Winning Recipes using Mother Dairy Premium Milk

We recently conducted a week long recipe contest in association with Mother Dairy for our community members where in Amazon gift cards were up for grabs.

The members were encouraged to create innovative gluttonous dishes using milk while focusing on the #MalaiMarke aspect of it. The winners were selected on basic of popularity & uniqueness by our culinary jury.

3 winners of our recipe contest
3 winners of our recipe contest

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Cold Stone Ice-cream in India – Yes it is here!

Stone ice-cream or Cold Stone ice-cream seems to be new phenomenon or trend catching up in Delhi and other Indian cities. On the first look it might not look like much, but then thinking about it its a great way to eat and treat your ice-cream.
To simplify things It can also be referred to as Teppanyaki style Ice-cream, the griddle in this case is cold instead of hot. So now there is a cold stone or slab or a mixing board, which remains at -17 ‘C. The ice-cream is put on it, and then mixed with various assortments to make a unique combo. The combo and flavors would depend from vendor to vendor. The quality of ice-cream, quality of things that go into it and quality of recipe is what makes one brand or vendor stand out from the other. 
So the things that go into the ice-cream can be anything from Mars chocolate bar to Kit-Kat or Snickers, Nuts of various kinds, fresh fruits, Oreo cookies, various sauces and the list is endless. So just imagine a Sundae in which instead of toppings  flavors are mixed inside the ice-cream. And the Cold Stone ensures that the end product you get it still frozen. Also while mixing the ice-cream the usual ‘air’ in it also reduces, making the ice-cream less fluffy and more chewy. It is usually served on a cup made like a waffle, something similar to waffle cones. 
A fruit based Cold Stone concept @ Goosebumps
I have had them at 2-3 place in Delhi till now, first being Hokey-Pokey in Punjabi Bagh, then Giani Ice-cream in Punjabi Bagh itself, and to be honest I was not too bullish about it. Novelty value yes, not real excitement for me.
However yesterday someone recommended Goosebumps on our Facebook page a newly opened ice-cream parlor in Karkardooma market, a buzzing hub East side of Delhi. 
We managed to get there just about when they were about to down there shutters at 11 pm  however the owner obliged us and switched back lights and equipment on to serve us. It turned out it was not a normal ice-cream parlor and you cannot get ice-cream by the scoop here. They only sell cold stone mixes and they have multiple concoctions of the same. At that hour I was in no mood to look at details and asked him to surprise me. After a bit of greed filled discussion we decided on having one chocolate based, one fruits based and one mix based on nuts. However as the first one came out, looking at the portion size we realized that we had made a mistake and decided to stick to Chocolate and Fruits one only. Saving the nuts for some other time…:P
Choco Lava concept @ Goosebumps
Normally ice-creams have 12-13% fat content, however the ones used here have around 19% which we clearly felt in the first bite. We were told that this was required for ice-cream to do well in the mixing process on the stone. 
Technical jargon aside, I am yet to try many stone based ice-creams to actually comment on them, however thought of sharing some knowledge that I have about them with fellow food lovers. Also there is a popular misconception amongst the people that we do not have this concept in India yet, which is incorrect. It is catching up in other cities of India too, plus there are several outlets in Delhi NCR who are using Cold Stones for their mixes. 
Working on those mixes. Doesn’t it look like Teppanyaki?
That said, the ice-creams that I tasted at Goosebumps were really incredible and would readily beat some of the international brands in taste and awesomeness  I was told that they are only 1 month old as of now, all I can do right now is wish them luck. 
Average cost for a mix or concept at Goosebumps (as they call it) would be Rs.130-160 (we paid Rs. 315) for two. 


All excited about the cold stone one of my friends was talking to me about it and she asked me where is the nearest place she can get it (from her residence) in Delhi. And incidentally we were riding around Malviya Nagar at that time and I remembered that Giani Icecream’s outlet in the area did have a Cold Stone.

We visited them and as usual I asked them to give me something they recommend, made on the stone. They recommended Punjabi Delight which was one of the 2 non-chocolate flavors on the list.

Punjabi Delight Mix on Cold Stone @ Giani Ice-cream, Malviya Nagar

And at Rs.180 what came to me really broke my heart. It was a fruit & jelly based mix and the things used in making it really looked synthetic and artificial, a doubt confirmed the moment I took the first bite. Plus the taste and presentation did not match up with the expectations and standards set by Goosebumps last night.

So bottom-line is that concept is novel and fancy however there can be HUGE variation in taste and quality from brand to brand and from outlet to outlet. 

