Best Restaurants in 10 different cuisines in Gurgaon : Ultimate List

In the ever expanding dining scene of Gurgaon, here are some of the Safest bets when it comes to delicious food from different cuisines.

Gurgaon (Gurugram) is home to a diverse population of people from across India as well as outside. No wonder it has some of the best food options from across the planet. This list attempts to provide Gurgaon foodies a list of top restaurants in each type of cuisine. Only major cuisine groups have been categorized as others would be part of the specialty cuisine list.

Here is the defining list of best restaurant from each genre:

Mughlai / North Indian – Karim’s, Sector 14

One of the iconic brands from Delhi, a number of purists would disagree on putting its name here simply because it is a branch and not the original. But on a personal note, and I have been a regular to the original Karim’s, this one is as good as any. Visitors must try the Mutton Korma over here. Tandoori rotis here are crispier than anywhere else. Other prominent items here include- the sheermaal (a kind of sweet bread), firni (similar to kheer), kebabs and Nihari.

Mutton Stew at Karim's. PC: Eatlo Delhi-NCR Facebook
Mutton Stew at Karim’s.
PC: Eatlo Delhi-NCR Facebook

Indian Vegetarian – Bikanervala, Sector 29

This is the ultimate Indian eating-out retail experience. One gets any item under the sun as long as it is vegetarian. The staff is mechanically efficient and it is a wonder how they manage such enormous traffic especially during peak season such as festivals like Diwali, Holi, Dussehra etc. The food is pretty good, the chhole- bhature and papdi- chaat being the best ones. By all means one must try the laddoos here. They ooze freshness.

Thali at Bikanervala. PC: Eatlo Delhi NCR
Thali at Bikanervala.
PC: Eatlo Delhi NCR

South Indian – Cocoa Palm, DLF City Centre (MG Road)

Unlike several other places that claim to be the serving authentic South Indian but only do an assortment of dosas and idlis, this place actually does do justice to the term authentic. It serves the usual gravy items, rice based items and even meat preparations which are popular in south India. The appams here are fluffy, thought the parottas are a tad too oily. The Nilgiri Chicken is a concoction of numerous spices wonderfully simmered together. The interestingly named Ishtew (stew) for either vegetables or chicken are extremely wholesome preparations. Be prepared to face lot of chilies if one tries any of the Andhra based items.

South Indian Thali at Coco Palm PC:
South Indian Thali at Coco Palm

Bengali – Oh! Calcutta, Cyber Hub

This place is worth its name especially if one goes for the buffet. The buffet is a delectable spread consisting of various dals, fish preparations, meats, vegetarian items, fries and sweets. The prawn / shrimp fries are especially good. The preparations are cooked in genuine Bengali style but innovations have been made on traditional methods. The buffet keeps changing from day to day but is at its best on weekends.

'Beguni' or traditional Bengali eggplant pakoda at Oh Calcutta, Cyber Hub, Gurgaon. PC: Sayanatani Dasgupta
‘Beguni’ or traditional Bengali eggplant pakoda at Oh Calcutta, Cyber Hub, Gurgaon.
PC: Sayanatani Dasgupta

Chinese – Mainland China, Cyber Hub

This is another place which delivers its very best during the buffet. The starters are lavish and sometimes visitors fill themselves up with these but that must be taken care of to avoid. The main course consists of meat, fish and vegetarian items. Menu keeps changing and the best part is during the weekends. For some reason, the desserts especially the cakes are of top quality. One must undertake this buffet with the sternest of warnings not to eat anything else for the rest of the day.

Authentic Chinese Cuisine at Mainland China, Cyber Hub, PC:
Authentic Chinese Cuisine at Mainland China, Cyber Hub,

European / Continental – Drift, Sector 44

This place also does Kashmiri food, but its offerings are certainly European. It has a wine based buffet which is reserved for weekends only. Imported wines (red, white and rose) from Australia, Italy and Argentina have been part of the fare in the past. The cold meats form an excellent start to the meat. The next section comprises the main items which includes a mix of gravy and dry items. The bacon is one their best. There is even a waffle counter. To top it all up are the desserts which includes a vast array of sweets and freshly cut fruits.

