Breakfast Delivery by McDonald’s – Fuel when you need it

McDonald’s might not be the most popular food brand these days, however the convenience offered by them at several levels is hard to ignore. This is not going to be my default goto option whenever I need a breakfast, but it would always be a viable option when in need.

There are times when I spend my nights in our studio, and when that happens I generally end up working from early in the morning as well, as those are best hours to get things done. Those are the hours when hunger pangs are at their greatest and you are so engrossed in work that stepping out is not an option. This is one of my situations and I am sure everyone gets into such situations where they need some fuel for their mind and body, however cooking or stepping out is not an option.

A quick google search for Breakfast Delivery in Delhi threw up a few options – InnerChef – I love them, however wanted to try something different, Faasos came up, however their service starts from 9 AM and so did several other names. The most interesting out of those was McDelivery – the delivery service of McDonald’s. Opened their site and it was delight to see that they had their breakfast options open for delivery  before 9 am in the morning. Though the options were limited to 3 items : Sausage McMuffin™ With Egg, Veg Supreme McMuffin™ & McFlurry™ Black Forest – but these seemed good enough given scarcity of resources and the safety net that name of Mickey D offers. In fact you can also pre-order you food and schedule a time for delivery at your convenience. For eg you can place the order at 6 Am for a delivery of 8 Am or later as it seems that is when they start their service.

Once you make a selection from two types of McMuffin, the system asks you for customisation – you can order the McMuffin by itself, in a Happy Meal or the one I choose – a proper combo meal with choice of drink and a hash brown. Both Veg and Non. Veg versions offer similar option.

Options in the breakfast menu of McDonald's in Delhi
Options in the breakfast menu of McDonald’s in Delhi
3 options with the type of Muffin you choose.
3 options with the type of Muffin you choose.
You can pre-book your food.
You can pre-book your food.

Registration process was smooth and order was placed in a jiffy – the meal had a list price of Rs.125 and with taxes and delivery charges it went up to Rs.183. The most delightful part was that they gave a delivery time of 30 minutes, which was unlike many gourmet and new-age delivery service who ask for 45-60 minutes at least. For a hungry tummy, a shorter time was a blessing. Got a call after 20 minutes telling me that rider was on his way and is shortly expected to make a delivery to my address.  Food came in just on time, with rider carrying exact change for my Rs.500 note. He handed me 2 packets and the cup with Hot coffee – usual packaging of the packets, however cup could have been handled in a better way. maybe they need a different delivery mechanism for the same. It was just their regular cup shrink wrapped up in a plastic sheet – was in a bit of mess when it arrived but I simply poured into my mug and life was sorted.

Sausage McMuffin™ With Egg was its usual self – of which I am not the biggest fan – The bread was nice and textured, with a cheese slice, a patty of chicken sausage and one egg wrapped inside it. Its been couple of years that I had this items and I still don’t like it much. However the ketchup on the side made in palatable fuel for me and the crispy hash brown helped in the ingestion process. That said the coffee was absolute delight. Did not look like much on the face of it, however it was dark, bitter and intense  – a coffee that connoisseurs would approve of and a coffee that can put some fancy specialised chains to shame.

McMuffin with Chicken Sausage, Egg and Cheese.
McMuffin with Chicken Sausage, Egg and Cheese.

The Rs.30 delivery charge added to the order makes a hit on the value for money proposition, and McDonald’s does not come with your fancy health food tag – as it’s the favorite bashing brand for everyone and anyyone who claims to know their food – however I am a firm believer that unless you are eating it daily, there is no way it can harm you. Infact its serves as an excellent option every now and then specially when you are seeking good clean fuel for your system or just some comfort food which will not make you throw up or run for the nearest washroom. Personally the Sausage McMuffin™ With Egg might not be for my tastebuds, however that would not stop me for ordering the Veg Supreme McMuffin™ next time when I am in need of effortless fuel for my system – Specially early in the morning.

