Winning Recipes using Mother Dairy Premium Milk

We recently conducted a week long recipe contest in association with Mother Dairy for our community members where in Amazon gift cards were up for grabs.

The members were encouraged to create innovative gluttonous dishes using milk while focusing on the #MalaiMarke aspect of it. The winners were selected on basic of popularity & uniqueness by our culinary jury.

3 winners of our recipe contest
3 winners of our recipe contest

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Where to eat Chhole Bhature in Delhi? Top 35 Places you MUST Try

Chhole Bhature are the National Food of India, and you get them around every corner in the city. Though Chhole Bhature can never be bad, however there are some which are better than others. Here is a list of 35 places divided by the region to help you savor nothing but the best from the City.

Chhole Bhature are ‘National’ food of Delhi and to celebrate our love for the same we mark 2nd October of every-year as International Eatlo Chhole Bhature Day, with 2016 seeing the third year of celebrations. As lot of you know that we organised Eatlo Eatups – where a bunch of us got together and went to out eat and/or explore the food scene.

However for this day we put together something called #VirtualEatup – where people from all over the world participate by eating Chhole Bhature and sharing pictures on Social Media.

International Chhole Bhature Day : How to participate?

1. You can cook the bhature at home and post a picture and/or recipe.
2. You can go out to eat Chhole Bhature and post a picture with your feedback.
3. You can eat Chhole Bhature from your favourite joint and just share a picture.
4. You can get them packed and bring them to eat and share a picture.
5. You can organise a Chhole Bhature Party, cook Chhole Bhature and invite your friends over. Or order in maybe.

For those in Delhi, which happens to be home of Chhole Bhature, we have put together a list of our favourite places from all over the town – have visited all of them personally and can recommend the wares. This list is not comprehensive for sure, however still the most comprehensive you will find.

Not putting complete details, a quick google search for names would guide you better. The map mostly is for illustrative purposes, just search for the name of google maps and they shall guide you better.

Info-graphic with Chhole Bhature joints represented on Delhi Map.
Best Chhole Bhature Delhi Map

Best Chhole Bhature in North Delhi :

  • Chache Di Hatti, Kamla Nagar (read more)
  • Om Di Hatti, Shakti Nagar
  • Rawalpindi, Malka Ganj, Kamla Nagar
  • Cycle Wala, Outside NDPL, Hudson Lane (read more)
  • Chacha di Hatti, Model Town (Not related to Kamla Nagar one)
  • Gopal Jee, Rohini Sector 2
  • Ashu Bhature, Rohini
  • Hari Om Bhature, Rohini / Prashant Vihar



  • Kaka Ji, Amar Colony
  • Baba Nagpal, Amar Colony, Lapjpat nagar
  • Anand, Lajpat Nagar
  • Sharma (cart), Moolchand Metro Station
  • Durga Sweets, Nauroji Nagar
  • Gopal Jee Chhole Bhature, Govind Puri



Central Delhi is where the heavyweights of Chhole Bhature operate from..

This list was originally published in October 2015, on occasion of 3rd International Eatlo Chhole Bhature Day, and has been revised on 2nd November 2016. The recommendations remain the same, however we have been able to document a lot more about these places in last 1 year and have updated the recommendations with relevant links to our posts on Foodiye.

MTR : Mavalli Tiffin Rooms : Sunday Lunch Experience

After hearing so many things about the Thali at MTR (Bangalore), finally landed at their old-school LalBagh outlet to have a first hand experience of the meal and today being Sunday, it was supposed to be something special.Rs.220 for a Thali for which we got a coupon in advance and the wait was about 30 minutes for our turn. What followed was a multi course meal which truly was an experience in itself.

First course was dosa along with a sweet puran poli type bread, then bisibele bhat, Sambhar rice, rasam rice and curd rice being the last course followed by a very nice dessert.

Grape Juice to start the proceedings.
Veg Kurma
Coconut Chutney
Salad, don’t know the name. Carrot and lentils.
Beetroot ki subzi.
That said I don’t think I would be going back for the same – the main reason being that the service staff lacked the intent to feed and seemed to be going through the motions. More concerned about completing the process rather than feeding you.