Lavish buffet spread at Drift, Sector 44 Gurgaon. PC:
Lavish buffet spread at Drift, Sector 44 Gurgaon.

Korean Gung the Palace, Sector 29

The bearers at this restaurant are usually surprised at seeing Indians, as this place on most occasions is teeming with expats especially from East Asia. Due to Gurgaon’s substantial expat populations, such places have emerged as sort of refuge for the foreigners. But for few Indians, Gung offers up a great adventure. By all means, one must try the squid, octopus and pork items here which are the very best. The Korean teas are served alongside. The side dishes that are accompaniments with all items themselves are extremely filling. The overall experience is an interesting one, as visitors need to take off their shoes and sit in a particular cabin with sliding doors.

Authentic Korean spread at Gung the Palace, Sector-29, Gurgaon. PC:
Authentic Korean spread at Gung the Palace, Sector-29, Gurgaon.

Mexican – Salsa Salsaa!, Sahara Mall (MG Road)

This restaurant is located in a corner of a mall that is typically associated with inexpensive, functional shopping and a seedy nightlife. Yet on this corner one gets absolutely great food. The Mexican items such as Nachos and Burritos are of course wonderful. In addition they prepare unbelievably good sizzlers, with the asparagus stuffed chicken being the best of the lot. Pizzas are also crisp with the base being soft.

Mexican food at Salsa Salsaa, Sahara Mall, Gurgaon. PC:
Mexican food at Salsa Salsaa, Sahara Mall, Gurgaon.

Microbrewery Bronx, Sector 29

Among the slew of microbreweries dotting Gurgaon, this one stands out due to several reasons. All three varieties- wheat, dark and premium lager- are well prepared with the first two being especially good. The food is good with quantities being decent. The ambience is also well curated. Another plus point here is the taste in music which is soft and eclectic.

Locally brewed beers at Bronx, Sector- 29, Gurgaon. PC:
Locally brewed beers at Bronx, Sector- 29, Gurgaon.

American- TGIF, MGF Metropolitan Mall (MG Road)

Before we start with the superlatives, just a few valid points of caution need to be presented. The prices have gone up astronomically and the music played is so loud that one will never be able to have a meaningful conversation here. The only respite here fortunately is the quality of food which undoubtedly is very good. Please try any of the steaks here as they are the specialties. Also the Cajun cuisine is well made involving seafood. They also have some signature items infused with Jack Daniel’s during the cooking process.

Huge burger at TGIF, MG Road, Gurgaon PC:
Huge burger at TGIF, MG Road, Gurgaon

Well these are my recommendations, looking forward to hearing what you Foodiye from Gurgaon have to say about the dining scene out there. Do share the outlets that you would want me to visit.. 🙂

