Restaurant Review : The Pint Room, Vasant Vihar

The Pint Room is a nice cozy place with a varied selection of Beers along with delectable food on offer. We attended an exclusive evening hosted by the promoter of the chain – Mr. Pradeep Beer Gidwani – to learn more about beers.

The Pint Room is a nice cozy place surrounded by important looking embassies all around. Besides the embassies, equally important looking banks are scattered across the market this place is located in. The day I was invited, was a rainy one and as usual, Delhi got clogged. This proved to be a blessing in disguise as I could get up close and personal with the promoter of the chain- Mr. Pradeep Beer Gidwani. The others invited were all stuck in traffic so I spent time with one of the top authorities on the knowledge of beers and spirits in the country.

We started with him giving his own career snapshot over a few pints of Heineken. I asked him what he felt about the multitude of microbreweries in Gurugram, so he replied candidly that few of them were actually brewing beer. He says that this is a fad like many others that will come and go.

The others arrived eventually and by around 8 pm we started our beer tasting session. Mr. Gidwani introduced us to various types of beers and then we started with different kinds of beers. We started off with a bit of Foster’s and followed it up with Stella Artois. Mr. Gidwani feels that the latter must be entry point of beer drinking as the former or its prototypes such as Kingfisher are not good quality. He explained that Indian beers or even whiskies contain a lot of sugar molasses as India produces lots of sugarcane. This is much like American beers being dominated by corn by products and East Asian ones having lots of rice. And that is why European beers will always score over due to the balance between malt, hops, barley (usually not always) and water.

Along with these beers, we were served chicken wings cooked apparently with bhoot jolokia which is one of the hottest chili varieties of the world. The wings were well cooked with a dash of coriander on top. The bhoot jolokia was probably eased off as my tongue did not really burn as expected. We also had some meat tacos to go alongside. Next up, Mr. Gidwani served us some Australian craft beers. The first of these was brewed near an orange farm and thus had this distinct citrusy flavour. The next one was milder. Both these beers were smooth and flowed easily. The host also made us try an apple cider. Then we went on to discuss the differences between ales and lagers. We also discussed about the Pilsner variety.

During the beer sessions, we tried to keep the food to a minimum in order to feel the purity of the drinks. Now with the subtleties done, we were brought a meat bonanza pizza. More than the beers, I feel it is pizzas that The Pint Room does really well. A litmus test for evaluating pizzas is often whether they can be folded like any bread and that is what these pizzas were able to. The crust was thin yet crisp. The flavours of the different meats were quite easily distinguishable. This was a clear sign of flavoring not overwhelming the taste of the meat itself. We also ordered a prawn item with lemon and paprika. This item was a slight disappointment. The prawns seemed to be not fresh enough and the flavoring in this case overwhelmed the raw taste.

We ordered two more rounds of Hoegaarden to which The Pint Room added its own unique improvisation. A piece of lemon was added inside the glass on top of the drink. This added a new dimension to conventional Hoegaarden.

Mr. Gidwani was so hospitable that he felt almost disappointed at us having no capacity left to eat or drink anymore. So as a good night drink we had a Dunkel which is a dark German lager. Overall, a great evening spent. I personally learnt a lot about beers from our host, Pradeep Beer Gidwani, accompanied by good food and drink.

This South Delhi bakery, has to be amongst the finest in Town

#FEDGiveaway : Bliss bakery is an example where passion meets profession – the result of which is very evident in the kind of Food that they are serving.

Bliss Bakery is located in GK 1, just around the corner from M Block market. It has been started by fellow Foodiye – Mahak Malik – and I think she has cracked in terms of taste. Mahak apart from being a professional baker who has worked with some reputed brands in the country, is extremely passionate about her skill and this is quiet evident in every part of this cute little bakery.

They serve some sinful ice creams, quick bites, delicious coffees apart from cakes, cookies & other baked goodies. We sampled some of the goodies and were bowled by the quality of chocolate  – both white & dark, coffee, cream & other ingredients that had gone into making these scrumptious sweet nothings. The hand made cookies, breads and cakes are made without any preservatives & improvers and are worth every calorie. For fellow foodiye, readers & followers to be able to sample the goodies – we are giving away 10 Food Vouchers worth Rs.1000 each which can be availed at the bakery. Do take part in the giveaway at the end this post.