Dosa, only thing I was offered twice.
The Sweet Puran Poli like bread.
Mirchi Bhajji
Raita with Bisibele Bhaat
Sambhar Rice
Curd Rice
The system of serving itself needs lot of improvement (some lessons from Gujrati / Rajasthani counter parts in serving Thalis maybe) which currently is designed to create queues of waiting customers rather than serving them well. The hygiene takes utmost importance for these guys as can be judged by the confidence with they have designed the customer’s exit path through their cooking area. giving customers a full view of proceedings and how clean the kitchen actually is.
But for someone like me everything goes for a toss if I do not enjoy the ‘love’ and warmth behind me meal and today unfortunately was one of those days.
Taste 7/10,
Value for money 9/10,
Service 5/10.
Ambiance 9/10 for the old School Charm
PS : Btw.. this is for their Thali only, the same service attitude might work perfect when they are serving their regular idlis and dosas which essentially is a fixed serving size. In that system diner does not expect anything nor he/she is at the mercy of server.

Where to eat Daulat ki Chaat in Delhi?

Was chatting with a friend of mine (who works as a corporate Chef and handles few of the major restaurants in Delhi)  yesterday afternoon and realized that both of us were hungry but not for the run of the mill stuff. He is someone who has spent lot of time working overseas and in Delhi as well most of the food he does is ‘international’. A jaunt to Old Delhi is what doctor seemed to have ordered for him and yesterday we both grasped at the opportunity and after parking our rides at Patel Chowk Metro Station and we hopped in a train straight to Chawri Bazaar.
Daulat ki Chaat from Gali Arya Samaaj
Got out from exit no. 3 of Chawri Metro Station and headed straight into Sita Ram Bazaar, deciding to ignore temptations offered in Chawri Bazaar starting from Ashok Chaat right at the corner to Shakahari, Standard, Shyam, Kulle Chaat & Jain Sandwich to the road leading straight to Jama Masjid and the numerous meaty goodies on offer in Matia Maharl and Urdu Bazaar area. And let me not even mention the Lal Kuan, Balli Maran, Khari Baoli and Chandni Chowk waiting for us on the other side. We ignored them all. 
We were men on mission, and the mission was simple – Daulat Ki Chaat. Daulat ki Chaat is a dessert which as per my understanding is basically milk froth – making it very light in weight and texture, something they say is made from dew and beating the milk with hand all night long. It is served with some crushed Khoya, which I would call Indian Cheese in absence of a better explanation, some finely crushed dry fruits and maybe some saffron water/syrup. 
Its a very fine dish available mostly in colder months in Delhi and available ONLY in Old Delhi. As Delhi moves into winter months, you can see the walled city dotted with numerous carts & hawkers selling Daulat Ki Chaat and everyone claims to be the best, accepting orders for weddings and other parties – complete with a visiting card offered to every inquisitive customer. Outsiders and/or novice food lovers get excited at the mere sight of them carts and find hard to control the temptation of trying them. Honestly speaking cannot just blame them, even the half good stuff commonly sold in Old Delhi (any part including Chandni Chowk) is good enough to make even hardcore foodies feel happy.
But then, I do not consider myself an outsider and my friend is not a novice foodie for sure.. 😉
Most of the Daulat ki Chaat sold on those carts parked in touristy, crowded or popular areas of Old Delhi sell adulterated stuff, or so I have been told by my cousins and family residing in that part of town. But then we are not the ones to believe in words and to be sure that we have a fare comparison we started by eating from a cart right on the Hauz Khazi chowk and actually enjoyed the stuff that he was selling. For bulk orders he quoted Rs.4000 for 12 kgs of Chaat, plus the transportation. 
Daulat ki Chaat we had on Hauz Qazi Chowk
Post that we decided to skip everything else and walk straight towards Gali Arya Samaj, a bylane of Sita Ram Bazaar. Its a unmarked street on your right hand side, right after Lal Darwaza, which is on your left hand side. You walk into the Gali Arya Samaj and as the street starts to narrow down, on your left hand side would will find a small stall selling Daulat ki Chaat and some kulfis/icecream. 
We ordered a plate each from this guy as well, and my chef friend straightaway started telling me that its more Pure, dense, flavorful, creamy and frothy. And as soon as he uttered those words my heart took a leap of joy, feeling vindicated & validated. The shopkeeper told me that they still have to make it with hand and have no other option, and quoted us Rs. 600 a kg plus transportation for bulk and party orders. 
There is no name of this shop, but I believe I have mentioned several points in the blog, points which are sufficient to send you on a treasure hunt, a hunt for the BEST Daulat ki Chaat, which of-course is nothing less than a treasure. 
Started this post to share the entire adventure we had yesterday which saw us gorging on some awesome Kachoris & Samosas as well, while finishing the gluttony with a rockstar Nahari and Kebabs, but I guess will limit this post to Daulat ki Chaat and save other details for another post.  
Would love to hear some feedback from those who actually are able to find and try this much elusive delicacy. Do share your story in the comments below. 
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Naivedyam – Vegetarian South Indian Fare