FATBURGER leaves a BIG FAT Disappointment – By Harjeev Singh Chadha

With all the rave surrounding Fatburger I decided to visit and checkout the food at their outlet, so on the 06th of Sep’14 I visited this place.
They’ve opened up their 1st outlet in India at DLF Cyber City at CyberHub. Additionally as I hadn’t visited CyberHub earlier I wanted to see this place for myself.
Fatburger in Gurgaon
We ordered the following: 
– Chicken Twisters 250
– Chicken Wings 250
– Choco Shake 175
– Coke 95*2
– Crispy Chicken Burger 280
– Outlaw Chicken Burger 260
– Tenderloin Burger 295*2
Started with the Chicken Wings. They were ok but I’ve had better at places like Hardrock Cafe. The quantity was also nothing to write home about. I mean 250 bucks was a measly 5 pc of small chicken wings, Not done in my books. The sauce with which the wings were BBQ’d was still ok but sadly the same couldn’t be said about the Chicken Twisters. They were boneless strips of chicken fried in some batter and served with a sauce, I can’t recollect the name. All in all. After tasting the starters I was in half a mind to getup and leave, which now in hindsight I should have done, considering HRC was next door.
Chicken Wings
Chicken Twisters
Next I ordered the Chocolate Shake but was served a Vanilla shake. This was nothing but huge portions of Vanilla Ice-Cream mixed with milk and topped with Whipped Cream. I pointed this to the server ‘Sachin’ and he said that this is in-fact Chocolate Shake and this is how they serve it
Chocolate Shake – Oh yes! I can see some chocolate now.
For the Burgers, all in all I’d say that the food was a BIG FAT disappointment. The burger buns were too soft for my liking. After taking a couple of bites the bun was falling all over the place. The Tenderloin Patty was also bland and tasteless. The ones served at places like Cafe Delhi Heights(Lamb), Hard Rock Cafe & MonkeyBar (Tenderloin) is LOADS, LOADS better. I personally prefer the Tenderloin Patty to be slightly chewy, but the patty at this place, lacked texture, totally tasteless, bland and left something, actually, a lot to be desired. The biggest disappointment was the size of the burger and the accompaniments. I mean approx 380 bucks (incl taxes) for a burger that can’t satisfy ones hunger, leave aside the taste buds, Na Na, not acceptable
Tenderloin Burger – What a disappointment
My kids were having the Crispy Chicken and the Chicken Outlaw Burger. I tasted the Crispy Chicken and I’d say that it tasted much better than the Tenderloin, something which has never happened before at other places
Chicken Burger for kids.
One of the Chicken Brugers
To conclude I’d say, nothing will make me go back to this place unless I read consistent reviews that they’ve changed for the better. The final bill all inclusive was 2300 bucks and mind you, this was without any desserts. Had the Quantity and Quality of the servings been up to the mark, I’d say that this was money well spent. As a conclusion I’d just say that, I feel I’ve been cheated and this place doesn’t do any justice to the price paid.

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Puchka – The Bong Bomb of flavours in Gurgaon – By Anuradha Gupta

Those tiny wafer thin deep fried balls filled with super spices, mashed potatoes and other things and dunked in that crazy flavorful water – yes that’s the generic description of Puchka, Golgappa and Pani Puri. It seems like all are the same but well they all belong to same family but are very different from each other.
Puchka – in all its glory..
I love the whole family but have a special place in my heart for the bong baby of the family.
Puchka is made of atta and is crispier and bigger than others and because its bigger it holds more filling and more of that spicy water. There, I just told you the a little secret why it holds a special place in my heart apart from other good things about it.

Shaped like aballl and thinner than a wafer
Puchka – Another look

I have eaten Puchka in CR park which is the benchmark of good Puchkas for us Delhi NCR people and some places where it was not so great. Recently found this guy in Gurgaon, Sector 31 near the Om Sweets, he stands on the corner of the red building near Benetton. He comes at 5 pm everyday and finishes up his goodies by 7 pm. His puchkas are one of the best I have ever eaten and it is a sight to see him making those – The rhythmic movement of his fingers to put the different masalas in the Puchka is a class act!

Puchka seller in Sector 31 of Gurgaon

It has filling of mashed potatoes and boiled kale channa and then he adds salt, red chilli, rock salt, the finely pounded green chillies and one secret masala – all of them as per your taste. So, yes its so much fun to get every single puchka customized as per your taste!!

You can see the spices, punded chillies and the mashed potato with chana mix
Its a small platform placed in a tripod from which all the business is conducted.

The secret masala is the very exotic Moodi Masala which is a mixture of bay leaves, coriander seeds and dried mango powder and some more spices. So now can you imagine what a brilliant blend of flavour is this puchka is. Oh! and wait he hasn’t dunked it in super spicy water with tamarind, mint, coriander, red chilli, cumin and rock salt yet.

Cold & Spicy water which is filled in Puchka

It is very unusual for me to be not being able to put flavor in words but I cant do justice to this flavor bomb. Where do I begin from to describe it, the tanginess of tamarind to the kick of bay leaves to the earthiness of roasted cumin to the freshness of mint, it is just mind blowing!!! And I am telling you those generous filling of pounded green chillies just take it to next level. 

He also has a meetha pani which is made of sugar and jaggery and is equally brilliant. Ask him to just fill one with pounded green chilles and meetha pani, the flavours are unlike anything in this world. Or alternate one theeka pani with meetha pani puchka, its so much fun and unique sensation for the mouth!!

Meetha or Sweet Paani

Puchka is my solution for all life problems, the solution to bad mood, bad health and bad hangover. And this one does everything in oh so awesome style. I can never have enough of these – Never ever in my life!