A special mention for the White Chocolate & Coffee Dome – this one is hard to tell from outside, however is rich in flavors on the inside. One bite into it and the fist feeling was that it could beat the finest Tiramisu available around town. Also the chocolate used in their Double Chocolate Whammy Cake, the Dome as well as the cookies tasted like artisan chocolate – reminded me of the finest chocolates I have ever had. MUST TRY! 😀

Address : M – 2, Greater Kailash Market,Greater Kailash (GK) 1, New Delhi

Phone : 011 49070220

Brownie with with a shot of espresso coffee - very moist and kick-ass strong.
Brownie with with a shot of espresso coffee – very moist and kick-ass strong.
This is fine art - White Chocolate Coffee Dome - the cannot begin to describe the pleasure this was.
This is fine art – White Chocolate Coffee Dome – cannot begin to describe the pleasure this was.
Southern Red Velvet cake with white chocolate frosting and glaze.
Southern Red Velvet cake with white chocolate frosting and glaze.
Mangolicious Pastry - this was juicy and melt in mouth good.
Mangolicious Pastry – this was juicy and melt in mouth good.
Honey & Oats Cookies - handmade cookies - quite good considering they consist 'Oats'.
Honey & Oats Cookies – handmade cookies – quite good considering they consist ‘Oats’.
Whole Wheat Bread without Improvers & preservatives
Whole Wheat Bread without Improvers & preservatives
Chocolate & Almond cookies - loved the texture - not so sweet and Eggless.
Chocolate & Almond cookies – loved the texture – not so sweet and Egg-less.

Some pictures from the bakery

Their Website :

FED Giveaway : Food Vouchers for Followers & Readers – We are giving away 10 vouchers – worth Rs.1000 each – which you can redeem for their Coffee, Ice-cream, Cake, Cookies of other goodies that they make.

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This is how Top Restaurateur of Delhi does Community Service

Those who are in the food business or in the party scene of Delhi are familiar with the name of Umang Tiwari, a suave young Entrepreneur who is force behind some of the Hottest and Coolest Pubs, Bars and Restaurants of Delhi. Regular on Page 3 of Delhi’s dailies, he is often seen photographed in company of Cricketers, Musicians and Film personalities. Some of his popular creations being : Garam Dharam, Junkyard, Vault and Raas.

However today we are not talking about his exploits in the restaurant industry, but something he has done silently for last few years – feeding over a 1000 people every week – free of cost.

An ardent follower of Mahadev, he considers this as his way of giving back to the society.

The Bhandara or community meal is served every Saturday noon in Hauz Khas Village. Unlike the fancy food served at his restaurants this meal includes Puri, Chana, Aloo Subzi and Halwa – a traditional combination considered fit as offering to Gods and then savored as Prasad for devotees and followers.

He put this up for his friends, sharing the pictures from earlier today and I think it has achieved its purpose. We are inspired and hope some of you would feel the same too. Also its a pointer to good food – as fellow Foodiye will agree – Bhandara food is some of the best food you can put your hands on.. 😉

Lahori Gate – Where my Bade Mian Lives : Restaurant Review

Lahori Gate is a restaurant which has recently opened up in Meherchand Market, and when we decided to go on a food hop in the same market, Lahori Gate came up as strong contender, as it has recently featured in writings of some of the prominent columns of mainstream Media. However to set the record straight I have not read any of them and stepped into the place without any expectations and open mind.
Walking into the place we asked for a table for 11 of us and we were told that they were packed and we needed prior reservations. A level of activity that was hard to believe from the entrance which seemed quite. Went up to check out the dining area on upper floor and found reserved boards on 2 big tables, while one of them was about to get empty. After a fair bit of waiting we did manage to get the table and now was the time to place our orders.