Naivedyam has been in Patel Nagar ever since I can remember, and apparently have never visited the place. Have tried the Hauz Khas Village restaurant a few times and don’t remember having a bad experience. Yesterday we entered the place at around 12:45 pm and were the first customers for a Sunday. The place did not smell too good and the staff was just clueless looking at our expressions. 
We started by ordering from Day Specials (before that a very nice Rasam was served, on the house) : Parotha Kurma & Appam Kurma – As these are the items that you usually do not get at ‘South-Indian’ menus in Delhi. Along with them we ordered a plate of Dahi Vada and normal Idli each.  
Food took its time in making, however was hot and fresh, the only grouch being that the server forgot to serve us plates to eat from. 
Dahi Vada – None of us enjoyed it, maybe matter of palette.
Idli – Hot, soft and fresh – good stuff.
Parotta – came with 3 parottas and Kurma, very well made.
Appam – Two appams served one after the other, nothing to complain.
Parotta with Kurma (Look at that steel bowl)
Idli with Gunpowder on the side
Dahi Vada
Then we had to wait for some time for waiter to come to us to take the order, somehow the waiter just seemed clueless. On complaining, some senior looking person started to take our orders. 
We managed to place order of Rawa Mysore Masala Dosa, Mix Veg Oothapam, Bisibelle Bhaat & Puliogre. Except for the Oothapam which seemed dry everything was delicious, specially Bisibelle bhaat which is like a simple khichdi, however on steroids of flavors. Something my mom loved and says she is gonna try at home. Puliogre which are tamarind rice did not draw much favor from the table and it was constantly compared to Bisibelle bhaat, which was the blue eyed boy of the lunch. 
Bisibelle Bhaat or Khichdi
Sambhar, Chutney – again check the bowls.
Tamarind Rice or Puliyogre
The one thing that bettered me was that the plates were chipped from lot of places and even the steel utensils did not seem the way they should. 
My Ratings for Patel Nagar Outlet:
Taste : 3.5/5
Value for Money : 3.5/5
Hygiene : 2/5
Ambiance : 3/5
Service : 3/5

Overall 3/5 kind of place.

Rice payasam
Mysore Pak – came from a box thet sell over counter. 
Its not exactly a street stall where hygiene takes a back seat in comparison of taste, however for a full service dine in restaurant, they definitely need to get their house in order. The plus point being that for a City like Delhi they do offer a varied menu and the food quality is high & close to authentic, generally speaking. Super value for money – Which all holds true for any other outlet of Neivedyam. 
Final Bill..
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Pehelwan ka Dhaba, Majlis Park – A Quintessential Dhaba experience

Even though Delhi is a city of Dhabas, however there aren’t many that come to my mind when I set my mind out in search of a good old school Dhaba. There can be a thousand reasons for the same however lets leave that for some other time. Why did I start this post with those lines? Just to show how desperate me other food lovers like me are for decent Dhaba food in Delhi. And when Pehelwan started to find mention on Eatlo, it did manage to excite the mind and taste-buds of food lovers all over the city, specially our vegetarian brethren. 
Food Lovers from all over Delhi / NCR
A visit to them, an Eatlo Eatup as it is called was on cards for long time and thankfully we managed to pull one of this week. Around 20-25 of food lovers from all over Delhi and NCR descended in the bylanes of Outer Delhi (OK, North Delhi if you insist) to find this Pehelwan and his Dhaba. And yours truly was one of them mongers of good food.

Shahi Paneer
Being served
Chana Masala

The place was not as difficult to find as it seemed, I mean what place these days is not on google maps? This one is not. If you search for its name, you will land up its name sake dhabas all over the place, however not this one. To locate this Dhaba the simplest GPS coordinate : Reach Adarsh Nagar Metro Station, ask any rickshaw puller for directions. Simple? 😛

Its a large hall kind of a structure with huge Pateelas, tandoor and other kitchen in general taking the front part and then there around 8-10 tables for mortals like us to sit and dine on. Nothing fancy, but the modern standards not even basic, but still functional setup. That said, classical Dhaba in every sense of the word.

Dal Makhani
Paneer Naan

Now other food lovers had been recommending their boiled dal (I am assuming yellow) however we were also told that they run out of it very early in the evenings. A day before out scheduled visit we also called and request them for the dal to saved for dinner time, however on the d-day the owner simple said that dal is not to be kept side but to be sold. I was like Yes Boss. Talking more about the owner, he seems to be a character in himself, however lets not talk about him and when you go their for eating business, I am sure your interaction to him would only be limited to paying the bill. 

