Jamie’s Pizzeria- all style no spice?

It would be interesting to see how people respond to Jamie’s Pizzeria in an all ready crowded pizza segment with likes of Sbarro, NYC. Pie, InstaPizza, Pizza Express who are serving some mind blowing pizzas.


Spicy Meat Ball
Spicy Meat Ball Pizza

Before anything else, let me tell you I am a huge fan of Jamie Oliver- the celebrity chef from UK who has taken the internet webs by storm with his easy peasy recipes and cute looks šŸ˜‰ More than anything i love his cook books.

Last week we were invited to try the newly opened Jamie’s Pizzeria in Pacific Mall, West Delhi.

While the decor captures the relaxed fun spirit of Jamie’s style, the flavours seem to be a miss. The meal left us little underwhelmed, maybe we had huge expectation but when a brand like Jamie Oliver is involved you don’t expect anything but the best!

The use of freshest & choicest ingredients does little to compensate for the taste of the food. The meal began on a positive note with the delicious Hand Stretched Cheesy Garlic Bread served with garlic butter, rosemary & olive tapenade. Since they aren’t serving the alcohol as yet, we ordered the Homemade Ginger Beer which tasted soĀ saccharine and lacked the fizz!

From the pizza section we ordered the Spicy Meat Ball Pizza & Jamie’s Super Greens on our server’s recommendation. They do only one size i.e. 11 inches and one style of crust- which is hand stretched thin crust! Also they use fresh dough which clearly makes the difference! Both the pizzas were thin, crisp and well baked! One thing that stop out was the fermented dough which made the pizza base fluffy unlike the other flat thin crusts which we are used to eating. While the Spicy Meat Ball pizza was nice but nothing extraordinary, the Super Greens one was loaded with leaves like spinach & coriander. No doubt the ingredients were fresh and high quality, the fact remains the taste profiles need to be matched well. The heavy use of the coriander leaves simply killed the pizza, I couldn’t taste the cheese nor the sauce! The secret of a good pizza is the balance which was clearly missing in this one! Also couldn’t really understand the idea of chopping the vegetables in huge pieces or for that matter using the whole vegetable!

The pasta of the day was – Lasagna which was an extremely small portion, with very little cheese and way too much tomato sauce & lots of green leaves on top. The sauce was simple and fresh with a nice herby taste but again nothing special about the dish.

The Baked Fish in a bag which was a sole fillet was the most disasturous dish we ordered. Simple rustic style of cooking fish with some whole fresh veggies wrapped in an aluminium foil is one thing where in the fish gets cooked in its own juices & vegetables while Ā  bland, tasteless and undercooked fish is another. This one lacked any flavour to say the least. Also the veggies on the side were chopped in most stupid fashion- a broccoli piece as big as my palm? That surely not my idea of rustic!

Also if you like ketchup or mustard with your pizza then you better carry your own- they don’t serve any of the two. Really doesn’t matter to me but we all know how much our countrymen love the two!

Lets talk about the best part of the meal- DESSERTS! We ordered two sorbets, Mango and Strawberry Rasberry which were fresh, tangy and chunky! The portion is tiny and it will leave you wanting for more. I just hope they are using fresh fruits and not some industrial grade fruit pulps. I am definitely going back for the sorbets if not the pizzas. Ā The Almond Tart with vanilla cream was trademark Jamie style-rustic, fresh and flavourful & with a twist! The tart was crumbly from the outside and spongey cake texture from the inside and smelt of butter. The vanilla cream with hint of lemon zest was the perfect accompaniment.

It would be interesting to see how people respond to Jamie’s Pizzeria in an all ready crowded pizza segment with likes of Sbarro, NYC. Pie, InstaPizza, Pizza Express who are serving some mind blowing pizzas.

I would love to go back once again to try some more pizzas before completely writing it off but then as they say calories are precious šŸ˜‰

Check some lovely pictures!