Sausage McMuffin along with Hashbrown
Sausage McMuffin along with Hashbrown

Delhi 6 – Food Delivery Service – Rajeev Gulati’s Experience

Delhi 6 is a food delivery service – as per their Facebook page they claim to bring to your table the royal recipes of Mughals and homemade delicacies of Muslim families from the walled city. Rajeev Gulati shares his experience of the same in this post. Kindly visit their Facebook page for contact and other details. 

I had been hearing lot many reviews about food from Delhi-6 by Shibli Anisand was keen on tasting the same but was not getting an opportunity somehow. Thanks to our friend Vikrant Pawa Ji who invited me over a dinner with delicious food from Delhi-6. Here is my food experience as per individual dish :-
Shaami Kabab – Medium sized Shaami Kababs deep fried to perfection. It was a pleasant surprise to feel the strands of pure mutton in each bite instead of the Shaami made from excessive pounded mutton mixed with lot of Channa Daal usually available at most of new places. I could feel the taste of pure mutton with mild spices and less chilly. Very soft and very good.
Chicken Gola Kabab – These were much like Sootli Kababs but were made with chicken. Delicate Seekh Kababs made with very fine chicken mince (rather pounded) infused with cinnamon and green chilly paste. These were so delicate that had to be wrapped with a thread so that they do not fall off the skewers while cooking. The thread was removed before serving and the taste was great. The kababs were very tender. Green chilly taste was very evident and was complimenting the otherwise bland basic taste of chicken.
Hari Mirchi Keema – Actually it had whole Green & Red chilly along with black pepper corns…. So technically should well be called “Saari Mirchiyon Ka Keema”. I was too pleased to see hand pounded coarse mutton instead of the usually available machine made Keema which almost fails to give you a taste of mutton and tastes more like Soya granules. Presence of three types of chilly was giving a wholesome experience to my taste buds allover, at the tip, middle and end of my tongue. Keema was tender and had adequate pieces of Mutton Nalli (Shanks) added to it to give it the flavors released from bone. Perfect dish.
Fish Curry – I am not a fish curry eater and I prefer my fish to be fried or grilled or steamed but I can assure you that this was made flawlessly. Fish used was Singhara and it was a perfect balance of firmness and tenderness. Firm enough to stay the prices intact and tender enough to melt in mouth. It was cooked in korma style gravy and the spices were kept minimum to compliment the delicate taste of fish.
Shab Degh – This was the dish I was keenly looking for as I was eating it for the first time. It’s a secret art to make a Shab Degh and there not many people, who have the expertise to make it. It’s a korma style dish made of Mutton Kofta balls and medium sized whole Shalgam (Turnips) and it is cooked on DUM. The art is to cook it in such a way as to keep the mutton soft and at the same time to maintain the delicate Shalgam firm enough to retain it’s texture. The spices were kept to minimum to compliment the taste of main ingredients. I cannot compare this dish with any other place as I had it for the first time. Yet I was convinced with their art of cooking this delicate dish.
Mutton Biryani – Long rice grains with each grain separated, partially colored, and with added fragrances, delicate spices and Mutton pieces just rightly cooked. A perfect Biryani. However I expect a little more in the form of rich use of Saffron & Cardamom and lesser use of ghee. A perfect Biryani it was otherwise but still has scope for betterment. I would suggest them to make to varieties of Biryani as the one they are making right now and another more similar to the one served at Dumpukht which is called a Parda Biryani and has only Saffron used as color with very mild fragrant spices and almost no ghee at all. I like my Biryani to be lighter and milder with meat pieces more tender. But then again, that’s my personal choice and that does not takes away the credit of this dish, which was liked by all.
Sheermal, Ghee Chini Roti & Roomali Roti – All three types of breads were made to perfection and I was so very full by this time that I could only taste a piece from all three.
Written by Rajeev Gulati

Nawab’s, Noida Sector-7 – Awadhi Surprise

Awadhi cuisine. As a layman I find it very similar to Mughlai, Punjabi and other north Indian style of cooking. And being a vegetarian, differentiating becomes much more difficult. As per Wikipedia, the bawarchis and rakabdars of Awadh gave birth to the dum style of cooking or the art of cooking over a slow fire, which has become synonymous with Lucknow today. I guess I need to go around sampling a lot more food, before I can start to differentiate between food cooked in ‘Dum’ style or some other ‘normal’ style

So when I was invited to Nawab’s in sector 7 Noida, I was not sure what to expect from a joint specializing in Awadhi cuisine, specially as a vegetarian. Plus they do not have a dine-in facility, and I was more like a guest of the owners in their office/kitchen. But people who know me, know that I am always willing to go that extra mile for good food ;-).

