Where to eat Chhole Bhature in Delhi? Top 35 Places you MUST Try

Chhole Bhature are the National Food of India, and you get them around every corner in the city. Though Chhole Bhature can never be bad, however there are some which are better than others. Here is a list of 35 places divided by the region to help you savor nothing but the best from the City.

Chhole Bhature are ‘National’ food of Delhi and to celebrate our love for the same we mark 2nd October of every-year as International Eatlo Chhole Bhature Day, with 2016 seeing the third year of celebrations. As lot of you know that we organised Eatlo Eatups – where a bunch of us got together and went to out eat and/or explore the food scene.

However for this day we put together something called #VirtualEatup – where people from all over the world participate by eating Chhole Bhature and sharing pictures on Social Media.

International Chhole Bhature Day : How to participate?

1. You can cook the bhature at home and post a picture and/or recipe.
2. You can go out to eat Chhole Bhature and post a picture with your feedback.
3. You can eat Chhole Bhature from your favourite joint and just share a picture.
4. You can get them packed and bring them to eat and share a picture.
5. You can organise a Chhole Bhature Party, cook Chhole Bhature and invite your friends over. Or order in maybe.

For those in Delhi, which happens to be home of Chhole Bhature, we have put together a list of our favourite places from all over the town – have visited all of them personally and can recommend the wares. This list is not comprehensive for sure, however still the most comprehensive you will find.

Not putting complete details, a quick google search for names would guide you better. The map mostly is for illustrative purposes, just search for the name of google maps and they shall guide you better.

Info-graphic with Chhole Bhature joints represented on Delhi Map.
Best Chhole Bhature Delhi Map

Best Chhole Bhature in North Delhi :

  • Chache Di Hatti, Kamla Nagar (read more)
  • Om Di Hatti, Shakti Nagar
  • Rawalpindi, Malka Ganj, Kamla Nagar
  • Cycle Wala, Outside NDPL, Hudson Lane (read more)
  • Chacha di Hatti, Model Town (Not related to Kamla Nagar one)
  • Gopal Jee, Rohini Sector 2
  • Ashu Bhature, Rohini
  • Hari Om Bhature, Rohini / Prashant Vihar



  • Kaka Ji, Amar Colony
  • Baba Nagpal, Amar Colony, Lapjpat nagar
  • Anand, Lajpat Nagar
  • Sharma (cart), Moolchand Metro Station
  • Durga Sweets, Nauroji Nagar
  • Gopal Jee Chhole Bhature, Govind Puri



Central Delhi is where the heavyweights of Chhole Bhature operate from..

This list was originally published in October 2015, on occasion of 3rd International Eatlo Chhole Bhature Day, and has been revised on 2nd November 2016. The recommendations remain the same, however we have been able to document a lot more about these places in last 1 year and have updated the recommendations with relevant links to our posts on Foodiye.

Move over ‘Food-Truck’ – We have our own Food Cycles – Chhole Bhature in North Campus