Super Green's Pizza
Super Green’s Pizza


Baked Fish
Baked Fish


Garlic Bread
Garlic Bread


Almond Tart


Berries Sorbet
Berries Sorbet


Thats how good the table looked!


Closer look- Lasagna

Where to eat Chhole Bhature in Delhi? Top 35 Places you MUST Try

Chhole Bhature are the National Food of India, and you get them around every corner in the city. Though Chhole Bhature can never be bad, however there are some which are better than others. Here is a list of 35 places divided by the region to help you savor nothing but the best from the City.

Chhole Bhature are ‘National’ food of Delhi and to celebrate our love for the same we mark 2nd October of every-year as International Eatlo Chhole Bhature Day, with 2016 seeing the third year of celebrations. As lot of you know that we organised Eatlo Eatups – where a bunch of us got together and went to out eat and/or explore the food scene.

However for this day we put together something called #VirtualEatup – where people from all over the world participate by eating Chhole Bhature and sharing pictures on Social Media.

International Chhole Bhature Day : How to participate?

1. You can cook the bhature at home and post a picture and/or recipe.
2. You can go out to eat Chhole Bhature and post a picture with your feedback.
3. You can eat Chhole Bhature from yourĀ favouriteĀ joint and just share a picture.
4. You can get them packed and bring them to eat and share a picture.
5. You can organise a Chhole Bhature Party, cook Chhole Bhature and invite your friends over. Or order in maybe.

For those in Delhi, which happens to be home of Chhole Bhature, we have put together a list of ourĀ favouriteĀ places from all over the town – haveĀ visitedĀ all of them personally and can recommend the wares. This list is not comprehensive for sure, however still the most comprehensive you will find.

Not putting complete details, a quick google search for names would guide you better. The map mostly is for illustrative purposes, just search for the name of google maps and they shall guide you better.

Info-graphic with Chhole Bhature joints represented on Delhi Map.
Best Chhole Bhature Delhi Map

Best Chhole Bhature in North Delhi :

  • Chache Di Hatti, Kamla Nagar (read more)
  • Om Di Hatti, Shakti Nagar
  • Rawalpindi, Malka Ganj, Kamla Nagar
  • Cycle Wala, Outside NDPL, Hudson Lane (read more)
  • Chacha di Hatti, Model Town (Not related to Kamla Nagar one)
  • Gopal Jee, Rohini Sector 2
  • Ashu Bhature, Rohini
  • Hari Om Bhature, Rohini / Prashant Vihar



  • Kaka Ji, Amar Colony
  • Baba Nagpal, Amar Colony, Lapjpat nagar
  • Anand, Lajpat Nagar
  • Sharma (cart), Moolchand Metro Station
  • Durga Sweets, Nauroji Nagar
  • Gopal Jee Chhole Bhature, Govind Puri



Central DelhiĀ is where theĀ heavyweights of Chhole Bhature operate from..

This list was originally published in October 2015, on occasion of 3rd International Eatlo Chhole Bhature Day, and has been revised on 2nd November 2016. The recommendations remain the same, however we have been able to document a lot more about these places in last 1 year and have updated the recommendations with relevant links to our posts on Foodiye.