I started off with Ulte Tawe ka Parantha with Veg Galauti Kebabs. I never expect much from vegetarian kebabs, honestly speaking they are not supposed to exist. However off late I have been surprised with the kind of attention establishments have been paying to Kebabs for vegetarians. I have had kebabs made of Ghiya and daal (Bottle Gourd and Lentils), Rajma, Papaya and Daal etc. None of them disappointed me, and I would be more than willing to have those again. Talking about the kebabs that were served to me, truth be told I have had more succulent and softer versions, however considering that it’s a delivery/takeaway joint and all the food has to be packed in boxes, anything softer than what they had served would get mashed up and end up like a Halwa. They tasted quite good with the Ulte Tawe ka parantha, however I felt the serving of Kebab was quite less for the size of Parantha.

Kebabs in the making
Ulte tawe ka parantha

Continuing with starters/snacks, normally I avoid looking at something that says ‘Crispy Paneer’, specially at an outlet like this one. It look some convincing by Gaurav (owner) for me to give it a shot. Now I have to thank him for introducing me to such an awesome dish. A snack of paneer never tasted as good as the Crispy Paneer I had at Nawab’s Noida. I looked like paneer pakora, however the coating was much thicker and realy crispy, much crispier than than pakoda I have ever had. A bit into it, the real goodness came out. Unlike the normal paneer pakora where spices are applied between two layers of paneer, here it was ‘stuffed’ with a mix of spices with a pasty feel to it, probably due to the garlic used in it. The garlic and other spices gave it a brilliant flavor and went very well with the bland paneer.

Though I enjoyed the Ulte Tawe ka Parantha earlier however it made me wonder how would a Lachha Parantha taste if made out of the dough used for Ulte tawe ka parantha?  Apurva (Gaurav’s partner) was more than happy to oblige and what came out was named FED parantha :D. They also suggested me another dish which was not on the menu, made from Paneer in Kali Mirch Style, which we decided to name FED Paneer.

FED Paneer, earlier known as Paneer Kali Mirch

I eat out a lot, and I mean a LOT. And it is rare that I get hooked onto to something like this. The combination of the FED Parantha and FED Paneer (Basically Paneer Kali Mirch 😀 ) turned out to be deadly. It was unlike the usual Kadahi/Butter/Shahi/Pasanda paneer that we get everywhere in Delhi. That is stands out from rest of the Paneer Gang, makes it so dear to me. And talking about parantha, it was a very nice change from the regular Tandoori breads that I am so used to now, it is more delicate and flavorful than your routine breads. I also tried Paneer Husseini however would not comment on it, as was too engrossed in Paneer Kali Mirch. Would try it for surre when I am there next.

Paneer Husseini
And while I was there, Chicken Masala Lucknawi, Mutton Burra and Galauti Kebabs (Mutton) seemed to be selling like hot cakes. So I am pretty much sure they must be doing a good job with them too.

As mentioned earlier is a Delivery/Takeaway only joint based out of Sector-7 Noida, catering to some parts of Mayur Vihar, Noida and Vasundhra Enclave.

PS – The day I wrote this review, I ended up visiting them again.

Paneer Husseini which I missed on last time, I am in love with it as well. Its another dish which is unlike the usual paneer dishes serves in Delhi, though some might want to draw parallels with Kadhai Paneer, however it is completely different. So it is another dish I can recommend.

Vegetable Biryani

Also tried their Vegetarian Biryani, however since I have no experience with Biryanis, I would not comment on that. But honestly speaking, it did not excite me much as well.

My Rating : 4/5 (based on by vegetarian experience)

Their facebook page :

Nawab’s – Pocket – D, Plot number – 158, Sector – 7, Noida

Numbers where you can order : 9999615671, 9999615645

Photo Credit – Jen Sugermeyer