He also gives one sukha puchka in the end which is just a overstuffed puchka with generous helping of masalas and coriander leaves, but then again it superbly awesome.

Sukha or Dry Puchka served in the end.

As I am typing this, I cant help but make plans to eat this again right now!!

He also makes Churmur which is a chat with crumbled puchka and same ingredients and lots of lemon but then again it tastes very different from puchka and my visit to him is incomplete with a churmur chat with extra mirchi!! That is the beauty of food, same ingredients used differently and you have another delicious dish ready!!


The guy is very laid back which is so Kolkata and loves to take his time to make puchka and so patient that he customizes every single puchkas as per my demand and yes i eat 15 puchkas atleast in one go!!

These puchkas are the reason why I am starting to like Gurgaon and yes they are so awesome that you can come all they way from Delhi without a second thought.
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Family demands Justice after being thrashed by Bouncers at Club Rhino in Gurgaon

Here is message I received from Vani Bhalla, who was part of the family that got manhandled by Bouncer of Club Rhino in Gurgaon. Here is a piece that appeared in newspapers :
Message of Vani Bhalla where she narrates the sequence of events till now :
Date: 9th August 2014
Venue: Club Rhino, South Point Mall, Gurgaon
Occasion: Pre- Birthday Party of my 19 year old brother
Manager at Club Rhino: Aqeel with whom me and my brother booked a party @INR 1,000 per head for Unlimited Drinks and Snacks and Dinner.

Date: 9th Aug 2014|11:30 PM

Everything was going fine; we were close to 15 people on the dance floor. My mother, another lady from family and I went to the washroom. After 5 mins, one of the bouncers at the Club Rhino came to my father (55- year old diabetic & high BP patient) and asked him to step aside simply because he was not dancing with a lady but perhaps with my other cousins. He started arguing with my father on same.

Date: 9th Aug 2014 |11:40 PM

My husbad, Ayush Bhalla approached the Manager (Aqeel) and complaint to him regarding the misbehaviour of the bouncer. After this, the bouncer came to my father and apologised to him for mis-conduct. Even after apologising, he did not move from the section where we were dancing and started giving nasty looks. But we perhaps ignored.

Date: 9th Aug 2014 | 11:55 PM

Me and my brother approached to the DJ to play birthday song and announcement for our other family and friends to join for the cake cutting ceremony. Alongside, one of my cousin went to ask for the cake which was kept in Club Rhino’s kitchen (we purchased the cake from Le Marche, Ground Floor, South Point Mall).But, this is the time when things went worse and out of our control.
The DJ replied back saying he will not play a birthday song. On the contrary, from nowhere in the picture, 3 bouncers came, pushed my cousin, my father. He dragged my brother, slapped him inside the Disc and then forcefully dragged him outside the disc ‘TRUST ME- this was first step of GUNDA RAAJ’

After seeing him, we all went outside in a tension. Then, all of a sudden group of bouncers surrounded us outside the disc.

Date: 10th Aug 2014| 12:10 AM

In the corridor, outside Club Rhino, group of bouncers attacked my family and friends with Punches, iron rods, hockey sticks and what not, they used every possible thing around to his us and this scene will never go away from my memory.. My friends came in between to help us, but even they got hit by bouncers. I don’t have words to explain the behaviour of staff/bouncers /manager, they had the guts to say on our face – ‘JO BHI UKHARNA HAI TOH UKHARLO’

Date: 10th Aug 2014 | 12: 30 AM

After 20-25 mins of action, the result was my father ( 55 year old) fainted on floor with minor injuries ; my brother ( 19 year old) got the maximum inquires in right side of the face and head ; my husband got an fracture on his left eye (Source Medical Report: Paras Hospital). One of the bouncers tried to hit me with iron rod,held my t-shirt collar but went to hit other friends.

One of my cousin, who uses hearing aid on both his ears, got starches all over his neck. Other friends who were saving us, got starches/ bruises on their body.

Please refer to the first few clips of the video.