Naivedyam – Vegetarian South Indian Fare

Naivedyam has been in Patel Nagar ever since I can remember, and apparently have never visited the place. Have tried the Hauz Khas Village restaurant a few times and don’t remember having a bad experience. Yesterday we entered the place at around 12:45 pm and were the first customers for a Sunday. The place did not smell too good and the staff was just clueless looking at our expressions. 
We started by ordering from Day Specials (before that a very nice Rasam was served, on the house) : Parotha Kurma & Appam Kurma – As these are the items that you usually do not get at ‘South-Indian’ menus in Delhi. Along with them we ordered a plate of Dahi Vada and normal Idli each.  
Food took its time in making, however was hot and fresh, the only grouch being that the server forgot to serve us plates to eat from. 
Dahi Vada – None of us enjoyed it, maybe matter of palette.
Idli – Hot, soft and fresh – good stuff.
Parotta – came with 3 parottas and Kurma, very well made.
Appam – Two appams served one after the other, nothing to complain.
Parotta with Kurma (Look at that steel bowl)
Idli with Gunpowder on the side
Dahi Vada
Then we had to wait for some time for waiter to come to us to take the order, somehow the waiter just seemed clueless. On complaining, some senior looking person started to take our orders. 
We managed to place order of Rawa Mysore Masala Dosa, Mix Veg Oothapam, Bisibelle Bhaat & Puliogre. Except for the Oothapam which seemed dry everything was delicious, specially Bisibelle bhaat which is like a simple khichdi, however on steroids of flavors. Something my mom loved and says she is gonna try at home. Puliogre which are tamarind rice did not draw much favor from the table and it was constantly compared to Bisibelle bhaat, which was the blue eyed boy of the lunch. 
Bisibelle Bhaat or Khichdi
Sambhar, Chutney – again check the bowls.
Tamarind Rice or Puliyogre
The one thing that bettered me was that the plates were chipped from lot of places and even the steel utensils did not seem the way they should. 
My Ratings for Patel Nagar Outlet:
Taste : 3.5/5
Value for Money : 3.5/5
Hygiene : 2/5
Ambiance : 3/5
Service : 3/5

Overall 3/5 kind of place.

Rice payasam
Mysore Pak – came from a box thet sell over counter. 
Its not exactly a street stall where hygiene takes a back seat in comparison of taste, however for a full service dine in restaurant, they definitely need to get their house in order. The plus point being that for a City like Delhi they do offer a varied menu and the food quality is high & close to authentic, generally speaking. Super value for money – Which all holds true for any other outlet of Neivedyam. 
Final Bill..
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Kumar Samose Wala – The Samosa is not so humble anymore.

Ashish Tulsianļ»æ : kaun kaun se samose hai bhaiya?
Kumar Samose Wala : ji Pizza Samosa, Chowmien samosa, Pasta Samosa hi hai abhi to. Aap kaunsa lenge?
Ashish Tulsian :Pasta waala de do bhaiya…
Kumar Samose Wala – red sauce or white sauce??
Ashish Tulsian : :O :O :O :O
Yup! that is how the conversation went. This guy is selling good old samosas with a twist or rather lot of twists. Some of thme unimaginable combos like Pizza samosa, Chowmien samosa, Soya keema Somaosa, Red sauce Pasta Samosa, White Sauce pasta Samosa, Chilly Paneer Samosa and what not, the list I am sure goes on and on. But then all of them varieties might not be available all the time, as they keep coming fresh and selling fresh. 
Have tried a few of them and can say that all of them are well made, one might appreciate the different flavors or not, but all are made with care. Which for me means that fillings are not stop gap arrangement, each filling has its unique flavor and stands out from other. Besides that they are very well fried and have an even shell around them, no haphazard job or quick fixes here. 

Pizaa Samosa – not sure why its called that, but not back at all.
Chowmien Samosa.
Red Sauce Pasta Samosa
And the best part is that the humble Aloo ka samosa is one of the best I have ever had. In all the sheen of fancy samosas, this all time classic has not lost its charm. Among all those western and oriental sauces, the the mix and flavor of spices in the Aloo samosa was captivating enough to capture all my senses. And honestly, they gained a lot of respect by doing this one right
Aloo Samosa – Loved it.
Cost varies from Rs.10 -20 per piece depending on the type. Like the aloo was for Rs.10 and pizza one was Rs. 15. The paneer ones ought to be pricier. 
Location : Impossible for me to explain, however find Milan Cinema in New Moti Nagar / Karam Pura area and then ask around for Kumar Samose Waala. The shop is a non-descript one in residential area. You are in 500 meters radius and asking around would lead you there for sure. Well known name out there. Or you might check google maps, it is marked there by name of Kumar Samose Wala. 
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Mughal Mahal Restaurant & Bar – The Buttery Experience

I can tell you is that whatever I ate there, tasted very nice, it is something I will recommend if you like rich food, and if you like rich food, this place is worth making a trek to, from any part of the town. Something I would be going back for, for sure.