Hudson Lines is a road dotted with numerous cafes – some of them Uber cool, some quirky and some plain commercial, all of whom along with chains and regular desi outlets are vying for the attention of the throbbing student populace living and studying in North Campus of Delhi University.
Chhole Bhature – The way they are served.
Amidst all the madness, there is this quiet cycle waala, standing outside the NDPL office and selling his wares. One look at him and my good food radar started beeping, and it beeped quite hard this time. Realized that this guy was selling Chhole Bhature, yup, good old chhole bhature in the land of mighty Chacha, Om, Rawalpindi and the likes. And surprisingly he had a crowd around him, a crowd which ensured that he was out of bhaturas at the time I reached and he was only able to offer me kulchas.
A look inside the Chhole Vessel
Drooling by the smell and sight I had to settled for the much humbler kulcha as I really wanted an insight into the Chhola that he was serving – because by the color, texture and smell – they seemed nothing less than amazing. And thankfully my feeling did not change once I started eating them – loaded with spices, however not going overboard, hot but just hot enough – these chholas instantly made me compare them to some of the best in the industry and for me it was a big deal for a guy selling from a bicycle. But then, I was still craving for them bhaturas.
Summer of 2014 was spent playing hide & seek with our guy, either I was there too early, or too late or on a day when he was not there. But advent of winters brought some luck for yours truly and he was able to grab those bhaturas couple of days back. Now let me warn you – these are not fresh made bhaturas which are fried on the spot, as we have come to know them, these are not soft, nor fluffy. These bhaturas are pre-made and are very thin. Before serving they are heated on a coal fired angeethi and served. It is a different school of bhaturas, the easiest examples I can sight are Sita Ram Dewan Chand from Paharganj and legendary Gole Hatti in Chandni Chowk as well as Patel Nagar.
Anyhow I eagerly got my plate served, for which I had to wait for 10-15 minutes as the guy takes his own sweet time serving and for Rs.20 a plate, this ended up being one of best Bhatura experiences I have ever had. The character that Coal fired angheeti adds to those bhaturas is something that is hard to explain.
Bhaturas being heated on coal fired Angeethi
And this the way these Bhaturas turn up, love that texture.
On Chhole he puts those beautifully spiced ginger julienne along with a chutney that is made sour from actual tamarind. In another dona he would give you some chopped onions, a piece of spiced potato and a pickled green chilly which goes so very well with the entire meal.
Chhole – ready to be served – notice the Ginger juliens and the Green Chutney with Tamarind.


what you get on the side – Potato, Green Chilli, Onions etc..
I would not recommend this place to everyone, however if you are someone who likes to eat bhaturas everywhere and can cherish the differences and contrasts without comparing it with the ‘Best’ you have ever had, then you MUST try this place out, you will not regret it for sure.
Entire show being manages from a simple Bicycle.

PS : And regarding the title – we are a country full of small time food vendors, on carts, cycles, foot or street – as romantic as the Food Truck sounds, lets not forget what we already have. Lets appreciate it, cherish it and like in this case savor it too.. 🙂

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Sita Ram Dewan Chand – The Dark Knight of Chhole Bhature

We all know how much we Dilliwaalas love and appreciate our Chhole Bhature. There are good bhature, there are better bhature and then there is God level. And being the country we are, we have so many gods that life is quite good, atleast when it comes to Chhole Bhature.
I guess couple of years back I wrote a post about Chacha in Kamla Nagar and at that time I put him along with Nagpal and Sita Ram in the top most segment, naming them the holy trinity of Delhi Bhature scene. Well to be honest things have not changed much, still I have discovered few new things in both Chhole Bhature and spirituality in general. However more on that later, this post is about Sita Ram Dewan Chand from Chuna Mandi in Paharganj.
The way Chhole are served, topped with the Chutney
Bhature – You can see the signs of being heated on a Tawa.
There is not much that I can say about SRDC that has not been said before, there are people who love it, however there are people who do not really appreciate his style of serving the bhaturas. He does not fry them on the spot, however makes a bunch of them and heats them on a tawa before serving. Lot of people feel that its not the way bhaturas should be served, however its just a different style of doing it and I have seen that happen at several places in Delhi, Punjab and North India in general. The Bhatura that is sevred by them is very light & fluffy. Bits of  paneer and masala stuffing in them adds to the overall taste. 
Bhaturas are kept like this and heated before they are served. 
I happened to visit them once again yesterday and was happy to see them being consistent on the taste and quality. The quality of the condiments served with them was also top notch. And as any foodie worth his salt will tell you, that Chutney serves as a very important benchmark for any eating joint as it is the easiest thing to cut corners in. However the chutney of SRDC was one of the most awesome ones you will ever taste. Its rich, its flavorful, its tangy.
Aamla or Gooseberry ka Achar
Masale waali mirchi.. cannot really call it a pickle. 😛
Unlimited supply, right on your table..
Also comes besides your regular Chhole and Bhature are Amla ka achar, mooli/pyaz ‘salad’ and masala green chillies (for lack of better phrase.. :P). The best part – You have unlimited supply of all those things on your table itself.
All said and done – you do not go there expecting any service.. but just no-nonsense good food and that is what they are good at. Priced at Rs.40 for a plate, they seldom get better than that.
PS : Can The Dark Knight of Chhole Bhature be complete without The Joker ?? 😛

