eating it, just add bit of thick curd on your chhole
Giant Poori made specially for us by Shera on request of Aman Paaji
Our last stop was a poori waala next to Laungan Devi temple in Rani Da Bagh area. His pooris came with Kaddu (Pumpkin), alooo and chhole. We all felt that his stuff was quite bland, but then I am biased against Poori and Chhole and cannot really call anything bad.
Poori, Chhole, Kaddu and Aloo outside Laungan Devi Temple

Poori, Chhole, Kaddu and Aloo outside Laungan Devi Temple
Waiting to be served
Madhup bhai, getting in the fresh stock
So when it comes to eating Pooris in Amritsar – First choice is Kanha for sure, however if you are bored of him or want to try something other than Kanha or do not want to travel to Lawrence Road, then you should head to Shera Poori Waala in Telephone exchange area.