Being a resident of the area, Mughal Mahal is something that I have been familiar with since childhood. However have never really tried their food, except for their dal maybe couple of times which was brought home by a cousin. Being a vegetarian, Malai Kofta and Dal Makhani were the things that he used to rave about. being a vegetarian back then I was deaf and dumb to anything with Chicken in it so any reference of Butter Chicken would have skidded past without leaving a trace. But now no more.
Another reason for me never venturing in there was easy availability of North Indian food at every corner in the area, and then the costing. I remember the first time I went in, I was in my teens and me with 3 other friends collected 100 rups each and went to Mughal Mahal to have dinner on some occasion. Being used to eating dal for Rs. 30-40, I guess dal at Mughal Mahal for Rs.80-100 came as shocker and the bigger shocker was Tandoori Roti. While our favorite dhaba was feeding a roti for Rs.1-3 at that time, Mughal Mahal was Rs.12 for one. and the way we ate at that age, thinking about 5-6 rotis was enough to give me mini heart-attack. To save our izzat, we ordered 2 beers amongst 4 of us, paid Rs.200 and decided to spend remaining 200 at our favorite dhaba.
But then things have changed, and how. Now I am a non-vegetarian, in my early 30’s and if I may call it, well-FED. Besides that since Mughal Mahal got a very high ranking in a recent Butter Chicken Hunt by Delhi Gourmet Club, I have been searching for an opportunity to sample and savor their butter chicken. Yesterday offered a perfect occasion for that as I was hanging out with a friend and she showed some affinity towards Butter Chicken, Dal Makhani and Butter Naan combo. There was not better time to venture in Mughal Mahal.
Located on edge of Rajendra Place, facing East Patel Nagar it has a cozy corner for itself. From outside, looks like a run down place, with restaurant and bar as the label, easy to take it as one of quintessential watering holes of that part of Delhi. Being a with a lady friend, I was bit worried, however once we stepped in, it was heartening to see families and groups. Everything about this place seemed to be archaic, from its waiters, to table clothes to the patrons that we saw last evening. That said, I was surprised to see the kind of following this place has, did not expect it to be.. ummm… crowded.
Opening the menu I was looking for a rude shock, like the roti for Rs.80 or something, somehow I was OK with whatever cost Butter Chicken and Dal came at. And when I saw Roti for Rs.35 I took a deep breath of relief and realized that the world has moved on, I have moved on. quarter plate of Butter Chicken for Rs.360 odd and Dal for Rs. 230 odd did not seem too bad, made me realize how times have changed and how Rs.500 per head has become very middle class. How no one bothers about the food costs and everyone understands that they are paying for the experience and not for dal, roti and boti.


Butter Chicken (Can you see the texture of gravy?)
We ordered quarter plate Butter Chicken, which came with 2 pieces of Chicken and one Dal makhani along with a Butter Naan and Roti. The portion sizes were very nice, though it was only two pieces, however the Chicken came with huge amount of gravy and combined with Dal would easily complete a meal of 2-4 people with decent appetite.
One dish is named with Butter and other with Makhan, so we expect them to be rich and they WERE rich and how. One of the creamiest dal I have ever experienced, for some people it might be a turn off, but then I loved what I ate. It was rich, however had the right amount of sourness to take care of my limited palette and tasting abilities. Similarly Butter Chicken was..ummm… buttery, however you could feel the onions and tomatoes in the gravy (check the first picture). For me, it was right balance of Tomatoes and creaminess but then I have a very limited palette in the dish. Chicken was cooked well, and was melt in your mouth.
Naan and Roti both were very run of the mill, extra care could have been taken to make them better.
Quarter portion of Butter Ā Chicken at Mughal Mahal
Dal Makhani at Mughal Mahal
Chutney, Achar and Pyaz
The service was prompt, did not take them long to seat us and feed us. The total bill was Rs.850 with taxes, but we did not order anything to drink. The best part was that there was not Service Charge on the Bill, comes as such a pleasant respite these days.
All in all, I would not and cannot say if its the top or the best or most. Its typical Delhi food and if you are looking for subtle or exotic, this may not be the place for you. However all I can tell you is that whatever I ate there, tasted very nice, it is something I will recommend if you like rich food, and if you like rich food, this place is worth making a trek to, from any part of the town. Something I would be going back for, for sure.
Address : Mughal Mahal,
7, Sethi Bhawan, Rajendra Place, New Delhi
(Opposite East Patel Nagar’s Subway)
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Pyara Sa Kabab Addiction ā€“ By Gurpreet Singh Tikku

