Winning Recipes using Mother Dairy Premium Milk

We recently conducted a week long recipe contest in association with Mother Dairy for our community members where in Amazon gift cards were up for grabs.

The members were encouraged to create innovative gluttonous dishes using milk while focusing on the #MalaiMarke aspect of it. The winners were selected on basic of popularity & uniqueness by our culinary jury.

3 winners of our recipe contest
3 winners of our recipe contest

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How does FED Giveaway work?

We organize giveaways for our readers & followers giving them an opportunity to participate in a draw and get chance to win some amazing goodies – they can be food hampers, gadgets, books, coupons, vouchers etc.

Through these we help selected businesses connect better with net savvy food lovers, giving them tremendous exposure and reach, while being a fun activity for audience offering them cool prizes for playing along.

Our giveaways are exciting because you can do a lot more than just submit your name and email address – you can actually campaign for your cause through a link exclusive to you. According to our referral program, any friend that signs up for giveaway, gives you 3 additional chances at winning it. You can do so by simply sharing your personalized link on your own facebook profile or sending it to what-app or email groups you are part of. So if 3 friends sign up for the draw, you get 9 additional entries at winning the same draw. The more entries you have – the higher your chances of winning the sweepstakes!

Please note its important for your friends to sign from the custom URL that our system generates for you, which you can see in the snapshot below – you will see this URL once you have submitted your own entry to the giveaway. 

You can see - http:// - this is how your would look like as well.
You can see – – this is how your URL would look like as well.

In case you miss it the first time, you can always go back to the page of giveaway or draw you are participating in, and copy the link again. If not showing,  entering the same Email ID as the first time, would show your link again.

The winners are chosen at random by Digital Algorithm itself, from the total entries that we receive.