Souce: CCTV Footage (Disclosed today)

Date: 10th Aug 2014 | 2:00 AM

4 of my family members for MLC done at Paras Hospital, while my mother and I, at Sushant Lok Polic Station to file a complaint against the staff/ bouncers/ other management involved.
Some of their names are: Aqeel ; Hemant ; Anuj – all are absconding.

Date: 10th Aug 2014 |

We went to police station to lodge a FIR but nobody entertained us.
Reason shared: Its Rakhi for them

Date: 11th Aug 2014 |

Medical tests and visits to various hospitals. | FIR copy still not received.

Date: 12th Aug 2014; 12 noon

Article on Times of India (Page 9) ; Headline – 55- year old thrashed by pub bouncers.
My father went to police station. But no action taken. He then approached ACP, after which he finally agreed to file FIR and shared MLC Report with us

Date: 12th Aug 2014

My husband along with group of friends posted pictures on Rhino’s Facebook page and posted reviews on Zomato, which eventually got deleted and blocked us.

Date: 13th Aug 2014 | Morning News

News flashed all over different news channels with CCTV footage. It came in Headlines today; News Express; India Today and News 24.

Date: 13th Aug 2014 | 1:00 PM

News Express reporters came to my house for a LIVE interview with my dad.
PS: This is the update so far about whole incident which happened with me and my family members. Is this the way to treat a family at a PUB. Is it not safe even to go out with family members and groups?
Is this the way to hit a 55 year old person? Can bouncers at pub have right to kill somebody? Can girls can’t even go out of their home? I went to Rhino after reading reviews on Zomato and now the irony is this when my friends have posted the correct review they have deleted all the negative posts, this shows it’s all fake out there.
Admin : Whatever the family might have done, however wrong they might or might not have been, how can they be beaten up? Its just not acceptable. They could have asked the family to leave and if they refused to leave then they could have called the cops. Beating people up is not acceptable by any standards of imagination. Someone has to go to jail for this one.  Kindly share and support the family.

Please share your thoughts and support the family in the comments below. I would be very helpful.

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Farzi Cafe – Indian Food Ver. 2.0

Before anything else, I would like to share the kind of expectations I had from Farzi Cafe – It is a part of the Massive Restaurants – A company that owns Made in Punjab in Gurgaon & Mumbai – both of them have managed to impress me quite well, serving some of the best North Indian food that I have enjoyed. Besides that they have Masala Library in BKC, Mumbai, which managed to stun me on my only visit to the restaurant. Having traveled though India the play of flavors and combinations those guys served me told me a lot about the effort that went behind every dish. Besides the effort it needed lot of craziness, creativity and deep understanding of flavors. And now we come to Farzi Cafe.
Farzi is an Urdu word widely used to denote fake, not genuine, here it also denotes illusion. Illusion in the way food is perceived, presented and consumed. Farzi Cafe banks on Molecular Gastronomy to create that illusion, which sounds like a fancy word, however technically speaking is merely a tool for chefs with a creative bent of mind to play with their food in the ways it has never been done before. Earlier the term only referred to the scientific investigation of cooking, however around the change in millennium it started to describe a style of cooking  where science and technology were embraced in the kitchen. The food that was presented to us, is molecular gastronomy applied to Indian Food. India food and flavors, recreated & re-mixed to change the way you perceive them, hence creating the illusion.
Mishti Doi Spheres
Raj Kachori with Kurkuri Bhindi Salad

Inside of Raj Kachori
From Rajkachori without a hole in it, to mishti doi spherical bubble which pops in your mouth, to chutney disguised as froth. From Maggie with Foie Gras, truffle oil and pine nuts to bhelpuri in powdered form, to karela disguised as calamari – everything manages to surprise us by the sheer illusion.  Then there came a burger in which the patty was galouti kebab, pork chops in a sauce made of kashmiri rista reduction, chicken lollipops with southern chettinad style sauce wrapped around it which I feel had not much to do with the sorcery called molecular gastronomy but sheer experience and creativity of human mind. 
Bhel Puri, yup, you read it right.
Pork Chops in Rista reduction
Samosa stuffed with duck
Prawns with chutney in froth form