All American Diner – A Photolog from FED’s Raid

Couple of weeks back, FEDs decided to get together and Raid All American Diner at India Habitat Center, especially because their Annual Hot Dog Festival was going on.

So on the designated day and time, 10 of us gathered at the diners and went nuts about food, as we usualy do. Unfortunately none of us was really impressed with what they had to offer, and we came to a conclusion that place was past its prime. It was good 2 years back, when Delhi did not have sufficient options, however these days, much better food is available elsewhere at similar or cheaper prices.

Here are some pictures from the Raid. Unfortunately, I do not recall names of all the hotdogs, so kindly pardon me for that.

Hot Dog Sampler
When asked the server what all hot dogs were there in the sampler pictured above, he was stood there clueless. We repeated the question from a gentleman dressed as chef and claiming to be the Head Chef, and as it tuned out be, even did not know what all hot dogs were being served their sampler. Disappointing.


a Sandwich

Baked Beans on Toast
Before we started to eat
FEDs in action
Veg Chili with house Fries
Vegetable Pot Pie
Another In-Action shot

Looks like Chicken Salad to me.
Chicken Fajita


Cheese Cake
Chocolate Truffle Cake
However I must admit that to wrap up the meal, we ordered three desserts, and we were quite happy with all of them. So finally there was some saving grace.

The Big Chill Cafe – Dessert-a-thon : A report from FED raid

The Big Chill Cafe, a name that has risen to incredible heights in food scene of Delhi over the last decade. I am not able to recall any other joint that serves non-Indian cuisine that is as popular as The Big Chill Cafe. And as surprising as it sounds, my first rendezvous with them was just 2-3 weeks back, and since then I have been there 4 times, my last visit being last night itself.

What started as as a single restaurant in East of Kailash, now has 4 outlets, the original being closed a few years back. They are known for their desserts, more than anything else, and with my limited experience with them, I am not surprised. Whatever I have tried there till date, I have not been disappointed.

Giving the reputation and my desire to visit The Big Chill Cafe, when FED had to call for a meetup, it seemed to be an obvious choice, and the agenda was very clear, to sample very single cheese cake on their menu and then some. With date and time decided, 10 of us descended on Big chill for a RAID. And order was made pretty much simple to the waiter serving us, get ALL the cheesecakes on the menu and if there were some not on menu, get those as well.

This is what out table looked like 😀
Chocolate Double Decadence
Mississippi Mud Pie
Tiramisu Cheese Cake
 There we were 10 of us, sitting on a table with about 10 cheese cakes along with Banoffie Pie, Chocolate Truffle and Frozen Yoghurt, though I do not recollect all the names and the ones I remember might not be accurate, however you will get an idea.  There was Mississippi Mud Pie, Chocolate Double Decadence, Blueberrry Cheese Cake, Tiramisu Cheese Cake, Irish Cream Cheese Cake, Plain Cheese Cake, Mango Cheese Cake,  and waiters looking at us in amazement. Then started the conveyer belt, the desserts started doing the rounds and we were digging in each one of them one after the other. Each better or as good as other other one, least favorite of someone was the most favorite of other. Surprisingly we reached a point where small amount of some cake was left on the table and no one wanted to eat it, no one was full, however the senses were overloaded. Now we needed to change the taste, enough with those ‘starters’ :D.
FEDs at The Big Chill Cafe
FEDs at The Big Chill Cafe
Garlic Bread
Fattoush Salad
Penne Pasta with Mixed Sauce
Spaghetti and Mushrooms

Chicken Lasagna
Veg. Peri Peri Pizza
 Then came the main course, here I must mention that every time I have been to the Big Chill Cafe, they have managed to surprise me with their service and efficiency. The rates are quite reasonable for current times and portion sizes are good. We ordered several things including Pastas, Pizza, Garlic Bread and Fattoush Salad, I personally cannot comment on authenticity of the food, however we enjoyed everything we had, and it was not different from my experience earlier where we had a Pesto Pasta, Four seasons Pizza and Mezze Platter.
Veg. Four Seasons Pizza

Mezze Platter
Overall my 2 cents say, Big Chill Cafe is about no pretensions eating, in a relaxed atmosphere. The place is almost always full, informal, chirpy and they do not accept reservations over the phone and waiting for a table is quite expected.

It was a great evening, and as I have mentioned earlier on FED, that joy of sharing food is like no other, and this is what we discovered on that day as well, and thanks to The Big Chill Cafe for making it a pleasant experience.

If I am asked to rate this place, I would give it a 4/5.

PS : All pictures in this post  have been shot using my mobile phone camera, so pardon the quality.