OriginallyĀ Posted: 9thĀ August, 2012
Now just in case you are wondering why is the title so, then you will get to know as you Read on.
Baarish hui thi poore din aur sama bhi suhana tha, aise mausam mein humko kuch barriya khana tha.
That was the exact reason for this impromptu Eatup. For the past 1 month we had discussed Pyara Chicken and his Fish on the Eatlo Wall and were waiting for an opportunity to try it. So, yesterday it was. 7 of us reached Pyara Chicken at the J BLock, Community Centre in Rajouri Garden. The place is empty in the day, but as the sun sets, the mood rises and the vacant compound is filled by Tables and Chairs of all restaurant/Dhaba owners. So, we decided to take a table outside under the dark clouds and amidst the suhana mausam.

Pyara Chicken Corner
Pyara is a few decades old name for people in Rajouri Garden. The shop built its reputation by selling Fried Fish, Egg Pakora and Fried Chicken from small shop on the footpath along Bindra Park and shifted here after those unauthorized structures were removed.
Egg Pakora

Egg Pakora ..
So, the first order had to be Egg Pakora, which was very Decent. Boiled Egg, very delicately covered with a better of Flour, Maize, Besan, Rice Powder and some other ingredients. The Golden Hue of the Pakora invited us to pick it instantly. The Covering was very crisp, unlike what we have eaten at other places. At Rs. 10 a piece, itā€™s a steal!! Other dishes we ordered were Mutton Seekh Kebab (Rs. 120), Roasted Chicken(Rs. 140 for half), Chicken Kalmi (Rs. 260) and Afghani Chicken(Rs. 140 for half).

Mutton Seekh Kebab
Mutton Seekh Kebab was supposed to be his specialty, however I found it to be very simple and spicy. No Taste, No texture. Though our co-Foodie Ajay Soni liked it. We also kept discussing how well the Kebabs were which we had at a Eat-up few months back at Kebab Addiction.

Roasted Chicken
Roasted Chicken: Was ordinary stuff.
Afghani Chicken seemed to a Roasted Chicken with cream all over it. I wonder how?? Afghani Chicken is supposed to have a different marination and different cooking style and is to be served with a Creamy Salad and not with laccha pyaaz.

Afghani Chicken

Kalmi Kebab / Chicken
Anyways, we asked if he has any the specialty and were told that Kalmi Kebab is a specialty which is supposed to be specially Cooked Chicken legs. Which we thought would be good and be stuffed with Chicken Keema Mixture as in Tangri Kebab. What they served was over cooked Roasted Chicken. After this disappointment we decided to call it a day there and move on to Kebab Addiction which was tried and tested and was hardly 50 steps away.
As soon as we occupied the chairs at Kebab Addiction we ordered for Mutton Seekh Kebab (Rs. 150). The plate was placed on our table and it was with a great texture, was well coated with butter and looked as if itā€™s twinkling like a star and inviting us to have a bite and relish. And without wasting time, we did so.

Seekh Kebab at Kebab Addiction ..