Mutton Burrah
Dahi ke Kebab
Dahi ke kebab from inside – can you see the foliage? 😛
Mutton Burrah
Shammi Kebab

Dahi Ke kabab, Mutton Shammi Kebab & Mutton Burra – 2 portions of each were ordered for the starters. The Shammi kebabs were well made, but the taste was quite average, the mutton burra was very well made and pick of the lot. The chop that I managed to get my hands on, cannot forget that in a hurry (in a good way ofcourse). While the dahi ke kebab were a major letdown. Huge pieces of onion were there in the kebabs, which essentially should have been smooth and without overpowering flavors of onions and other add ons.

In main-course we ordered – Mutton Nihari, Dal Makhani, Kadahi Paneer, Chicken Khurchan and Chicken Chhole – I must admit that all these items were very well made. The meat in Nihari was very succulent and spices subtle, much different from the Old Delhi Nihari, however we will let it pass as they mention Lahori Nihari in the menu, maybe its different than ours, but tasted nice. Kadahi Paneer gave me no reason to complain, just the way as it should be with finest quality Paneer being used. Good time was spent in making of Dal makhani, the dal itself gave the creamy texture to the overall dish. Chicken Chhole was something I had for the first time, new for my taste buds however Chhole had proper spices and the chicken chunks were properly cooked and had absorbed flavors in a nice way. An unusual item item for sure, do try it if you like trying different flavors. Cannot say much about the Chicken Khurchan as got to eat only 1 bite of it.

Kadahi Paneer
Chicken Chhole – very different dish, stable in Lahore they tell me.
Chicken Khurchan
Dal Makhani
Its impossible for me to complete a meal without Biryani being served and this occasion was no different. They have 2 varieties of the same – A Mutton Version and a Chicken one, and as usual – ordered for both of them. The portions seemed small, however the aroma when we opened the handi was definitely enticing, the flavors very subtle however Biryanis did have character  in them. They were served with a side of Raita, which was plain spiced curd, just done right.We tried an assortment of breads – Khamiri Roti, Laccha Prantha, Butter Naan – none of them gave any reason to complain.

Chicken Biryani
Chicken Biryani
Khamiri Roti
Mutton Biryani
Chunk of Mutton from Mutton Biryani

As I was going without expectations, I cannot say the service was a letdown. However the service was ordinary to say the least. Infact the service can be said to be on the shoddier side, no clothe napkins were given to us, had to literally force them to give finger bowls that too were not given for entire table. Starters and main-course came faster than they took to clear & set the table and while for Biryani it seemed we had to wait till eternity. Teething issues? Not on my dime.

The place is adorned with numerous pictures of artists and the music they play is quite classical. Infact was surprised to spot a picture I shot of Bade Mian from Lal Kuan hanging in one of their galleries.

Surprised to see a picture for Bade Mian I shot hanging on those walls.

Then came in the bill and everything changed. For the entire meal we paid Rs.12.7k – without Alcohol.

In terms of :
Taste – 4/5
Service – 2.5/5
Ambiance – 3.5/5
Value for Money – 2/5
Overall – 3/5
As much as I enjoyed the food and ambiance, the place does seem overtly expensive for the kind of food they serve.. Though the taste was 4/5, however in a city like Delhi you will get 4/5 type of North Indian food in way too many restaurants and for half the price.

Our bill for the evening.
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Afghan Delhi Restaurant – A Morsel from Kabul