Coming to food, taking the liberty of numbers we decided to test out everything on the menu, let me list down what we had and what I thought about it.
  • Shahi Paneer – Avoid. 
  • Malai Kofta – Same gravy as Shahi Paneer. Avoid.
  • Dal Makhani – ummm, some of us loved it, for me it was 3/5 kind of affair. 
  • Aloo Kofta – I thought it would be a kofta made of aloo, however it was a kofta and aloo in the same curry. It was fun to mash the kofta in the gravy and then eating it. Enjoyed eating it.
  • Mutter Paneer – Fried Paneer Dunked in tomato based gravy which has peas in it. Indifferent.
  • Aloo Gobhi – Very simple, bit on the wet side, had the punch of spices. 
  • Chana Masala – Enjoyed eating them a lot. Very basic and simple, very homelike but with a stronger kick. Loved them.
  • Palak Paneer – Just the way I like it. On the darker side not loaded with Cream and Butter, for me highlight of the place and most of my compatriots did agree with me. 
  • Boondi Raita – Not too thick, not too thin, Very chilled, very refreshing. Ate 2-3 of them. 
  • Kheer – Very basic, nothing fancy. I enjoyed it for its simplicity, for some it might be a waste of money. 
Palak Paneer 
Aloo Kofta

We tried a variety of breads, generally speaking on special orders they do make your roti crispy however given the pressure we put on the kitchen they did falter badly. That said, I enjoyed eating the Lachha Paranthas, plus their stuffed naans and paranthas also had simplicity around it which did manage to entice me. 

On the day we were their the service faltered badly, they have no idea on what was happening, probably not used to catering to so many gluttonous eaters at the same time, however with experience I have a feeling that they would be able to handle a lesser crowd very well. 
The nearest comparison that comes to my mind are the Dhabas of CP – Kake Bhape, National and the likes, in style of serving, attitude of owner and general ambiance. Nothing exceptional about the place, however if a simple kadak roti and palak paneer to chana is on your mind, do visit this place. You will not regret it. And yeah, I am going back, atleast to try that famed boiled dal.

PS : They use Nutralite Margarine instead of Butter.

Go VEGA – For the Maharaja Thali – by Aman Fatehpuria

As an absolute foodie by nature, and a pure vegetarian to top that, being impressed by good desi food is a real challenge. Being on a student budget, five stars were out of question. Highly recommended by a friend, I went to VEGA restaurant in Connaught place, ALKA HOTEL. I entered a small hotel, and was led to a lovely restaurant, the walls of which were adorned with quaint antiques , which upon inquiring I was told , some of it belonged to the colonial era , bought from the owners haveli (ancestral house) in Rajasthan. 
Went with some friends, who ordered a aloo masala and tandoori paneer for starters… ok the aloo masala is dynamite and scrumptious. Spicy and chatpata…..oh how could I miss it all this while? The paneer was super soft and perfectly cooked in the tandoor.
Well I started by ordering the royal maharaja thali because it said unlimited refills… that sounded just right!!! It was served in courses, started by the jal jeera which was so tangy n cold, I actually wanted to gol gappas to go with it. This followed by the tomato rasam, which was also very good. 
Then came the big fat thali….. which was a feast man!!! There were 3 vegetables, dal, dahi papri, fruit chaat and a lovely paneer cutlet accompanied gulam jamun too. I didn’t know where to start, so I attacked the paneer cutlet was just pure paneer, soft and vanished in the mouth. The thali had an assortment of roti (breads) the kind I have never eaten before- methi roti, adrak roti (must try) hari mirch roti (must try) , stuffed roti !!! The kadai paneer, palak kofta, and the dal were fantastic. There was a green vegetable also but I am not the green types, if you know what I mean. Then they started getting pooris, I thought I must try one at least, and I was not disappointed with their “bedmi poori”. Then came the peas pulao, which I just could not eat because I had to keep place for the melt in the mouth gulam jamun, which I am told the chef prepares fresh every day. It was divine n just right. Right when I thought I can’t put another morsel in my mouth, and was beaming over my food…. they got me a Kulfi in a beautiful traditional earthen pot with a wooden spoon to go with it. I told the manager I just can’t eat this now, and he assured me that the kulfi just finds its way into the stomach and I need not worry about it. What I should worry about is, where will I sleep after this wholesome meal, he joked, adding that they even have rooms in the hotel in case!!! 
All in all a wholesome, vegetarian experience, which was a definite value for money, and resulted in a deeply satisfied belly.
P.S-all the jains, gujratis and baniya community out there, this restaurant is a must visit because the whole menu is without onion and garlic, rest of you guys , trust me would not even realize that !!!!
Written by Aman Fatehpuria