As overwhelmed as I was with the width of the variety, I was more pleased by the sheer fact that everything tasted best in class. The showmanship was there, however that did not mean that the food was lacking punch from any angle. The use of spices, the quality of ingredients, the combination of flavors gave depth to all the width in the food they serve. The bun in which Galouti kebab was serve was soft, fresh and melt in mouth, not saying much about the kebab here because on it they have expertise from Made in Punjab anyhow. The pork used was succulent, tender and very well cooked. Raj Kahcori’s filling was fresh and different that it ensured that I finished it the bhelpuri as fancy as it looked, at that spicy zing to it. Oh! and did I mention about that Samosa with duck stuffed inside it then a coating of sauce on the outside? Mind-blowing stuff. 
Chiicken Chettinaa Lollipops
Karela Calamari
Kebab Burgers
Inside the Kebab Burger – Absolutely loved them. 

Posh Maggi – Complete with Truffle oil, Foie Gras and Pine nuts 
Sarso, Makki, White makhan, Chaach – Go figure.
The eye for detail was very apparent in presentation, the egg drops, the flower petals, the saunf and kalonji on mishti doi sphere, use to curry patta on chicken lollipop the small cube of butter on those green kebabs (which have a story of their own) everything told me about the depth of understanding of the food that these guys have and how much effort it might have been to present it the way they are presenting it.
Sounds all good to me as long as someone is keeping a tab on what exactly proponents of Molecular Gastronomy are doing to the food and what exactly would its impact on foods nutrition and the human body eventually. But we shall cross that bridge once we reach it.
Cheese Cake in Parle G crust.
Roohafza waala Creme Brulee
The Mujhwas, dried pan in Cotton Candy
And did I tell you about the desserts? The Roohafza flavored Crème brûlée if I might call it, complete with the hard burnt layer of caramel on top, topped with some faluda,  and the Cheese Cake in which Parle G biscuits are used for the crust? They come dipped in something that tasted like rabri with some colorful gems thrown in, which immediately delights the kid in you. Even the mukhwas  was given an Out of the Box twist – A dried paan wrapped in cotton candy shaped like a gujiya. And they tell me that we have only see the tip of ice-berg yet. 
Fancy mumbo jumbo aside, as I mentioned earlier, its merely a tool for playing with food and you need creativity and understanding of flavors of next level to create what Farzi Cafe has managed to create here. They have managed to impress with both width and depth  of their food and I feel have created a revolutionary concept in Indian food scene, making in modern and exciting. Very exciting. 
Btw I have not talked about the fancier stuff that they do, oh yes, they pull lot many stunts off but then somethings are better left for surprises. If you are a food lover with an open mind then you should visit this place. Enough said. 
PS : Farzi Cafe is located in DLF Cyberhub in Gurgaon

Made in Punjab – North Indian, Dil Se

‘Made in Punjab’ is a restaurant by Zoravar and Jiggs Kalra which opened in Cyber Hub of Gurgaon amidst much fanfare, and I was fortunate enough to attend an event/tasting session of Delhi Gourmet Club when I guess the restaurant had not even opened up its doors for public or it had just opened. Had a good experience, however was bit cynical about how would it go when it was not under DGC radar.
Being a Dilliwaala I have been born and brought up on North Indian Food and there are barely any ‘restaurants’ which have been able to satisfy me. Very desi and dhabha person  are the words I would use to describe myself, so Made in Punjab had a ladder to climb, a tall one for sure, atleast in my mind. 
The occasion was birthday of a dear friend, and we took a sweet deal from MIP management which included unlimited booze and food (starters, main courses & desserts).
Dahi filled Gol Gappe or Gol Gappa Chaat
Gol Gappe
Papads of two types.

Before I get on to the food part, I must share that I was disappointed by the service, atleast in parts or maybe it was the waiter having a bad day or the nature of the deal and evening. Bar took too long to fix the cocktails, drinks came in slow, when they came they were not what (and how) was ordered, some dish came cold which came cold again after it was sent back.

Coming to food. it turned out to be quite a delight. Right from the first piece of papad I broke to the last Jalebi I gobbled up, I guess i did not find anything wrong with any of the dishes, while loving most of them.

Chicken Tikka
Mutton Seekh
Haryali Kebab

Chicken Tikka, Mutton Seekh – Amongst the best I have tasted.