While riding towards Saket, after crossing Malviya Nagar Metro Station there is this market on the left hand side which is quite busy and quite unlike your suave South Delhi Markets. In those markets there is a section bang opposite Max Hospital where you see signage written in Arabic script besides English and it is not a usual sight in that part of the town. On Closer look you will see few eating joints nestled between them, and I am assuming that Max hospital gets lot of Medical Tourism from Afghanistan, and those places are to cater to  visitors from Afghanistan. 
Though I have been wanting to check those eateries out for last 2-3 years, but never got an opportunity. But tonight was different. Tonight after a Full Power session at a friend’s pad in Hauz Khas we were thinking about the places to visit for dinner and somehow those Afghani joints were on top of my mind as I was returning from Saket itself. And before we knew, we got in the car and reached Max Hospital around 10:30 pm, where we spotted Afghan Delhi restaurant, sans any customer however still catering food. 
My earlier experience with Afghan food was at Kabul Delhi Restaurant in Lajpat Nagar and I somehow knew that we should not expect spices in the food here and for our Indian taste buds the food is very bland. This time I knew what I was getting into and I feel was well equipped to savor & appreciate subtle flavors.
Walking into the place, it was a small restaurant which 4-6 tables and two sitting platforms in corners complete with round pillows. Platforms where you can sit down cross legged with your group of 4-6 people and enjoy food in a communal way. Cleanliness level was 6/10 types, however then it was late and they were almost closing down. 
Anyhow our waiter was from Kabul but spoke decent Hindi, which he said he has learnt over the last 2-3 years he has spent working in Delhi. A bit through our sheer enthusiasm and a bit through our expressions, besides whatever language based communication that was happening, our waiter understood what we were looking for. We waited for 15-20 minutes enjoying the Afghani numbers along with some classic Bollywood music that was being played on the LCD screen in there. To quench our thirst we were served Afghani Lassi which was filled in 500 ml bottles of a popular water brand. The Lassi was basically Chhach flavored with bits of Mint, Coriander and Cucumber. It was well appreciated by all three of us and found it to be very refreshing.
Though those 15 minutes seemed like an eternity however the first sight of what came out was good enough to tell us that the wait for well worth it. What came out was a meal that not only was well cooked, but gave us exactly what we wanted but were not able to communicate. There were Kebabs, there was a veg and non-veg main course dish and then there was a rice dish.
Our Afghani Dinner
Dinner on Table
Afghani Lassi
Afghani Lassi – Chhach with Cucumber, Mint & Coriander
We were served two types of Kebabs – Mutton and Chicken. As expected there were no spices expect salt and black pepper sprinkled on top, and we squeezed some lime juice on them. What came out was very well cooked chunks of meat, in which you could appreciate the actual flavor of meat, much different for Indian kebabs to which I feel spices add lot of detail. In Afghani food they do not serve Chutney & Pyaz, that we have come to expect with our kebabs and if you ask for Chutney, they most probably would return with a bottle of ketchup for you. But these were served with a decent enough salad, some cabbage, Tomato, Cucumber, Chilies, Capsicum etc. If you like eating your meats, followed by some vegetables, you gonna enjoy eating these, I did. There seemed to have no oil/butter/cream on them and were simple grilled meats. 
Chicken Kebab
Mutton Kebab
There was a portion of Chicken Korma and if menu price of Rs.150 was any indication, it was a BIG frigging portion. Again no spices, simple chicken cooked in Tomoto and Onion gravy, and was the Okra (Bhindi) that they served as other main course dish, simple onion and tomato base. Both the dishes went very well with the bread that was served. The Cold Afgani bread, which for lack of better word I can only describe as a cross between Khamiri roti & Sheermal that you get in some Muslim owned eateries in Delhi (Karims,Changezi etc). It was cold, it was thick and it was dense, however not chewy & well cooked. 
Chicken Korma
Afghani Bread
Last but not the least : Kabuli Pulao – What an absolute delight it was. Rice, Raisin, Meat & Fat. Oh and some grated carrots too. Yup, that is all I felt was in there. Slighty sweet, it bears a very close resemblance to legendary Parsi dish – Berry Pulao. The similarity is not uncanny as ethnically Parsi’s are from Iran or Persia which is a neighboring country of Afghanistan. Chunks of meat that break with your hand, mixed with very flavorful rice and then those raisins. Mashallah! 😀 
Kabuli Pulao 
Kabuli Puloa – Meat Chunks
Mutton Kebab, Chicken Kebab, Chicken Korma (HUGE Portion), Okra, Kabuli Pulao, Bread and 4 bottles of that Afgani Lassi – The Bill was Rs.790 – No Taxes, No Service Charge. Left us with a smile and those boys a Rs.100 note which they accepted with broad grins on their face. 
Menu of Afghan Delhi Restaurant
For vegetarians it seems to be no go place, however if you can or do enjoy your meats for their own flavors then you should give it a try and see if it floats your boat. Though I love my spices, however its a place that I am definitely going back to, to try more dishes and to savor something which is so Desi yet not so Desi.   
PS : Its located almost bang opposite the Max Hospital in Saket, for timings and other details you can call on the numbers which are mentioned on their board – 8800403753 & 8800403763,
Afghan Delhi Restaurant
Afghan Delhi Restaurant – From the outside
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Qureshi’s Kebab Corner – Dhaba comfort in South Delhi