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Chhole Kulche at Janpat – By Tanvi Gupta

If you are a Janpath regular, and want to have a proper meal without burning a hole in your pocket, its better to skip the chaat, and cross the road to enter the lane opposite shop no. 38. Keep going straight, some about 50-60 footsteps until you see a shed on the left, over-flooded with people. There is where, you get three dishes only, Chhole-chawal, Chhole-kulcha and Chhole-bhatura, but each one to die for. 

As a student one always has a tight pocket and wants to weigh each penny spent properly whether it be on food, their crushes or shopping. Janpath being a direct bus from college (Hauz Khas), was easiest to reach, best to hang out as it had everything from flea shopping, books, street food and of-course, haggling.

A bunch of us would make weekly visits there, unless we got tired of the food there. One day, while taking pictures of the area around we ended up noticing this big overcrowded shed. Our curiosity led us to find out what was the crowd puller there. We were right, it was a bunch of young office goers who came to attend a call to their hunger. Good, cheap street food was what it was.A very organized way of paying, getting the token and further receiving your food was what led us to try it too.The very first bite left us wanting for more.

This food stall has been there for more than 20-25 years now. Hats off, they have managed to retain the quality and the taste.

On the menu:

Chhole-chawal, Chhole-kulcha and Chhole-bhatura. Each ranging between Rs.30-45. The quantity, quality and the taste is enough to give your taste buds a feeling of satisfaction and a high, that lasts till you have your next meal. To balance the spices out, a ‘thela-waala’ stands there, to provide you with chhota Coke bottles and water.

Must try, if you happen to go there and you are lucky if your office is located there anyways.
Very popularly, known as the BHOGAL CHHOLE KULCHE WAALA. Available from 1pm-3:30pm

Written by Tanvi Gupta

Edited by Shashank Aggarwal
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Chhole Bhature and Naan (Near Vikram Hotel)

And we come to it again, Chhole Bhature, which I am often heard saying is my favorite food in the world.  Whenever Chhole Bhature comes up, mention of Nagpal is inevitable, and while we are in Amar Colony / Lajpat Nagar, Sharma Ji also finds a mention in conversations. When recommendations became quite regular, it became hard for me to ignore it. So this Sunday morning we planned a Raid and landed up at Vikram hotel.

Chhole Bhature from Sharma ji !
frying the Bhaturas

Now what came as real surprise was that this was not a ‘shop’ but a push-cart. And for someone to make this kind of reputation operating from a push cart is quite a big deal. Now talking about food, honestly speaking I was quite taken aback by the first look of Chhole, they were not what I look forward to eating with Bhaturas. They were not dry, oily and dark. Bottom-line – not Bhature waale Chhole. Those Chhole were the ones we eat with Puri, Samosa, Rice, Break Pakora etc., but not with Bhature. They tasted exactly like the ones my mom makes at home, and that means a lot, as my mom knows her spices pretty well. The pickle of ginger, aamla and green chilly  was quite good.

Enjoying the Goodies

Ginger and Aamla achaar

 Out of 7-8 of us, and anyone who was having them for the first time, was not too excited about them. Not the typical taste we associate with Chhole Bhature. However if Non-greasy, home-like is your thing, then you would love Sharma Ji. As said earlier, making Chhole like my mom, is not an easy task.

Now our Sharma Ji is ‘parked’ right next to Sanjay and Vijay Naan waalas. I have tried Vijay before, and left a bit dry by Sharma Ji, we thought of giving Sanjay a shot for his Chur Chur Naans. We ordered Chur Chur variety of Soya Mutter, Paneer, Daal and mixed Naan. The Naans were not really crisp as I expect my Chur Chur naans to be be. However though not the best example of Chur Chur naans, they were still decent enough.