Galawti Kebab
Having them were like JANNATā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦Soft, Tasty, Juicy with right kind and amount of spices and herbs used. Even after we finished the bite, we could sense the Kebabs playing on our taste buds. Then we ordered for Galawati Kebabs. (Rs. 200) The Owner being from Lucknow(Galawati and Kakori Kababs originated here) knows how to make them well and plays with spices and herbs in a big way which adds to the overall food experience.
TRIVIA TIME::: Galawati means ā€œMelt in Mouthā€. The Recipe was developed for an aging Nawab, Who could not chew meat having lost his teeth. The actual recipe is supposed to have more than 100 aromatic spices. Galawati Kebab is in the shape of minced meat round patty.
They had a Veg Galawati Kebab (Rs. 150) tooā€¦Made from a combination of vegetables and corn which were equally good.
Now was time to have some usual stuff and we ordered ā€œBhatti ka Murgā€ (Rs. 260), which literally means Tandoori Chicken. It was unlike the Tandoori Chicken we had a while before. It was very juicy, soft and was topped with some thick gravy, which added to the taste.

Bhatti Ka Murg (Tandoori Chicken?)Ā :P
While having all this we ordered for Roomali Roti (Rs. 10), which came in a minute and was piping hot. And on inquiring we got to know that they have a live Roomali Counter wherein Roomalis are made in real time, wherein most of the other restaurants make it in evening and just warm it when they are ordered. This was another PLUS.

Sumit Sapra with Kali Mirch Tikka

Achari Chicken

Chicken Dum Biryani..
Next came the Kali Mirch Tikka (Rs. 180), which was succulent and different. Ab jab tak roti nahi khayi to pait nahi bhartaā€¦ā€¦so we ordered ā€œAchari Chickenā€ (Rs. 360) along with Rotis (Rs. 5) and Chicken Dum Biryani (Rs. 220). Achari Chicken was true to its name with taste of a pickle in the gravy. Briyani was cooked in Desi Ghee and had a nice colour, and soft boneless pieces of Chicken were well cooked. Overall the experience at Kebab Addiction was good and will make us keep going back for their Kebabs.
Pyara Chicken is a BIG NO NO!! It Produced MASS stuff without any thought on detailing on food.
No meal is complete without desserts and to get a closure we headed to Rajouri Garden Market to have a Daane Daar, Tille waali Kulfi from Gupta Kulfi Bhandaaaaaaar, which was quite a good way to end the evening.
Written by Gurpreet Singh Tikku
Editing and Images by Shashank Aggarwal
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New Khalsa Restaurant – True Punjabi Food : By Rajeev Gulati

It’s a 40 years old establishment serving excellent Punjabi style Veg & Non-Veg food. Most sought after dishes are Kaleji Dana (Liver Coated and Cooked in Tandoor), Mutton Burra, Chicken Curry and the best and most unique dish – Chicken Cooked on Tawa with Magaz (Goat Brain) Gravy.
Click to Enlarge.
I went specially looking for their Chicken Magaz Curry and ordered a quarter plate. Other options are a half or a full chicken. It was one Breast Piece of Robust & smokey Tandoori Chicken cooked in creamy thick gravy infused with super soft creamy Magaz (Goat Brain).
Although I’ve had it earlier also but it has been few years since I last ate this unique dish with them. Chicken was perfectly cooked and gravy was incomparable to anything else I’ve had. Very Tasty… Very Unique. Magaz was adding a creamy texture to the overall dish.
Free Onion were missing making way for the humble Cucumber and Raddish.Ā They served two types of Chutney. .. the usual Mint (very good) and the other one…. a very unusual and distinctive “Red Chilly and Raw Garlic” Chutney. Hot & Robust, just like Punjab.
Another surprise was crisp Tandoori Roti made with full bodied red wheat…. which is very hard to find thsee days in restaurants opting instead to serve white maida rotis which limp within few minutes of serving. These remained crisp even after 15 minutes of serving.
All in all…. a must visit place if you’re a Punjabi or you love Punjabi dhaba type cuisine.
New Khalsa Restaurant
C-212, Mayapuri Phase II, New Delhi
Written by Rajeev Gulati