Lot of my friends who live in South of Delhi, specially near the Greater Kailash (1 & 2), Kailash Colony, CR Park, Kalkaji etc. have been recommending Qureshi’s for their non-vegetarian food. So this Saturday some of us food lovers from Eatlo decided to visit the place and see what their food was all about.
Here are some of the dishes that we savored and my views on them :
  • Chicken Malai Tikka – When you say Chicken Malai Tikka the first thing that comes to my mind is the one served at Art of Spices in Rajendra Nagar / Karol Bagh area, which is white in color, melt in mouth and topped with grated cheese. However at most places when you order a Malai Tikka they serve you a Chicken Tikka which is then wrapped or coated with a white thing which they want us to think is Malai. Now these two are the extreme ends, most incredible to most pathetic. The one we had at Qureshi’s was different, this was tender & juicy, however had a bite – both in texture and spices. Loved it.
Chicken Malai Tikka
  • Chicken Tikka – Now this was not too different from the Malai Tikka we ate before this one, the only difference that I could figure out was in texture or bite the pieces offered, but then that again can be my drunk imagination trying too hard to find a difference. That essentially means that even Chicken Tikka is quite awesome, do try it.
Mutton Seekh Kebab
  • Mutton Seeth Kebabs – First things first – they were not frozen and these days that is more than half the battle won. I mean most of the food joins buy those frozen seekhs from meat shops and then sell them for seekh kebabs. But these were not the frozen ones and were made of fresh grounded meat with proper spices. That lends them a character of their own, and I am sure those who know and appreciate their seekh kebabs would end up appreciating these.
Mutton Burra
  • Mutton Burra – Have not eaten this at many places, had two pieces of it here at Qureshi’s, one seemed to be underdone while the other seemed to be cooked properly and I enjoyed eating it. Again the kick of spices was every apparent and everyone on the table savored the dish.
Afghani Chicken
  • Afghani Chicken – A dish as per the expectations. Well grilled chicken which was coming off the bone with your fingers, loaded with cream, curd and other spices. Loved the flavors of this one. That said, Afghani chicken sold in Delhi is no where to close what they would eat in Kabul, a place where food is quite bland. Afghani Chicken is a name given to another rendition of creamy chicken in Delhi by us Delhiites. Some just do it better than the rest, and Qureshi seems to be among the better ones. 
Mutton Rogan Josh
  • Mutton Roghan Josh – All this while I thought Roghan meant Desi Ghee and Josh meant heat. unfortunately this dish had none. And under-cooked mutton pieces was like adding insult to the injury. 
Mutton Korma
  • Mutton Korma – Ummm.. under-cooked mutton in some thick creamy gravy which was slightly sweet. This one was like adding injury to an insult.. >_<
Tawa Chicken
  • Tawa Chicken – Saving grace of the main courses, this was the pick of the lot. Well grilled chunks of chicken dunked in a rich gravy with chunky vegetables. Would not benchmark it with other Tawa Chickens that I have eaten, this one was delicious in its own right. 
Chicken Biryani
  • Chicken Biryani – The MOST pathetic Biryani I have ever eaten. Period. Flavorless, tasteless, served with nothing on the side. But then the chutney that they serve is almost as good as raita and no that is not a complement for their chutney. 
Chutney, which was more like a Raita. 
Assorted Breads – Decent Quality
The place itself is located on the front side of a commercial market in a residential area, where they have some tables outside, they also have a well made air-conditioned seating area upstairs. Given its location its a favorite eating haunt of people who are going to party in one of the upscale markets nearby or are coming back from some party. 