Chur Chur Naan
A part of our table 😉

The morning got a closing with Chai from Moolchand Paranthe waala. Which often is an ignored entity compared to the more legendary Paranthas they serve.

Overall, I am not too fond on Sharma Ji as of now, because if I want to eat Chhole made like home, then I will eat at home itself. When I go out for Chhole Bhature, my idea is different than what Sharma ji serves, though I would not mind eating from him again.

Food Enthusiasts of Delhi
Being a resident of West Delhi, I am literally spoilt for choice, but you might end up loving them if you like simpler things in life, ;-).
Location – Look out for Push-Carts selling Naans and Chhole Bhature near  Hotel Vikram. (Nearest Metro Station – Moolchand)

Chhole Bhature at Roshan Di Kulfi

When opportunity presented itself to have breakfast from outside, I thought of giving McDonald’s breakfast menu a try and order in. However they do not deliver in Rajendra Nagar and that is where my office is situated. Going to one of their outlets was an option, however if I have to go out, I would not go out for McDonald’s specifically. For me, they have always been about convenience more than the food. Subway came to mind, and so did Roshan Di Kulfi, which is hardly 5 minutes ride from where I work. And no prizes for guessing where I landed up.
Those who know me, they know that last thing I want to eat before I die is Chhole Bhature. And while god has gifted me with this life, I want to make most of it by sampling as many as I can. Stepping into Roshan Di Kulfi, I could feel the old school ambiance, the seating arrangement that I used to see couple of decades back, waiters in black trousers and white shirts, walls lined up with ceramic tiles, and the place is still a clear favorite with locals. There were several gentlemen in latter halves of their lives, having breakfast and chit chatting over lassi. 
Roshan Di Kulfi’s name pops up every now and then, and it is never for the Kulfi but more often than not, Chhole Bhature. Though they serve a great deal more, and kulfi obviously is their specialty however I decided to commit the blasphemy and not order their kulfi. I started by ordering a plate of Chhole Bahture, which by looks of them looked pretty ordinary, however as I was checking my mails and they were sitting on my table, a whiff of Desi Ghee took my attention, and paying attention to the smell of the food in-front of me, I realized that it was made in Desi ghee. First bite of Bhatura, and it was evident that it was of plain variety (no paneer or aloo stuffed in it), though non greasy from outside; however had a moist feeling from inside, which clearly was from the ghee present there. 
Puri Subzi
Subzi made of mixing Aloo and Chhole
 Overall Chhole Bhature were good, however I would just limit myself to saying that they were ‘good’. After this experience, I can say for sure that making Bhatura’s in Desi ghee is not a good idea, Puri is fine, but not Bhature. Since they were serving Puri Subzi too, I decided to give them a shot. Puris were made of Atta and were of non-crispy variety, the subzi being a mix of Chhole and Aloo. Again, the taste of Subzi was over powered by Desi Ghee and I could hardly taste the spice, but it still went down well. A helping of Dahi (Curd) added to subzi would have helped a lot. Then came the Lassi, in tall steel glass, which definitely is one of the better ones I have had in Delhi. It was quite thick, not too sweet, and went down very well. 
Tall Glass of Lassi
Talking about pricing, though Rs.60 per plate for Chhole Bhature sounds steep, however I will give in to the fact that they actually use Desi Ghee, which is quite an expensive proposition. Paid Rs.40 for lassi and Rs.20 for one Puri I had.
I am definitely going back there to have more of their Puri (with dahi along with subzi this time), however I will not go their specifically for Chhole Bhature, but won’t mind eating them if I am there.
PS : Please pardon the quality of pictures, as they have been shot using a mobile phone camera.