Haryali Kebab – Loved the dash of meethi chutney which seemed like a master stroke from the Chef, adding to the look as well as taste of the dish. My favorite Vegetarian starter.

Paneer Tikka & Fish Tikka – Nothing to complain about, but then nothing stood out too.

Dal Makhani & Butter Chicken – Absolute Stunners these two dishes were. And if a restaurant can get these two right, everything else is forgiven.

Kadahi Paneer – Again, has to be the nicest Kadahi Paneer that I have eaten. It was sooo good.

Breads – Most of the bread I had were passable, but then again it can be attributed to them trying to serve a very large and gluttunous table. I like mine fresh, straight from the Tandoor. 
Jalebi with Rabri – Thin cripy jalebis, served with rabri – The combo can rarely go wrong. Jalebis were super crispy, which for me shows how much effort & patience went into making it.

Kheer – Another mind-blowing item – Very thick, subtley sweet and love flavors. Amongst the best I have ever had.

Gulab Jamun – Ummm.. passable, rather avoidable.

Beetroot Tikki
Jalebi with Rabri.
A special mention to the chats that were served in starters. Right from Gol Gappe to the Bhalla Papri chaat to the bhare hue / dahi ke golgappe – these guys managed to get them Astonishly right. A flavor of streets which you hardly expect to get got right when not served on the street. But these guys have managed to pull this one off and how.

They have been in business for couple of months now and I hope they can sustain the quality for atleast couple of years. In the meantime, my wishes are with them, hope they keep serving the good food.

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Biryani Blues, Gurgaon – Soul Stirring

Gurgaon seems to be buzzing with food joints which are shouting ‘Different’ from their rooftops and noise is loud enough for any food lover to notice. These are not your swanky or posh joints,  however small cozy places run by people like you and me,  people who came into the business for love of food,  or at-least that is how it seems to me.
Biryani Blues is one such outlet located in Supermart in Dlf Phase 4. A small place with nice and cozy feel to it,  they claim to serve authentic Hyderabadi and Andhra food.  I have been hearing great things about it on Eatlo as well as from my friends and finally landed at this place last night to savor some of their now very famous Biryani.
Menu Side 1
Menu Side 2
The menu looked impressive with limited dishes which ensure right amount of focus and attention to whatever there is on the menu.  It also means that they have their priorities right and are not trying to impress everyone which generally can be quite disastrous.
Having heard great things about the kheema Biryani we decided to order a portion of that,  which cost Rs. 275. With that you had an option to add half portion of a starter for Rs. 150 only. I opted for Prawn fry.
Kheema Biryani in the handi
Salan that is served with Biryani
Raita that is served with biryani
The Biryani came in the usual handi along with some mirchi ka salan,  raita and onions,  which are quite precious these days.
Now I am not an expert on Biryani,  and discussions and descriptions of the same often leave me confused,  rendering me incapable of commenting on the authenticity of the product.  That said,  whatever I had there was quite incredible.  The portion size was very generous and should easily suffice for 2 people with average appetite.  The Prawns were quite tasty as well,  I loved the way they were fried with curry patta,  the portion again being quite generous considering how expensive they generally are.
Kheema Biryani
Closer look at Kheema Biryani
Half portion of Prawn fry
Being the glutton I am,  desserts is how I judge food joints on.  If you don’t have a good dessert then you are sending me incomplete.  Fortunately for Biryani Blues,  they do a Double ka Meetha and a Khumani ka meetha. We ordered a double ka meetha which to define very simple is normal bread –  fried and dipped in sugar syrup.  Once again I will not comment on the authenticity of it,  however for Rs. 100 it was enough to satisfy the sweet tooth of 2 of us and put a stamp of completeness on the meal.
Double ka Meetha
Double ka Meetha – Fried bread in sugar syrup, decorated with Silver foil and topped with Dry fruits.
Spent around Rs. 600 on this meal and authentic or not,  turned out to be soul food for us.  The feeling you get when you are satisfied to the core in terms of appetite, taste and desire.
I hope to visit this place again to test various other things, in the meantime if you have to drive all the way from Delhi to savor the food, do give it a shot. All for the love of food.
Address : Biryani Blues, Shop No. B-204, Supermart 1, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon,122002
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