For me, the Chicken dishes definitely did a lot better than their Mutton dishes which was contrary to our expectations. Their food is on the rich and spicy side, generally speaking I would not complain about that and I am sure it would go very well with Chicken and Paneer dishes, however adding cream to mutton dishes just killed it. By the quality of their starters, I am sure they would be serving decent rolls and seeing Butter Chicken on other tables I am tempted to go back for it. 
Overall this place is an Oasis in Good North Indian Dhaba food deprived South Delhi, and would serve as a very good option when you are in the area. Its a place that I look forward to visit again. 
Don’t expect much from the serving staff, that said, the food does come fast. We paid Rs. 5000 for 8 of us but we ordered multiple portions of several dishes. 
Its located in Narmada Market, Opposite Don Bosco School in GK2 area. They have another outlet in South Extension area, which you can Google up.

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Chili’s – For fun, food and family

Chili’s has been operating in India for last few years and from what it seems they are doing fairly well for themselves. Its a casual dining but full service American chain, which serves ‘Tex-Mex’ food which as per my limited understanding means Americanized Mexican food in short. Lets just say its Mexican cuisine on American Steroids – More Cheese, More Meat & More everything else. 
It is a place that is not there to satisfy the gourmet, however somewhere where a family would go and have nice dining experience. The food they serve is rich, which generally speaking automatically translates into tasty, however we all know how easy it is to make rich but tasteless and bad food. Besides being rich, the portion sizes are quite large, but large would be an understatement, generally speaking they are huge, American style it is after all. 
A post on Eatlo asking about recommendations at Chili’s and you would know how popular and loved it is. Everyone seems to have their own favorite out there – from some type of burger to some Pasta to some Cocktail – everyone seems to love something or the other there and its almost their entire menu that gets recommended. 
Just to give you an idea, last time I asked for recommendations the list of things that were recommended by fellow food lovers from Eatlo:
  • Nachos
  • Fried Chicken with Corn
  • Quesadillas
  • Tacos
  • Texas cheese fries with Bacon 
  • Country fried Chicken/Fish and chips!!
  • Calamari Dish
  • Choco Lava Cake
  • Chicken Pasta
  • Mushroom Jack
  • Chicken Crispers with Sweet Mustard
  • Chili & Quesso
  • Salads
  • Texas Fries
  • Grilled chicken burger with bacon and Chicken wings
  • Chicken Club Sandwich 
  • Chocolate Milk
  • Chicken Explosion Salad
  • Fajitas
  • Squids
  • Fish on the Plank
  • Cajun Chicken Burger
  • Penne in White Sauce
  • Jambalaya
  • Baby Back Ribs
  • Cheese Poppers
And NO, I am not copy-pasting the menu, every single item up there is a recommendation from a fellow food lover, and trust me I have not listed them all here.
I asked for recommendations because I was visiting their recently opened outlet at DLF Place in Saket and I was with few friends, who had their own set of preferences and recommendations. 
Minty Melon – Mocktail – I am sure they have a Cocktail around it too.
Though Chili’s have a well stocked alcohol bar, we had enough wine for the evening in our systems. We started by ordering 3 mocktails – Fusion, Minty Melon and Mango Margarita. The Margarita was on the sweeter side, but then that is what you expect from a Mango drink, while the other two were just right for my taste buds, sour and refreshing. All the drinks were well made and the serving size was quite large, specially for the price they come for – Rs.200 each. By the way their alcoholic cocktails and other alcohol in general is also very reasonable priced. 
Mango Margarita
From the Appetizers we ordered Triple Dipper and Classic Nachos. The Triple Dipper is a platter that comes with 3 types of dips, 3 appetizers & a vegetable. It had Chicken Cripsers which essentially is batter fried chicken which was very tender and juicy however tad bit too oily for my taste, then there were Chicken Wings and Southwestern Egg roll.  Also came with it three sticks of carrot, which went very well with those dips.
Triple Dipper
Egg Rolls in Triple Dipper
Carrot Sticks with all three dips in Triple Dipper
Chicken Wings 
Batter fried Chicken
Classic Nachos are a real classic. There are way too many places serving Nachos in Delhi these days and all they do is empty a packet, straight from shelf of a grocery store, on your plate and top it up with anything and serve them. I find them to be absolutely heartbreaking.  The ones served at Chili’s are well laid out with layer of Cheese, beans and queso topped with slice of Jalapeno, a bite into it you go ..ummmm! They are served with Pico De Dallo (essentially uncooked salad with Onion, Tomato etc), Sour Cream and Guacamole. Honestly speaking I have no idea of their authenticity, but they taste good for sure. 