Chache Di Hatti – Proud to be a Dilliwala

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Today I feel complete. Its only today that I have earned the right to call myself a Dilliwala or a Delhiite despite being born and brought up in this city, and despite having roots here for last 5-6 generations. Why ? Because I had not eaten Chhole Bhature of a certain Chacha (Uncle, for those not familiar with Hindi) from Kamla Nagar. Today I feel proud, as I have completed my ‘circle’ of trinity, whose last connection in form of Chache Di Hatti was missing. Today I can say that I have eaten Chhole Bhature at Sita Ram Dewan Chand, Baba Nagpal and Chache Di Hatti.

Fried Aloo on Chhole tastes quite good

I had always heard fantastic things about Chache Di Hatti at Kamla Nagar, however as someone who  did not study in Delhi University, or specifically in North Campus, I had never ever eaten there. However the things I heard about them, from people I have top most respect for, ensured that I always kept them on a pedestal.

There certainly are advantages of being at helm of things at FED, one of them being you can call Raids and visit the places that you always wanted to, and today was no different. Though not many people turned up, however 6 of us were still there, some familiar with the place and most of us not. But in the end we went home a very happy and satisfied bunch.

When I entered  the lane, my nose could smell something, and spotting the crowds in one of the by-lanes was not difficult. Seeing queues of patrons there made me happy rather than worried or irritated, as queuing up for something, makes you cherish it more, especially when there is no dearth of time and your sole agenda is to enjoy the food. Unfortunately I got a bit late, and couple of FEDs were already wrapping up, however this left Srishti Gupta, Prerna, Varun Santhosh and me to share and enjoy the goods, and enjoy we did.

Varun Santhosh
Srishti Gupta
Prerna Gupta

 The only problem with queues is, that you are never sure how much to order, as you do not want to queue up for second helpings, and what would be the right amount to order is a question that keeps cropping up. We started with ordering two plates of Saada (plain) and two plates of Aloo stuffed Bhaturas, with an extra helping of Chhole (had to queue up for 20-30 minutes, could have been longer if not for Srishti queuing for us in lady’s line).

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Queues, and this is Lady’s Line only 😛

Now finally we had some food on table, first bite of it in my mouth and I was a happy man. Chacha’s had lived up-to the legend, I started to gobble the chanas steadily, and after each bite, it was clear, that every word of praise ever written or said for Chacha’s was true. They were just out of the world, a bit on sour side, had just the right mix of spices, with ginger adding to the awesomeness. Though Bhaturas stuffed with Aloo (spiced up mashed potatoes) is something that you do not get at many places and it definitely is an USP for Chacha, however we all seemed to appreciate the plain ones more. And yes, we ended up having more Bhaturas after the first round, all washed down with the Nimbu Lemon from a stall next door.

Chacha’s Chhole Bhature, up, close and personal.


A very simple serving Chhole, Bhature, Onions and Green Chilly
Nimbu Lemon wala who helped us wash it all down

Now it was clear, that Nagpal, Sita Ram and Chacha cannot be compared, you just cannot choose between the three, all of them are epitome of Chholle Bhature, they are in a league of their own, and best examples of a food item, that literally defines Delhi. However a word of warning for whoever wants to visit these places or any other popular Bhature waala mentioned in this post, be there before 1 pm, after that chances are slim that you would be able to find them serving.

And yes, there are a few other super awesome Chhole Bhature Waalas, like Ramesh or Aaojee in Patel Nagar, Odeon Sweets in Gole Market, Radhe Shyam in Pahar Ganj, Om in Karol Bagh (Dev Nagar) however for me they are just a step and mind you ‘just a step’ below the Holy Trinity. And then comes a league of which most notable mentions are Anand in Krishna Market of Lajpat Nagar, Chhoti Hatti in West Patel Market, CL Corner, next to Fun Cinemas (erswhile Natraj) in Moti Nagar and a few others. And mind you, I recommend all of them, everyone would have a personal favorite, however I just told you my order of preference.

Talking about Chacha, I guess this is the first time I am putting a rating of 5/5, just go there and be proud of being a Delhiite…eerrr… Dilliwala !

Address : 
Chache Di Hatti
32, Bungalow Road, Behind Krori Mal College,
Kamla Nagar, New Delhi

Closed on Sundays, and be there before 1 pm.

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