Classic Nachos – Serving missed the Guacamole, was served promptly when pointed out.
After we placed the order we realized that they have a new variant of Nachos, we asked the server if we can change our order to that, which he said was not possible. However his supervisor (Amit was his name) stepped in and asked the server to get it done for which we thanked him like anything, however then he came back to us and told that the new version has Chicken on it, considering the two vegetarians in the group we decided to skip that and stick to the original nachos only. However the gesture by the supervisor left a very good impression on our table.
Then came Vegetarian Enchiladas, two humongous rolls which I personally did not like much, so would not spend time describing them. Just too much bread and rice and too little flavors – in simpler terms too much carbs and too little protein and I love my proteins you see. If not protein then fat also does it well sometimes ;-). These seem to have neither. That said Ashish seems to love them and devoured them with a glee. 
Vegetarian Enchiladas
Inside the Enchilada
Gurpreet Paah ji in all his excitement and probably craving for a burger ordered a Chicken Burger without even looking at the menu and when it came, it was something that none of us expected. It had a Grilled Chicken Breast sandwiched in the bun, what he and we all were expecting was patty made of minced chicken, but then we should have seen the menu. Though it was not we expected however the Chicken Breast was very nicely grilled and was tender and juicy. Generally speaking people can go horribly wrong with that piece of meat as in India we are not much used to handling them. The burger came with a HUGE serving of fries by the side which again gave us no reason to complain.
Grilled Chicken Burger
The dish I loved the most besides the Nachos that evening was Vegetarian Quesadillas. A very creamy Spinach and Mushroom sauce layered between Tortilla bread, served with sour cream and the the same salsa type salad. Also served with the dish was a portion of Rice (which seemed like Pulao, Mexican albeit, and black beans which I would request you not to call Rajma as there is nothing similar except that they both are called ‘beans’. And when I say do not call Rajma, I mean do not expect that taste as well. To sum it up, not for my palette. However not appreciating the sides of beans and rice does not mean that I did not appreciate the main dish, I absolutely loved it. The creamy texture of sauce with the bite of the tortilla laced that light sour cream and crunchy vegetables – Divine! 
Quesadillas – Vegetarian
Mexican Style Rice
We did not have much space in our tummies left for the dessert however we also believe that desserts have a reserved space for themselves, you just have to order then and they are eaten and adjusted somewhere in your tummy with utmost dignity and grace.
Cheesecake on Strawberry Sauce
We ordered the Cheesecake and what a heart-breaker it was. Not fresh, frozen and smelt bad. I mean Cheesecake is supposed to be Smooth & Creamy and when you serve it as if it has just come out of the freezer, its definitely gonna loose its charm, to add to that it seemed old and did not smell nice. Mr. Amit again came to rescue and decided to taste it himself, on tasting he said that he finds it okay, but then his taste does not compare to our taste and he would still get it replaced. Another gesture we loved and we asked him not to serve the cheesecake, a request which he obliged.
The replacement was a Molten Chocolate Cake topped with ice-cream which again has a choco-bar like crunchy layer on it. Seemed like another frozen dessert that they have sourced from  third party, which is heated in Microwave and served. There was nothing bad in it, however nothing good either, failed to excite the glutton like me. In 5 of us there were still bits of it left in the plate that tells you about lack of love it received from us. 
Molten Chocolate Cake
Inside the Molten Chocolate Cake
That would sum up my latest experience at Chili’s. Generally nothing exotic about the food, however large & tasty portions, from a huge selection, served at a very quick pace in a very family friendly environment with a warm smile. And given the modern times, the prices seem to be quite reasonable, both for food as well as the drinks.  Between 5 of us we consumed – 5 dishes, 3 non-alcoholic drinks & 1 dessert : Rs. 3300 including all the taxes and charges – Not bad at all.
Location : They are at multiple locations and cities in India, use Google and you will be sorted.
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